Monday 17 November 2014

G20 - so they do these things because?

#WorldLeaderSelfie: German Chancellor Angela Merkel and friends.
As readers can imagine, the Capitalists are not really big fans of One World Government as our distant relations on the left seek. Indeed, I was rather keen on the Scots going independent, let alone the whole world uniting. This is before we get to the EU.

But over the weekend something magical did not happen. The leaders of the G20 met in Australia. A cause for joy in the press as it generated a lot of pointless headlines around the world. Powerful men and women of these Government spent a long time taking selfies with one another.

The world look sternly at Putin and told him he was naughty. He left. After having a long chat to the Saudi's - no doubt trying to re-kindle the deal he so unwisely rejected earlier in the year.

Cameron and the other leaders declared they had reached a deal to boost Global growth. Sadly, despite a bit of searching, it is pretty hard to find any real evidence of this beyond a headline. No doubt they hope no one will ask to many questions when they all get home.

These G20 meetings are the ultimate junkets - worse than abominations like the Copenhagen summit on Climate Change. At least that had a purpose. I note the key announcement on cutting Carbon emissions by both China and the US were made in the days before the G20 summit - not wasted for the time they were there.

G20 summits are just an excuse to go to Bondai beach, socialise with other world leaders and discuss what jobs you can get next when the electorate or jihadi's have had enough of you. China has signed a small trade deal with Australia that would have happened anyway.

What a waste of time and resources these things are. Is this not what the UN was supposed to be, so everyone could go and show off in New York every now and again?


Electro-Kevin said...

"I hadn't bothered to shave before going out and I knew, if I was going to get laid, it would have to be a bloody merkel."

john miller said...

You'd be surprised how much of a waste.

I briefly dated a girl working the the FCO.

Shne had just returned from a jolly in Saudi.

The FO had chartered 2 planes. One for the FSec and his 94 hangers on and one for the booze...

Budgie said...

The G20 leaders claimed that "they had reached a deal to boost Global growth". Therein lies the corporatist/managerialist/socialist mindset of our dear leaders. If that was what was really needed we would already be rich beyond our dreams.

James Higham said...

Can't disagree.

Wildgoose said...

China didn't agree to cutting CO2 emissions, they merely predicted when their emissions would peak - around 2030 apparently.

A point made very clearly here at Broad Oak:

P*ss off says China

Nick Drew said...

those who believe in 'global governance' are horror-struck by the emptiness of G7 / G20 / IMF etc these days

the 'G13' (20-7) get narked when the 7 come to the 20 having already decided what's what

China is trying to develop alternative institutions, & has some takers (esp when dosh is on offer)

but dosh aside, everyone hates them!