Thursday 1 May 2014

Vince Cable Speaks Truth Shock

Every couple of weeks ConHome sends out its political questionnaire: and whenever I can be bothered (as if it did any good) I solemnly rank the performance of Cabinet members, as invited.  It's always 'highly dissatisfied' for a select band: Ed Davey of course; Oliver Letwin; Michael Gove and - naturally - Vince Cable.

But what's this, peeping out from behind the DTel's new paywall ? 
Cable: let's be honest, green energy is expensive ... there was "no point just berating the energy industry" over rising prices because trying to balance consumer interests and the drive for costly green investment was a "horrendously difficult problem"... The Government "should just be honest about the fact a lot of the new energy is relatively high cost.  The cost of new nuclear is a hell of a lot more than the long-term marginal cost of bringing in new gas and coal. Offshore wind is three times the current price of gas. Dr Cable said there was "real tension" between sticking to the course of attracting green investment and "the short-term pressures of price. The energy sector is extremely complex and we are interested in multiple objectives"
 These are not words I ever thought to catch myself writing but - a coconut for that man Cable!



Anonymous said...

He may know something about economics and the oil industry, I've heard. He may even have some knowledge of long term forecasting.
Doesn't make him right though.

Anonymous said...

Highly dissatisfied, Gove? Surely not!

Peter Whale said...

Why would he want another coconut the one on his shoulders is far too big.

Budgie said...

No awards for following the CAGW meme please. The small amount of extra CO2 will help by (maybe) postponing the return of the ice-age and enabling plants to grow better. For Cable to willfully squander taxpayers' money on supposed attempts to "tackle" supposed CAGW deserves jail, however brazen he is.