Thursday 6 November 2014

BBC Question Time: Right to choose more wine edition

David Dimbleby presents the topical debate from Middlesbrough.
On the panel are former leader of the Liberal Democrats Charles Kennedy MP; Labour's shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander MP; Conservative housing and planning minister Brandon Lewis MP; Times columnist Melanie Phillips; and comedian Matt Forde, { neither..}who describes himself as one of the last defenders of Tony Blair.

Going extra early so as not to miss out another week. Risky strategy...
Dimbletie - Something with cats. 

1. Immigration is a really great thing and we should stop complaining about it and blame bankers or people with more money than us for our woes like normal.- And something about Tony Blair who said curbing immigration would be a disaster.

2. Right to choose to drink a child into deformity. The local authority pursuing this case seems on very unsure ground. Can't see how they can win a favourable judgement. Anyway..story has morphed into a mumsnet fight of the overbearing, lecturing brigade and the right to choose to be totally irresponsible.

3. Yet another of the many, many surprise verdicts as we in the UK attempt remove all logic from our legal, employment, welfare and political systems.
Backpay people holiday pay for their overtime. Not in itself that mental a decision IF the overtime or commission forms a sizeable portion of salary. But if the unions manage to get that back dated to 1996, its windfall time for long service workers and bankruptcy and unemployment time for thousand upon thousands.

4.Merkel. Another anti-ukip opportunity for the QT audience.  Angel tells Dave - Nein. And if he can't stop moaning then to leave the club.

5. Norman Baker, the most unsurprising resignation of the post war era, is supposedly a sign the coalition is over. What is actually surprising is that it isn't. Its been amazingly resilient. probably more to do with its weakness than its strength, but still..very surprising for British politics.

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Timbo614  2
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Malcolm Tucker  1 
Nick Drew  1 
Measured 1 
Dick the prick 1


DtP said...

Whoo hoo - thought a proverbial towel had been thrown across the Dimbles head.

measured said...

Evenin’ all

1. Do we lock up fat ladies for drinking? What happens if she suffers a miscarriage while being arrested.

2. WW1 question. Do we sack television presenters who refuse to wear a poppy?

3. Do immigrants contribute to the economy? Aside from UCL receiving EU grants, I would argue only if they bring skills we do not have.

4. The low oil price is messing with the economies of some poor countries like Venezuela, Nigeria, Colombia, Saudi (yes, Saudi where the cost of maintaining their modern cities is astronomical and it makes them pump out more). Low commodity prices and a growing global population are not compatible. Fill ‘yer boots , like the Chinese.

Oh. We haven’t any money.

5. Is Christianity under threat? Of course it is. Islam is not a tolerant religion.

6. Is the internet a haven for murderers, paedophiles and jihadists? Well, there aren’t that many of them compare to how many of us there are, but if you believe the Head of GCHQ and Hogan-Howe, this cry has with nothing to do with their hidden agenda of funding. They do not like encryption.

Dimbletie: red poppies on a dark background.

Taff said...

Evening to one and all.

Tie: Crimson and black

1. Pipe bombs in Colleges. Should tertiary education teach a softer curriculum.

2. Ed - unloved, unwanted, unliked north of the border in preference to Cameron. Does he have Balls as a side-kick to make him look better than he really is.

3. Saville. Should the NHS be more commercial and less reliant on questionable fundraiser.

4. Politics: ditto as above

5. AC/DC is their next album going to he a killer.


PS Could you send over some of these UKIP guys. You seem to have a surplus over there.

CityUnslicker said...

1. Ed is Crap
2. Dave is liar and rubbish
3. Clegg is a no hoper
4. Farage is racist
5. Guy Fawkes is non PC, the BBC will ask about injuries to kidz and lewes march etc.

Hopper said...

Middlesbrough? Shames me to say, I couldn't locate it more specifically than 'oop north' without a map. I'm looking forward to Mad Mel trouncing most of her opponents.

1. Is the Republican tsunami in the USA a desperate request for a stronger America?
2. If we're relaxed about women killing their babies pre-natal, why is foetal alcohol syndrome so bad? Are G+Ts better than a litre of Chardonnay?
3. Are our liberties being eroded, and was the Million Mask March right to draw attention to this?
4. (Hopeful but not optimistic) Are Facebook/Twitter/Google right to safeguard our private data, or are they just sheltering terrorists?
5. Spying on lawyers: egregious violation of civil rights or merely keeping a watchful eye on the least trusted profession in society?

Bill Quango MP said...

Navy and goldfish.

Q1. Are the mainstream political parties in crisis? shall we ask Obama? Its a crisis.

Q2: What do you think the UK will look like in 50 years if immigration stays at around 250,000 a year?

Q3: How difficult is it to find someone suitably qualified to chair a child abuse inquiry?

Q4: Should there be an elected assembly for the North East Region?

And that was terrible. Really terrible. Except for the one bit of excitement when an audience member called ed Miliband a turd.

Bill Quango MP said...


BQ- a poor 3

DTP - 6 incl first
Measured - not good -2 . Strange and boring episode. 1st time there were loads of possible good qs for ages and they muffed it.

Taff - 2 + nearest the tie =2 =4. {Cardiff next week} ACDC?

Malcolm Tucker - 4

CU - 3

Hopper - just 1 . But as said it was a very wasted show. Mad mel did ok. I don't much like her myself. Danny Alexander said 'together shared' enough times to summon the Candyman.

Winner is DTP - bang on with 6.

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