Thursday 7 August 2014

Tranmission interrrupted

Dear Readers,

Whilst Mr Drew is ever available for posting and insightful pontificating, Mr Quango and myself are shortly to take a break from blogging for a couple of weeks. We simply lack the stamina and fortitude of Mr Drew.

Oddly, it is not really a quiet summer, what with the Islamic State over-running Iraq and Israel/Gaza as well as Russia/Ukraine altogether making the world a dangerous place. Moreover, even the Indian Finance minister is now warning of another Financial Crash due to the excessive credit pumped into global markets by US, UK and Japan.

Perhaps then after the right time to seek a break to re-charge batteries - there will be the odd post no doubt from us, but normal service will be resumed towards the end of August.

In the meantime, hope all the readers are enjoying the summer too!



Nick Drew said...

approriate pic, CU - a russian tank bogged down

seems there could be a few more such beasties on our screens while you & Mr Q are away, and I may have to take up my keyboard

have a good one, all

DtP said...

Cheer chaps - hope you have a lovely break, armageddon permitting, natch.

a reader said...

Looks a bit old that tank.
Left over from the 1948 war ?

Nick Drew said...

an old soldier replies ...

T34's (two of them, dug in, hull down, presumably shore defences, rusted but in reasonable condition)

could just as easily have been 1956: indeed, depending on where it is, even quite a bit later than that

(Egyptian static canal defences?)

CityUnslicker said...

I dont know, the power of google.

I was trying find a picture of the day the Turks invaded Cyrpus. Mr CU was curled up nicely inside mummy CU's belly and had left for the airport from the hotel on the very beach the invasion started a few hours beforehand.

Such is life on the beach if you are unlucky... I would imagine turks has this level of equipment back then!

Nick Drew said...

You didn't mention that when I posted this !

Timbo614 said...

That's it then forget about us poorly informed, deprived and abandoned readers :)

I tried creating a blog, it's hard work even between three!

Enjoy - we'll survive and welcome you back in September. Thanks for the years of information and entertainment so far!

Jan said...

I too seem to have the power to start mayhem CU.

I had a good hol with my kids in (as was)Yugoslavia and then the wars started and the 15th century bridge which I failed to see in Mostar was blown up which was a shame as I was planning to see it the next time I visited which hasn't happened yet anyway.

Then in 1995 we had a very expensive coffee break on the Champs Elysee and when we got back to the hotel turned on the TV and saw the very metro station we'd been at only an hour earlier had been bombed by some terrorist group or other.

I suppose I should count my lucky stars that my visits seem to preempt any trouble and I hope my sense of timing persists so that I continue to miss it.

Bill Quango MP said...

Just recently the waiter of the restaurant I had just left went and found me in the street some 10 minutes later.

seems he had given me the wrong bill and wanted another 20 euro.

I hadn't noticed the bill being under priced. .. But he showed me the correct one - 85 euros.
2 pizza, 2 kids pasta, 1 gls wine , 2 orange juice, water, bread. and a small beer.

85 euro?

{i paid up..but should have told him to bugger off. He tracked me down 'because of your distinctive polo shirt!'
And I had worn it because I thought it blended in!}

I have been to this pizza place before. no way was it that much 2 years ago. - rents up ?}

Nick Drew said...

we were a bit surprised by restaurant prices in Vienna last month

but at least we got our pick: by coincidence, the town was empty ...

Electro-Kevin said...

That'a a lot to... shell out, you two.

Have nice hols y'all. I'm off at the weekend too.

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