Friday 14 November 2014

Dark Side of the Moon

Watching the news with Quango Jnr, who is almost six years old, we saw the craft land on the comet. 
This prompted him to seek out his Transformers 3:Dark Side of the Moon, DVD.

The premise of the film is that the space race of the 1960s was even more dramatic as the early Soviet and American lunar probes and unmanned landers had discovered a crashed, wrecked space craft on the far side of the moon and wanted that alien technology.

The film has the astronauts using the brief time window when earth cannot receive transmissions to go and investigate the alien crash site..where they discover the Transformers.

There is a mix of real footage and recreation and CGI that give an authentic look to  these scenes.

I explained a bit to junior Quango, in that knowledgeable dad fashion, about the 'low gravity' bouncy movement.The gold visor covers and the dark and light sides of the moon. And I told him that when I was about his age I had watched, on TV,  those actual astronauts land on the moon. And how this was a really big deal as no-one had ever gone and had a look to see what was on the moon before.

" saw the real spacemen?"


"You saw the spacemen jump onto the moon?"

"Yes, I did."

"Wow! And did they have the American flag?"

"They did..I saw the flag"

"And you saw the Transformers?"

" I did see the spacemen take some photographs with space cameras.."

"Photos of the Transformers?"

",.they didn't really show you the Transformers."

There was a six year old's thoughtful silence..
Then he looked at me,  patted my arm and said ..

"Try not to be too disappointed, dad."


Timbo614 said...

Great Bill! Loved that last line, but shouldn't you have been honest with him? Told him that they don't exist, that they are just toys?

or did you?

Bill Quango MP said...

No way!

That would be like saying santa i just mum and dad. Or Spiderman doesn't exist.
Or that UKIP are not real and are just a made up political party to frighten liberals.

Electro-Kevin said...

There are toys on the dark side of the Moon ???

Yay !

PS, Did the Toy Barge make it up from China this year ???

Did it ? Did it ??? PLEASE say yes.

Electro-Kevin said...

PPS, My boy aged three asked, from the back of the car, "Is this car insured, Daddy ?"


"Are you sure about that ?"

This is absolutely true. He was genuinely worried about it.

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