Thursday 26 February 2015

BBC Question Time - 2 jobs edition

Question Time quiz.

Again..I am out.
But may be back in time for the watching.
So hopefully scores this time.

David Dimbleby presents topical debate from Telford in Shropshire. The panel includes Conservative party chairman Grant Shapps MP, Labour's shadow work and pensions secretary Rachel Reeves MP, Liberal Democrat Tessa Munt MP, UKIP's Mark Reckless MP and the Sunday Times journalist and critic Camilla Long.

A lot of news this week. I will guess

Dimbletie - Butterfly motif.
1. Cash for access. Milibandwagon's second jobs for MP's. Public will be well up for a ban on second jobs. But the exemptions list would run to several hundred pages. 
2. Green party. loony party leader can'rt explain loony party policies. Who knew?
3. Three English girls. All very Enid Blyton. Three get into a fix in Aleppo. Since the story broke been looking for someone to blame...Luckily..
4. Jihadi John turns out to be a kind, friendly, cheerful, pacifist. But the security forces turned him into a Jihadi. So we know who to blame. All this terrorism is caused by MI5 investigating terrorism.
So I suppose if the Human Rights people are right, if we just stop looking for terrorists that will prevent terrorism.
5. Has to be those disastrous Net Immigration figures and Cameron's silly pledge.
{The spin I get from CHQ is - The economy is doing so well..every foreigner wants to come here.!}
If you think I'm trying that suicide line on the doorstep, think again Lynton.

League Table 2015

Kilgore Trout - 2
Hopper -2
Measured - 2

Dick the Prick - 1
Blue Eyes - 1
Taff -1
Nick Drew - 1
Cityunslicker -1
Malcolm Tucker - 1
Charity Shield winner - Malcolm Tucker.


Dick the Prick said...

Evenin' all

Defo quite a big news week.

0) Dimble: A russet affair with black shapes.

1) What's the motivation for British nationals to bugger off to Jihad and how can we mitigate future occurrences?

2) Immigration - isn't it just bonzer? Nah, seriously - wage suppression, housing and integration etc

3) Cabs for hire - don't these guys have political assistants? Both of them had their spider senses tingled but neither ran away - not good.

4) I'm thinking Jimmy Savile but will instead go with an NHS postcode lottery thing as it's almost the Welsh border - maybe a Devo-Manc Q and why it's good for OAPs.

5) Why are we sending troops to Ukraine maybe?

Kilgore Trout said...

Tie: that purple one

1. Immigants... are there really more of them or are more Brits packing up?

2. Jihadi girls. What a tragedy. Pretty sure society is to blame.

3. Pachuri resigns. How sad are the panel?

4. 1,000 troops to Ukraine. Why?

5. MPs and their second jobs. Shouldn't they be even more cut off from the rest of society?

Nick Drew said...

I think they'll gallantly let the greenie-woman off the hook. And they'll gallantly let themselves off the jimmy saville hook. So ...

(0) purple + yellow migraine
(1) NHS devo-a-la-Manc, is this the beginning of something wonderful or *gulps* the End of the NHS?!
(2) our troops in Ukraine, WTF? - can't we just be content with that fine Para LCpl - VC
(3) yeah, jihadi john, probably can't leave that one alone, segue to jihadi jane/jenny etc
(4) immigration figures
(5) is it right to b*gg*r up the footie season with WC in Qatar in winter?

(ans to 5: who gives a sh*t? - they've got SEVEN YEARS to sort something; and anyway the Rugby WC takes place in the regular season and the stay-at-home players & lesser premier clubs get a great chance to make a name for themselves)

Hopper said...

1. Can we monetize our successful export business specializing in jihadi executioners and brides?
2. Cash for access: two rotten apples, or is everyone at it? Expect extended jaw-jaw and santicmony.
3. Yeah, has to be immigration figures surely. Are we exporting the highly skilled and importing cheap labour? Leading on to a beatfest on the UKIPer.
4. Should everyone withhold tax until their bank manager goes to jail?

Only 4 questions this week, I suspect.

measured said...

Evenin’ all

Yes, I'll claim my prize and watch it.

1. Mancurian moves to merge social services and the NHS spending. What could possibly go wrong? Now the £6bn is in fact £3bn funding and £3bn borrowing.

2. Let’s blame the schools, the media, the police, the mosques. Has anyone think of blaming the parents? Did the parents think of telephoning the airline at the very least at the time of the flight? Thank goodness Lady Warsi isn’t on this week’s panel.

3. Couldn’t Rifkind live on £60,000 a day? Sorry £60,000 a year. The average civil servant gets £100,000 a year and a decent pension. ::[faints]:: Second jobs for the boys.

4. How can we afford all these new houses? I did the sums for the Green Party of 500,000 new home (£120k a piece) against abolishing mortgage relief for private landlords (£500m max). Not even on a comparable scale, and even our military spend is now falling below the NATO recommended spend of 2% of GDP. Perhaps the Greens do think money grows on trees.

5. Let us overhaul the divorce laws. Civil partnership being available for all, make the forms easier (there is one question about jurisdiction that catches out DIYers), if there are no children involved be able to walk away, introduce no blame divorce and then the reality check that women can no longer expect to stay at home for life. Wills are just as contentious; £1.3m ten years early to Cinderella on the farm was mean, but there again there was no reason her sisters should lose out. Simplify all this law. Simplify life. Stop lawyers rubbing their hands. There are too many of them.

Dimbletie: Purple criss-crossing.

Bill Quango MP said...

Black with the pink frogs. I was so nearly going to say frogs...Boo

1 Who's fault is it there is net migration? Pensioners!!
if they'd stayed put those figures wouldn't be so bad.

2. 2nd jobbies question. Rachel says no, to rapturous applause.

3. Young girls in Syria. victims or terrorists? Camila says Terrorists. To some applause.

4. Free Tv and stuff for pensioners should be scrapped.

{Dave had a chance to fix this. Scrapping all these ridiculous bolt on over the years giveaways, and just raise the pension by the amount.}

He didn't because it isn't really an issue. Its an election tease that both sides use and neither really wants to change it.

That was it.
Rachel Reeves nasling on about bus passes. We are at peak boredom.

Bill Quango MP said...


BQ - 6
DTP -+1 for first+ 7 = 8
kilgore - 6
ND - 1/2 the tie 1pt+ 1pt for guessing 2 of what should, but wouldn't be asked, + 2 = 5
Hopper 5+1 for 4 qs = 6
Measured 4 + 1 for tie +1 for great qs = 6

Winner is DTP - back with a bang.