Saturday 22 November 2014

Guardian Nicely In Touch With Reality

Well this is nice to see: a Grauniad article - in the Money section - on how to save your hard-earned when buying an engagement ring.

The cheapest they mention in the article is £3,000; and one of the rings pictured weighs in at paltry £1,110.  Importantly, their expert advises: "Go for the very best you can afford ".

But they are not really trying, are they ? - because the most expensive mentioned is £11k.

We can imagine the editorial session when the journo was given the brief for this piece.  Now then, the diamond puff-piece: Emma, keep Ratners out of this, none of our people would dream of that would they darling.  Price range? yeah, tricky.  I'm thinking 4 figures min.  But we'll get letters if we go Liz Taylor on them. OK, you can mention Argos - but just a quick mench, yah, coz our readers don't want any of that cubic zirconia crap.  Aspreys?  No way!  Jeff says they wouldn't take an ad.  But there are a couple of online links you've got to work in.  And hey, you can give that Rupert of yours some ideas ...



Anonymous said...

Yeesh, A few years back, I spent a little under 2k on a custom designed number for my then fiancee.

Looked a lot nicer, more colourful and altogether prettier than the I Have Considerably More Debt Than You offerings there!

dearieme said...

My beloved went to silversmithing classes and made her own wedding ring. Her engagement ring is a hand-me-down. Done!

lilith said...

My engagement ring is a hand me down too!