Thursday 12 February 2015

BBC Question Time guessathon - Girly pink edition - to attract the ladies

David Dimbleby presents the topical debate from Norwich.
On the panel are Liberal Democrat energy secretary, and mortal enemy of Portal Master Nick Drew, Ed Davey MP, Labour's shadow culture minister, pantomime villain hiss.. Chris Bryant MP, Conservative chair of the health select committee Sarah 'tough nuts' Wollaston MP, UKIP deputy chairman 'Brassy' Suzanne Evans and the satirist, and consistently entertaining for over 30 years, Armando Iannucci, creator of The Thick of It and co-creator of Alan Partridge.

BQ suspects:
1. Pink van ma'am. I can imagine Armando having written  a sketch about a pink limo for his Veep series.. and it being rejected by the producers as "just too Goddamn implausible, 'Mundo."

2. Veto on an EU referendum by the ultra minority parties. Plaid Cmyru seem to think politics is like a family boardgame. Where the youngest member gets to have special rules.

3. HSBC and tax avoidance and lots of 1% talk.

4. NHS Whistleblowing. Private Eye have been calling for this for about 20 years now. It never seems to attract mainstream media attention. If I was of a conspiracy type tinfoil mindset..??

5.Paternity leave from Ned Miliband. What a sap that man is.

Dimbletie - Purple with stars

League Table 2015 

Kilgore Trout - 2
Hopper -2

Blue Eyes - 1
Taff -1
Measured - 1
Nick Drew - 1
Cityunslicker -1
Malcolm Tucker - 1 
Charity Shield winner - Malcolm Tucker.


Malcolm Tucker said...

Dimbytie - yellow with wheels

1. HSBC and dodgy Dave and tax evasion. Labour sense a real watershed here. They are mistaken.

2. school spending. Cameron made a false promise to ringfence. ed made a better false promise to ringfence.

3.Should labour really be targeting pink van woman?

4. UKIP won't join a coalition with anybody. So they won't have any ministers.

5. Ukraine ceasefire. are we right to stay well out of it ?

CityUnslicker said...

I am out so early doors for me

pink tie

- Why does cameron love tax dodgers
- what is this bus thing all about?
- Extra paternity leave, needed in norwich to deal with the cutting of the webbed feet etc
- ukraine peace deal - cameron is snubbed as he is a loser
- why is flood defence spending falling again?

nice pint of bitter with that barman.

Nick Drew said...

I'll stick my neck out & say - no specific qn on the Old Batmobile, but a free throw for Armando to raise it anyway: so

(0) green-n-black
(1) surely they gotta have Ukraine? somehow?
(2) is deflation worse than inflation? (I actually want to know the answer to this one)
(3) HSBC-gate: it's against Miliband's human rights if this one doesn't get raised (though I'm with Malcom T on this: the Beeb's headline is 'Miliband Accuses Fink of U-Turn' which is hardly an election-winning slogan)
(4) cameras in granny-farms, as part of a general whistle-blower gig
(5) They are kinda bound to bowl a slow one to Davey, 'cause the LibDems are just so badly down in the polls: maybe a thin energy-cum-business question so he can announce LibDum pro-business credentials?

Taff said...

Evening from a despondent Wales. What happened? Why did it happen? I suppose it was better than that Belgian side.

My suggestions

1. Does UKIP brighten up the 50 shades of grey currently seen in politics

2. Does the Energy department need to go nuclear on the power industry before they cut domestic prices

3. Is inflation so last year.

4. Is Tax something best avoided

5. Is the current Greek situation a case of schadenfreude for the Germans

I'm avoiding all that Labour stuff. If there is an American strategist behind this, they should get their money back. Thank god it's less than 3 months now - and only 6 weeks till they are all out on their ears.


measured said...

Evenin' all

1. Fifty shades of pink vans

2. The curved ball of tax dodging

3. The bond bribing of pensioners

4. EU woes - You crane at those grease poles

5. Sending NHS whistleblowers to care homes

Dimbletie: a blue hue

Kilgore Trout said...

Tie: Creamy.

1. Should tax avoidance be made illegal...? The answer is, of course not. The politicians would rather shame and guilt trip people into obedience with their latest political whim, rather than legislating, apparently.

2. Is this already shaping up to be the most boring, flacid, content-free election campaign since the last one?

3. Who gives a shit about 'Europe'?

4. If the EU wasn't (at least partially) responsible for causing the situation in Ukraine, why is it that the Germans and the French are negotiating with Russia?

5. Pink bus... something about Miliband's blushes...

Bill Quango MP said...

tie - Black with frogs. A sort of kindergarten ISIS.

1, Tax evasion and lord Fink. Fink?
Hmmm.. that's probably a clue.

2. Ukraine and tough Russia. Ed Davey says if we can have total renewable energy we can all starve Putin of his funding for war. Might be cheaper to just pay him to behave.
Audience man says "Russia is one of the most powerful countries in the world and we couldn't hope to match them." That Cold war legacy lives on.
Mr Drew will know but I think Russia's economy is smaller than Italy. In GDP terms we are stronger.

3. The little pink bus.
I think we've said it all already.
Labour had no defence of it and tried to move the question onto other areas.

4. Something about charging at A+E. Which was a story about a year ago. proving we are in Norwich.

boring episode. Not much of anything form anyone.

Bill Quango MP said...


BQ 4

Malc - 5 + 1 for first = 6

CU 5 + 1 for suggesting Dimby wore a pink Barbie tie.

ND {1/2 a tie - share with Timbo} 2+ 4 = 6

Taff - nice - 2

Measured 4 {+1 for You Crane which i took a while to get}

Kilgore Trout - 6 well played

Timbo 4

Winners are a collective of Kilgore, Malcolm,Nick and CU.

Who get to ride around in a pink bus in Brighton.
{for reasons best left unexplored}