Thursday 9 October 2014

BBC Question Time: Ukip if you want to..edition.

I am with clients well into the night, so will miss the fun. {and the football}
Scoring will be from the twitter -

David Dimbleby presents topical debate live from Clacton-on-Sea in Essex on the night of its by-election. On the panel are Conservative communities and local government secretary Eric Pickles MP, Labour's deputy leader Harriet Harman MP, UKIP MEP Patrick O'Flynn, Liberal Democrat deputy leader Malcolm Bruce MP and novelist Jeanette Winterson.

Big day for UKIP. Could be the opening of the second front.
Historically, even after the allies were ashore in Italy and France,, the WW2 German military still expended 9 out of 10 of its resources solely against the reds.
Expect Tory HQ to follow suit, whatever the result.

1 or 2 points for each correct question asked. Depending on how close to the actual wording.
5 points for guessing the colour/design of  the Dimbleby tie. 2 points for nearest match if no outright winner

1 point for each witty comment/excessive punning/ lampoon/mock/clever theme  that you put into the comments
1 point for the first entrant each week 
1 point for random other reasons

Capitalists@Work BBC Question Time competition is proud to support Help for Politicians.
Sponsored by Powergen
Charity Shield Winner
Blue Eyes 

Winners List 2014

Timbo614 2
Hopper 1


measured said...

Evenin’ all

1. How are we eboling today?

2. Are you going to be kipping?

3. Or isis you chillin’ like a Turkey?

4. Did you go yellow on getting nicked?

5. Or will it be the blues all around next year, George?

Dimbletie: Pink flying ...bubbles

Timbo614 said...

Has to be Ebola
but we don't want a tombola
to decide who lives or dies
Stop everyone who flies?

Will UKIP celebrate the 9th?
and be set upon a plinth?
The people will have decided
who gets derided!

Clacton has been forgotten
a seaside town, gone rotten
but is it actually a dish
for English with time to fish?

Some trolls live under bridges,
some make trouble with digits,
A troll is burned down, dead,
So reporters can earn their bread

Tie of purple, tie of blue?
what's the fairest tie for this do?

Nick Drew said...

(0) Partisan red
(1) UKIP: is October 2014 the high water mark ?
(2) yes, Ebola - are we living on borrowed time ?
(3) EC Hinkley decision - WTF ? I mean, WTF ?!?
(4) something ISIL: "failure of bombing campaign", boots-on-the-ground, that sort of thing
(5) is Rooney England's greatest ? (I can give you the answer to that)

Malcolm Tucker said...

Dimbytie..purple red.

1. UKIP and the likely victory. A second front and the end of the conservatives?

2. Ebola and airports it any use?

3. Is Turkey right to demand Assad to fall as the price of their involvement ?

4. Clegg and mental health. A real problem or all that the libs have left?

5. EU failure. Was the UK right all along? And is Osborne correct that the Eurozone's failure is going to end our success?

Which should lead us back to Nigel Farage and trading in bigger blocks than just Europe.

DtP said...

Timbo's lovely :-)

1) Gotta be Ukip - traitorious stuff
2) Health service?
3) Turkey is cool?
4) £27bn for a nuke?
5) Nancy hammeered the Great British Bakeoff

- Dimbletie - strawberry

Hopper said...

1. Will a victory for UKIP torpedo the Tories in 2015?
2. Is Ebola in Britain a real problem, or just an excuse for more queues in airports? Because there aren't anywhere near enough, apparently.
3. Why wasn't someone paying more attention to the Ebola outbreak before it got this far?
4. Save Spain or shoot the dog?
5. Panel's top tips for the Nobel Peace Prize?

Bill Quango MP said...

Just make it

UKIP - CArswell -tanks on Labour lawn etc

Clegg and the evil Tories are really evil and shouldn't be sustained in office by ..erm..oh..its by us.

Ebola and the strange we are not screening yes we are screening. Something this government has done an awful lot of. Made an announcement and then the leadership overturns the agreed line.

Isis is much less of a threat than Ebola - says army bloke. Spend money on medicine - Dannant becomes a hippy

Wonga - 'cause they forgot it last time.

Bill Quango MP said...

its a very 'balanced' audience in Clacton. meaning a very 'selected for balance' audience. Its everyone pile onto the Kipper. not that dissimilar to the BNP debate.
The Kipper on the panel, tiring of being labeled as someone whose views don't represent the nation replied...
"We shall see when the polls close then, won't we?"
Which rather silenced about 3/4 of the audience.

Anyway ..

Q1: Main parties claim @UKIP support is just protest. Why not acknowledge that lots of public just prefer policies?

Q2: If NHS and social care services are at “breaking point”, is “ring-fencing” spending enough for another five years?

Q3: Would members of the panel support the cutting of overseas aid to help reduce the national debt after the next election?

Q4 - some question about MP's pay rises. {totally justified..paid far too little ..much less than in private sector etc etc.}

Dimbleby asked his own question which was about Ebola. And as the Kipper bash took up 45 minutes we will allow that.

Bill Quango MP said...

Dimbletie was black with blue frogs.
I think blue Eyes knows the tie sequence.


Measured 1 for first - 1 for great poetry + 4 = 6

timbo 2 for the prose - 6 for qs = 8

ND - 4 {you know by now BBC NEVER have energy questions unless its the Miliband energy freeze}

Malc - 5 for you

dtp - 4 +1 for the NHS spot - 5

hopper - 4

They spent too long on kipper bashing and Ebola didn't really even get a mention. This new producer polishing their lefty credentials.

Winner was Timbo614 {again}
Looks suspiciously like he's been working on that all week. Which is good

prize is to sort out the Ebola mess. Hopper wants some answers!

Timbo614 said...

Nigel has his MP and very nearly two!

Do I get my name incremented for every win? Will I end up as Timbo622?

As for Ebola, I'd shut down all flights from infected countries. If you go in - you don't come out until it's over.
Stop repatriating people for treatment because it's obviously easier to get infected than "they" are telling us.
Then send a huge aid force in both medical and military to stop the spread. It's obvious that local people's customs and fear of western medicine need to be overcome by force if necessary. Yes it would mean temporary suppression and against human rights but it the right of the remainder of the planet to try and stop this in it's tracks.

Hard decisions yes, do we have the politicians/leaders for it? I doubt that very much.

Sorry no pretty prose for Ebola this morning.

Bill Quango MP said...

Tough medicine Timbo. Over at Raedwalds he is suggesting no air travel at all. Only by sea. Suggests that the 21 day voyage is long enough that when the boat arrives the incubation period is over and everyone is virus free.. or dead.

Ryan said...

Ah yes, all ship-shape and "Bristol Fashion" before docking, like in the good ole days ;-)

MySaturdayNightName said...

Can we have a post on Daves upcoming 'crackdown' on immigration.

I know what it is, how it works, how it'll be presented and why its a total lie... I think ;)

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