Thursday 4 December 2014

BBC Question Time: Housing bubble edition.

David Dimbleby presents topical debate from Doncaster in South Yorkshire. The panel includes Conservative culture secretary Sajid Javid MP, Labour's shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper MP, Liberal Democrat peer Shirley Williams, actor and comedian Omid Djalili and the former director of the Centre for Policy Studies Jill Kirby.
Well at least this week's comedian can be funny. Sometimes. {Not to readers - the comedian is Omid Djalili and not Yvette Cooper. She is only amusing accidentally.}

Dimbletie - Golden Brown
Q1 - House price stamp duty and Mansion taxes. Heard a leftie earlier saying that the stamp duty still benefits so?

Q2. - Road building and Stonehenge and where is the money coming from, eh Great-grandkids?

Q3. Paternity/maternity split. Another great offer we didn't ask for, don't much want, and is a legal bonanza in the making.

Q4. Padeo..haven't had a paedo question for a while. BBC naturally weary of such questions..but its overdue.

Q5. Doncaster and the Ashcroft poll {since discredited} that gives a UKIP/Tory tactical vote the chance to oust Miliband. {they can't. He is, despite all the obvious shortcomings, quite popular in Doncaster.}

Q5. Gordon Brown. Was he the great saviour that some media people have been saying? Will his repoutation become more favourable, John Major like, with time?
The answer, is no.

Charity Shield Winner
Blue Eyes

Winners List 2014
Nick Drew 3
Timbo614 2

Hopper 1
Malcolm Tucker 1
Measured 1
Dick the prick 1 
Bill Quango MP 1


Bill Quango MP said...

DtP said...

Massive apologies but i've got my first chrimbo do and will likely be squiffy later so could i pop my QT's down now and by no means blag a point for 1st - as that would be most rude!

0) - Brown affair with neon stuff
1) Stamp duty - sop to the housing bubble
2) Regional Assemblies maybe - they were banging on about Sheffield the other day
3) Yoof unemployment
4) Depressed wages
5) Fracking maybe

Nick Drew said...

(0) pink with blue motifs
(1) regional devo again: tax emphasis
(2) should that Irish girl's goal be goaloftheyear ?
(3) porkbarrel election politics, osborne a charlatan etc
(4) segue to NHS / ambulance service etc, they can't help themselves
(5) on the subject of dodgy chancellors: Gordon Brown, how will history rate him?

Taff said...

Evening to all.

Tie: Santa motif

1. Cuts and who should be cut?
2. Housing and stamp duty. (If there is such as shortage why does everyone in Wales have 2?)
3. Strikes. Should they be banned for essential services.
4. Growth. Is the excellent news for the North
5. Grooming. Is there more to come out?

Seems like a depressing list - glad they have a few comediennes.

measured said...

Evenin’ all

1. It doesn’t all add up. Well, George, it never does add up. One million public sector workers on the dole next year. At last.

2. Stamp duty implications. House prices up North haven’t moved I am told so they have nothing to whinge about, have they? ;-)

3. So C4 debates 007** rather than mental health issues. When do we start locking up mothers in maternity units and stop them from drinking? The next step is to charge a pregnant woman for drinking to excess except she won’t understand a word they are saying.

4. Should US cops be charged for killing blacks or would this make the cops think for themselves?

5. Religious schools – should they be allowed? Ok, you can have them in Afghanistan but not Doncaster.

Dimbletie: Green

Not an inspiring panel. There’ll be too much gingham, homemade pie and custard.

** Craig makes a convincing Bond.

Hopper said...

I guess Nigerian jokes are out of order then, since Djalili has it covered.

1. Is George socking it to the rich, or letting them off easy? Why no rules targeting Margaret Hodge?
2. Is tax avoidance tax evasion? How can we get money out of Sbux if they aren't making a profit?
3.: why aren't we sinking enough billions into the NHS?
4. Too many road upgrades or not enough?
5. Iran joins the axis of righteousness: working as intended?

Budgie said...

1. Colossal cuts edition. Will it matter since Osberon won't be in power much longer? Is it the shade of Fatcher come again to destroy our industries and our NHS?

2. Bodies of mother and baby found. Isn't it time the state looked after all children to avoid this kind of tragedy? State hatcheries to ensure equality and diversity for all.

3. Isn't Doncaster near Rotherham? What about the problem of white middle aged men grooming Asian girls (it is the BBC so we have to be even handed, innit)?

4. Jeremy Thorpe the much loved world elder statesman dies. Why? Could he have helped Brown, the flawed hero that saved the world from Fatcherism and economic meltdown?

5. Putin warns Russians of economic gloom caused by EU sanctions and the plummeting oil price. If Fatcher hadn't shortsightedly toppled the USSR the Russians would have been much better off, wouldn't they?

Bill Quango MP said...

not a great show. Yvette Cooper really isn't up to much. If she was a man her credibility for the leadership would be very low.

Pink and silver tie.


Qs were
- cuts up to 60% coming
- Something about kids called Mohammed. A British identity one I guess
- Gordon Brown's legacy . Shirley Williams thought he was a very nice and capable man. When is this silly old bat going to leave British politics? She's been being wrong for over 40 years now.
- smokers and tubbies not getting NHS treatment {sort of}

BQ - 3
ND - 4 + 3 for the tie + 1 for first = 8
DTP - 4 partials so 3 pts
Taff I make that 3
Measured 3 for you too - a better panel for the finale next week - Farage and Brand. [Russell..not that awful Jo again.}
Hopper -3 + 1 for the Nigerian joke - Though he does more Iranian. And that Iran question would have been a good one. - 3
Budgie - good questions..but as usual some weird ones asked instead. The new BBCQT editor determined to keep it uk focused only. - 4

Clear win for Mr Drew who looks like taking the title.

Last one next week.