Thursday 15 May 2014

BBC Question Time : Take That Tax Bill edition

David Dimbleby presents Question Time from Coventry. On the panel are Conservative employment minister Esther McVey, Labour's shadow energy secretary Caroline Flint MP, former Liberal Democrats leader Lord Ashdown, SNP external affairs minister in the Scottish government Humza Yousaf MSP and Daily Telegraph blogger Tim Stanley.

After last weeks dismal outing can Dimbleby do better? The C@W commenting class rightly had the sharp and effective Andrew Neil as the replacement for Old man Dimb. So that is never going to happen.
BBC are bound to be looking at an all women short-list.So Jack Dromey in with a chance.


This week..quite tough. No standout news.

Jolly Green Giant green

Q1. Gary Barlow.Whatever he said, whatever he did, He didn't mean it.He just wants to give tax back for good....
Q2. Black faces in boardrooms. Quotas. Patronising or a sensible idea?{ANY discrimination is illegal BTW.Both UK and EU laws.}
Q3. Labour's vegetable poster and the subsequent disaster polling
Q4. UKIPs Asian youth defection on racism grounds.
Q5. Probably Pfizer again. Hope not.

Winners of 2014

Hopper -2

Measured - 1

charity shield winner - DJK 


Hopper said...

Hope that Tim Stanley can liven up this lot. Every time we see Paddy he seems barely awake...

Dimbletie: power red

1. Isn't it time we cracked down on tax avoidance by the slebs, bankers, multinationals (bet someone brings up AstraPfizer)? Avoidance and evasion gleefully conflated.
2. Will the panel make their predictions for the Euro elections? Emphasis on UKIP.
3. Are Eurosceptics unpatriotic? (pace Clegg)
4. Should everyone have a right to be forgotten?

Only 4 tonight, I'd be surprised if Dimbleby wakes up and starts to move things along.

Nick Drew said...

(0) a tornado on a dark background (weather phenomenon, not aircraft)
(1) for action-man king-of-the-Balkans Paddy: have sanctions prevailed in Ukraine = we are right to put our oar in, or is it civil war anyway and we should butt out?
(2) or a sort of (1a) spill-over: Syria - has Putin won?
(3) Statins - should we be force-fed these pills to ensure we all end up geriatric & die of cancer? with spill-over into big Pfarma / Pfizer. Or the other way around
(4) Somethig uplifting about Stephen Sutton
(5) is coal-mining just too dangerous ? or indeed, well, any industry you care to name ?

DtP said...


1) Unemployment lowest for 5 years so lambast zero hour contracts presumably

2) Bedroom Tax - maybe(?)

3) Trojan Horse schools - are free schools terrible - theennk of the cheeeldren etc

4) How can it possibly be right for a company to be bought with money? Pfizer - mark 2 - this time it's personal (or not, really)

5) Something about should the English have a referendum - no idea why a Scots Nats on so punt for some inane drivel.

Dimbletie - silver stuff on a black background - snazzy - for the lurdeez!

Cheers Bill, good luck folks.

Malcolm Tucker said...

Tough one. must be a SNiP question.

1. Should Cameron resign if Scotland votes to exit?

2. Tax tax tax tax tax. TakeThat is the new Amazon.

3. Quotas for ethnic boardrooms. Or was it bedrooms?

4. Free school meal row. Fight fight fight!. Gove vs Laws.{money is on Gove. Laws is only 5ft 4}

5.UKip something.. After an hour of UKIP bashing last week..probably another hour this week about where are the 26 million immigrants from Bulgaria and Romania ?

Dimbletie . something with insects

DJK said...

Tie: Sky blue with flying animals
1. Something about UKIP and Scotland, allowing the whole panel to unite and attack Mr. Farage.
2. Turkish mine disaster. Does privatisation always lead to lower safety standards?
3. Google and the EUCJ. Do evil paedos have a right to be forgotten?
4. Overheating housing market. Time to raise rates?
5. Foreign takeovers. Do the French have the right idea?

Taff said...

dearieme stole my questions!

So here are some new ones.

1. Are SNP, UKIP with kilts?

2. Big Pharma. How much bigger should it get?

3. House prices. Have the evil Tories brought back boom & bust that brave Labour abolished.

4. Is the BBC a better place now that Rolf et all have been arrested?

5. After their success in May, will UKIP MEP's resign en masse (can I use french to describe UKIP?)just to prove they are not tainted by EU money.

Tie: Harpic yellow - on the orders of the BBC product placement department.


measured said...

Evenin' all,

1. Employment
2. Europe
3. Positive talk on Scotland
4. Energy
5. Discuss graphic pictures from recent disaster zone.

I am on a zero hours contract so that's ya' lot.

Dimbletie: Pink

Budgie said...

1. Why do the SNP want to stay in the European Union, but want to leave the Scottish-English Union? (Presumably it is all Thatcher's fault?) Should we send troops?
2. Prokol Haram (hat tip ND) - should we send troops? Or is it that Girls just wanna have Islam?
3. Statins: safe/unsafe. Pfizer takeover: safe/unsafe? Should we send troops to defend A-Z? Does Pfizer make statins? What is the meaning of life? Why don't we all take statins?
4. Turkish mines: safe/unsafe? Should we send troops? Turks on strike - should we send Arthur Scargill?
5. School dinners: should we send soups?

Bill Quango MP said...

Dimbletie - black with white and green flowers.

Q1: Should Mr Barlow give back his OBE?

Q2: Is Michael Gove an "ideologically-obsessed zealot" and should he be "reined in" over his free schools policy?

Q3: Can any possible good arise from the Prime Minister’s visit to Scotland today? - with a brief Ukraine mention

Q4: To what extent should politicians be held accountable for the actions of our soldiers?

Bill Quango MP said...

Pretty boring episode. Tim Stanley and Paddy were good. rest were medium. But debate was weak.

BQ - 2
Hopper 3 +1 for first + 1 for 4 =5
ND - got most of the Paddy -3
DTP - a good 4
Malcolm tucker - another good 4
DJK - 2
Dearime - ok lets say 2
Taff 1 + 1 for the dearime joke - 2
measured - 2 {you are not on a zero hours contract}

Winner was Hopper with 5.
You get to decide if the Prime Minister should be allowed to visits Scotland if he does not control a majority of the MPs.

Budgie said...

Budgie zilch???!!??

Dick the Prick said...

Geez Budgie -it's tough in the gulags!

Bill Quango MP said...

Sorry Budgie - a 3 for you.
The lateness of the hour, etc etc..

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