Thursday 23 October 2014

BBC Question Time: Lone gunman edition

Question Time!

Sorry .. yet another late night meeting. Its all go this time of year.
Don't know who's on or where its from.

Someone kindly reader will put that into the comments.

BQ suspects 
- Canadian parliament shooting and Isis
- who cares more about being seen spending money on the NHS - Lab or Con?
- That actress who dies of cancer - does it give us hope? - I dunno..didn't understand the story really.
- Tesco. What's going on? {A few years ago I asked the readers if they had really had enough of the megacorphypersupermarket or was their misfortune just a blip.. The answer, somewhat surprisingly, was a resounding YES! WE HATE THEM!}
- Ed Miliband / David Cameron cracking down on immigration. {no they aren't - but they say they are. The UKIP panic is causing a total u-turn}
{If you haven't seen what Chucka from Labour has been saying then you should. he's moved to slightly to the right of Godfrey Bloom. Which is a bit know...given his ethnic background and parentage and all.

Dimbletie - Black and white stripes

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Blue Eyes 

Winners List 2014

Timbo614  2
Hopper  1
Malcolm Tucker  1 
Nick Drew  1


measured said...

Evenin' all,

1. The NHS - hard up like the rest of us.

2. Woolf - she lived in the same street as him for ten years! Starting to look like a stitch up. Lets have some teeth and fewer empathatic sheep. They have had enough of those listen to them.

3. Security overload - Ottawa

4. Obesity and alcohol - lets get tough.

5. Grasping at straws - EU and trade negotiations. I was amazed to learn how quotas curtail our trade with the rest of the world. I want Chinese shoes! China owns shoe facvtories in Spain that complete 10% of the shoe. All games. Best we get out and are not a target economy for immigrants when the euro blows up. Other countries never let foreigners become nationals, don't let foreigners buy property, don't let foreigners own businesses. Ok, so not that extreme but it would be nice to have some control.

Dimbletie: Pink swirls

Nick Drew said...

(0) green-and-red
(1) should 'life' mean 'life'? - with segue into Oscar P.
(2) are ISIL closing in on the west, or are the Kurds holding the line for us?
(3) diagnose dementia for £55? WTF?! segue into ...
(4) NHS-fest
(5) wildcard: what exactly was the Total boss doing in Russia? (post follows)

Demetrius said...

We were down at the farm today. At lunch the first of the new season sprouts, pulled at 11.00 a.m. were very tasty. Also, mutton chops were available. Who could want more? We do not like supermarkets because all the food and other goods there stink of deodorant etc.

Malcolm Tucker said...

Dimbletie- Socialist red

1. 8bn black hole in NHS funds - leads into mansion tax to fund health.

2. Life means close to life. Why not life/

3. Here comes the Woolf. Are the establishment just trying to provoke us?

4.Dave renegotiates EU laws on immigration. Man is a hero. isn't he?

5.Canada and the shooting. Should we are our old master at arms with something a bit more substantial than a ceremonial mace?

Timbo614 said...

Timbo was Rome, doing what Romans do
While on question time,
it seems,
there was really quite a to-do

Nigel has a friend in Poland
Who thinks women need a strong hand
It seems that he is quite extreme
But Nigel says it just hot steam!

Immigration Immigration Immigration
Is it the dell knell of our nation?
Every party is bidding higher
While Nigel smiles and nails the liars.

Canada mourns dead and injured soldiers
Muslims it seems, just shrug their shoulders
Time for the leaders to take some action?
Before the military has a more serious reaction?

I suppose we'll have to have the NHS,
as it's in such a serious mess,
8 billion a year will be hard to find,
but that's OK it's only yours and mine!

Timbo is very unhappy with Tesco
It's made half of his investment just go
Is on-line really good for food
Don't people want to pick and choose?

David's Neck-tie; he still likes black
with some orange that goes right round the back!

DtP said...


Liverpool and chair of UNITE - what could possibly go wrong?
0) Peach with circles
1) FREEDOM - Alec's therepy session in Liverpool will be fine
2) Rapey stuff
3) Mike Reads song
4) Welsh NHS

Bill Quango MP said...

Missed it all. Looked like a socialist special from the 1970's.
Plus difficult to guess if we don't know King Fish was going to be on.

Q1 Should life mean life for killing police officers?

Q2 Is Heseltine right when he says great cities of the North are emasculated by a "one size fits all" economy, dominated by London?

That Scouser chip on the shoulder never goes away, does it?

Q3: How's NHS saved from “perfect storm” of austerity, expensive treatments and ageing population, whilst paying staff deserved wages?

Q4: Is prime minister reneging on Scottish promises and exploiting issue of English devolution for party political purposes?

Bill Quango MP said...

What a lousy set of questions. Self interested union crap. Nothing on Canada? Not even the topical Calypso song or the football rapist, or the grocer's troubles. or the latest paedo inquiry ?
Pathetic really. those questions MUST have been asked. QT should be made to publish NUMBERS of each question asked.

No idea of dimbletie so no score.


BQ - 2
Ms Measured - 1 for first + 2 = 3
ND -a good 4. Say 5
Dem - stink of deodorant? Where are you shopping?
Malcolm Tucker - good - 4
Timbo - great as ever! But only 3
Dtp - late run - nay sae bad - 3

Winner is Mr Drew with 5.

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