Saturday 6 September 2014

YouGov poll has Yes leading by 1% - A look to the future ?

This historic video was taken in 2019 at the height of the "Freezing Cold " war. 
Hadrian's Wall was almost complete along the entire border with England.
In 2018, to prevent the continuing flight of North Britons to South Briton the Socialist-Nationalist government of the People's Democratic Republic of Scotland rebuilt the ancient wall across the border. 
Most famously at Berwick-upon-Tweed, where redrawn border concessions had been agreed upon partition in 2017, and so put the city on the very border. The wall now cut across, and so divided the city, into Socialist and Capitalist halves.
The wall went across roads, railways, tramlines, electricity cables and water pipes. The wall extended right along the border. In some places being high concrete blocks in others barbed wire. But all along the frontier on the Northern side were searchlights, watchtowers, guard dogs and thousands of land mines.
Access across was severely restricted. There were a handful of checkpoints that citizens could cross at, notably Checkpoint Hamish. However those over the age of 65 were permitted to travel to the south as they were of no further service to the state. In practice this meant for 95% of the population of Scotland could leave.

A 'cold climate' war existed between England and Scotland for 7 years, until political pressure, chronic shortages, economic collapse led to the fall of Socialist-Nationalism in what is now the Northern Territory.

Largely forgotten today, but at one time tens of soldiers stood ready on both sides of the wall, preparing for the outbreak of war. 

Notable incidents during the 'freezing cold war' :

June 2017 - The Shetland Airlift
August 2018 - Building of the Tartan Curtain
April 2018 - Start of the International Lace Race
July 2019 Formation of the Welshpool Pact
September 2020 - Socialist-Nationalist invasion of the Isle of Man
May 2023 The Kirkcaldy missile crisis
October 2024 Fall of the Gretna Wall

Notable books and films set during the very, very cold war.:

The guy who went up to the cold.
Letter to Holyrood
Our man in Horton Kirby
From Renfrew with love.
The Hunt for Red O'Donnell
The Bedsocks incident
Ice Station Musselburgh
Slimey's People

Incidents at the wall

  • Little Mix 'Freedom' concert causes riots on the north side of the wall as thousands gather.
  • Pope declares Scottish Whiskey an 'evil' and tosses bottle of Glenfiddich over the wall into the Northern sector.
  • During an international friendly at Wembley Stadium, Gordon Strachan and the Scottish Football team defect.
  • Nigel Farage revealed as a Major in the First Chief Directorate of the SNP. Leader of the Dulwich College five, a  group of double agents that also contained Daniel Hannan, Douglas Carswell, Theresa May and a fifth member who has never been identified. Nigel is granted asylum in Glasgow and promoted to colonel.
  • Outbreak of the Vietlamb War - SNP directly funds and equips the Welsh Insurgency leading to civil war and reintroduction of conscription throughout England.
  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson urges President Sturgeon to "erm..erm..oh golly..erm..tear down..this..erm..whassit-thingey..!"


Budgie said...

Obviously all the "tanks" Cameron has just ordered is for just such a scenario.

Anonymous said...

Just suppose come May 2015 the English, instead of getting the choice between three equally bland faces really did have the chance to unload the useless ineffective system we have and start again. This is the choice the Scots have, never mind the Woo about money, they finally have a chance to be rid of a burden that does them little good. A chance to cast off a dirty old coat infested with lice.

So, if the Scots do vote Yes (and I hope they do) then every single member and employee of Parliament needs to look in the mirror and repeat ten thousand times 'I am a burden to the people' for the fault lies not with the Scots but with Parliament and the Westminster apparatus.

Anonymous said...

I remember being stationed in Borders in 2020, as part of BOT, British army of the Tweed.

We could look out at "n'ae mons land". Sometimes we traded goods with the Highland Security Border guards..
They would trade us Salmon and Some good beef in exchange for derivatives, or guilts and bonds . Or isas or other sorts of banned capitalist, southern , products.

They were also keen to trade shortbread for iPhone vouchers and any clothing not made from their thick wool.
They wre quite friendly, but if one of their SNP Commisars was in the zone they would hoists a Braveheart poster to let us know not to speak to them.

We got on well really. It was their Brussels overlords that they really resented.
When the wall came down I recall so e of them grabbing a Luxemburg official and throwing him in the river. As he struggled out they threw him one of their Eco-green-socialist made 4w hairdryers to warm himself with.
Of course the poor chap died desperately trying to get so e heat of the useless thing.

I sometimes wonder what would have become of this country without the overthrow of the Miliband regime and the great Kipper wars.

BE said...

Bloody brilliant.

Sturgeonplatz made me laugh especially, for some reason.

It's amazing how quickly we have forgotten thst Edinburgh became Salmondgrad on the day after the referendum. Interestingly, the Tartan Bolsheviks never quite got around to destroying the royal castles and estates, preferring to turn them over to The Scottish People to be held in trust by their democratically-elected "representatives".

DJK said...

I blame those two geniuses Cameron and Osborne. This is what happens when you let Salmond write the question and set the timetable for the referendum.

Anonymous said...

In that video Glasgow East actually seemed to have prospered a little bit under the new regime.

Was it a show town ?

CityUnslicker said...

lovely weekend piece.