Thursday 22 January 2015

BBC Question Time Compo.

David Dimbleby presents topical debate from Eastleigh in Hampshire. Panellists include Conservative employment minister Esther McVey, Labour's Diane Abbott, deputy leader of UKIP Paul Nuttall, former president of the Liberal Democrats Tim Farron and editor of The Independent Amol Rajan.

BQ believes:
1. Obama + Dave -A fine bromance. Did the PM get all he wanted from the Golden Child?
2. Leon is dead . Tinfoil sold out across the nation. A brief tribute question..morphing into a Simon Danzuk conspiracy. {Danzuk has said if T.May had just got on with this inquiry, then the key witness would have given evidence , and not be dead. .. He forgets it was him that called for two changes of people to head the inquiry...He's as much to blame, himself.}
3. Chill-clot. |what is going on? Why is it such an issue for so long? Woodward {of |Woodward and Bernstein fame}  has already written THREE, 1000+ page books, all about the lead up to the Iraq war. These are factual books with every existing email, post-it note, back-of-the envelope evidence examined in excruciating detail. They are so detailed they are really just too tedious to read. But if you want to know who said what, to whom, about what,on which day, and who was copied in..its all in there. And they been available for years. I read all the Blair bits. 
Its exactly what you already thought.
4. SNP, balance of power..devolution..we will stop privatisation..etc.
5. That invoice to a schoolkid. Pay for the party you didn't attend. Well done parents. Alienated, embarrassed and emotionally scared your offspring, plus given yourself even more factions to avoid at the school gate.All for £15.

1 or 2 points for each correct question asked. Depending on how close to the actual wording.
5 points for guessing the colour/design of  the Dimbleby tie.

 2 points for nearest match if no outright winner
1 point for each witty comment/excessive punning/ lampoon/mock/clever theme  that you put into the comments
1 point for the first entrant each week 
1 point for random other reasons

League Table 2015 

Hopper -1
Blue Eyes - 1
Charity Shield winner - Malcolm Tucker.


BE said...


1. Are the Greens even more weird than the Kippers?

2. Why was Tony Blair walking so weirdly on that news clip? Was it because the pavement was slippy or because his war crimes weigh so heavily upon his conscience?

3. Can the UK economy survive the onslaught of cheap Euro funny-money? Should we have joined the Euro at 1:1?

4. Should English voters be any more annoyed that Nicky Sturgey is going to tell her MPs to vote at Westminster than we are already with Scots Labour MPs doing exactly the same since 1999?

5. Bla bla bla NHS privatisation bla bla bla.

Tie: An autostereogram of the NHS logo, with a secret Labour rose if you squint hard enough.

Malcolm Tucker said...

1. Blair's war. When will the guilty have their names published? Sometime never.

2. Greens on the debates. And Plyd. And the SNP. And the save our school from closure independent candidate and anyone else who wants to.

3. EU QE magic money. What took you so long? .. oh .. Weimar and all that history stuff...

4.Paedo inquiry. what now.

5. BBC so ... "Wasn't Wolf Hall woooonnnnderrrfullll, daaahhhling,."

Tie - sand yellow and blood red.

measured said...

Evenin’ all,

1. Chilcot – did you know that there are TWO Chilcot reports that haven’t been published? One is about admitting phone tapping evidence in court and for the other one you need to ask Tony Blair.

2. Davos. How on earth can Prince Andrew be top of the news agenda? It should be all about how the money flows.

3. The theory behind QE is to achieve lower interest rates. Now I am not a rocket scientist but isn’t there a flaw here.

4. Televised debates are far too competitive.

5. Terrorism – apparently you can drive from Vilnius (east) to Lisbon (west) without being stopped at a border once. Good luck with policing that. Come to think of it, our borders aren’t that much better.

Dimbletie: Pink swirls – it is about time we had some recycling.

Steven_L said...

1) English votes on English laws
2) Will Greece leave the Euro?
3) Is Tony Blair telling the truth?
4) Is Prince Andrew a paedo?
5) Will Ed Miliband chicken out of the debates?

Tie: Pink sharks on black.

I won't watch it tonight, I'm completely hooked on Breaking Bad and there's still 35 hours to go.

Hopper said...

Probably a bit late to dimbletie, but a white one would be perfect. Here's to Beastly Eastleigh:

1. How about that West Lothian question? A fine thanks from the scotnats for saving Scotland from economic ruin.
2. Will plain packs for ciggies save our health and hence NHS? Who needs the tax income anyway.
3. QE and aren't we glad we aren't in the Euro (yet).
4. Isn't it getting a bit cold given all the global warming that's supposed to be happening?
5. What's Chilcot going to say, and why is it taking so darn long to say it?

Nick Drew said...

(0) orange lava-lamp design
(1) all the trouble the scotties are going to create (to rile Diane Abbbottt) ...
(2) and the greenies
(3) oh all right then: at #3, Page 3!
(4) plain packaging (for cigs, not for the Sun)
(5) Boris in Iraq with a short haircut - now what do we think that's about?

(ought to be euro-QE of course, but unlikely)

CityUnslicker said...

Tie: Green with pigs

1. Euro QE - why Euro is so good compared to UK.

2. Danzucky - has your mrs just joined UKIP?

3. Davos - Why is Cameron, Blair and all those other lot over there. Mutates into some 1% nonsense.

4 - Leon Brittan - some sort of conspiracy nut job thingy and also he workled for FATCHER AND IS EVIL AND NOW BURNING IN HELL.

5 - Election - WIll SNP hold the balance of power how will EVEL work?

Timbo614 said...

nearly missed again:

1) Scottish votes for English laws!

2) Energy Price reductions are we all gonna push the boat out? (on 5 quid a week/month)

3) Plain Fag packets it's my 'uman right not to only olive! I want them all to be red. And the 20% of voters who smoke might take umbrage and vote for Kippers.

4) NHS MUST be this week! We're all doomed 'coz it's cold and some are old.

5) TV debates row.

I hope none of these were on last week!!

Tie: Black (althogh I think he's going off black) with Flowers, snowdrops maybe.

Dick the Prick said...


1 = bit of ChillcFot

2 - EVEL

3 = Fraking --

4 = QE Europe

Timbo614 said...

Page 3!!!

This site has gotten too highbrow!

Bill Quango MP said...

Subdued navy tie with white dots. i think I have the same one.

Q1. Page 3 - Should it be stopped.

Q2. Chilcot. Who benefits?

Q3. NHS and UKIP saying its not affordable in its current form. Somehow this is more contraversial than the Iraq war.

Q4 - SNP question. Why do the losers of the referendum have so much say in UK politics..I think we need to ask panicky Dave that question.

4 qs only.

Bill Quango MP said...

Scores -
BQ. 4

BE - 1 for 1st+ 6 = 7

MT - 2 {wolf hall is filmed just a few miles from me. I go there all the time.]
SOMEONE TELL THE BBC TO STOP USING THE WOBBLY CAMERA in their drama. Been doing it since This Life. Which was 1995.

its not 'real'. Its just annoying.

measure -2 + 1 for the chilcot reports. - 2

Steve_L - 4 . { i have never seen breaking bad. I'm on House of cards. In true US drama fashion it only gets really, really good at episode 3.}

Hopper - closest for the dimbletie +1 + 4 = 5

ND - was going well - 5

CU - 2

Timbo - 5 good.

DTP - thank you .. 3.

Winner is Blue Eyes.
He gets to publish the Chilcot report. Only in twitter form.
So sum up in no more than 10 words please BE.

MMN said...

Bill Quango: without wishing to steal the winner's prize, the Chilcot twitter would surely be: "Nothing to see here move along."

BE said...

Chilcot in seven words: Blair was a pretty straight kinda guy.