Monday 2 February 2015

Taking Pot-shots at Putin

Oh dear, even close neighbours Finland don't mind mocking Mr Putin.

I'm told this is hilarious in Finnish - you need to know that the two suited eejits are easily recognised as the prime minister and president; and the Putin lookalike speaks for himself.  Or twitches his muscles, anyway.

The Finns, of course, have a hard-won reputation of standing up to Russia: in just a few months the Winter War of 1939-40 saw the Red Army suffer half as many casualties at the hands of Mannerheim's brave army as were suffered by the UK military during the whole of WW2.   Maybe they are laughing at themselves as well in this skit. 

It's a bit too early to call the bottom on the oil market, but if the UK gas market precedent is a guide, we may be there.  Can Putin hold his breath for four or five years at $50?  Russia is also famed for its ability to take it on the chin: but the casulaties could once again be disproportionate.  As the Ukrainian situation takes a(nother) turn for the worse, and the end of winter hoves into view with European and LNG gas stocks comfortably high, we may shortly find out what the shirtless Volodya is prepared - or forced - to do.



measured said...

No comments, but that is only because what you say is true. Just because it isn't reported doesn't mean it isn't all hitting off. Putin isn't folding (yet) as talks are at a stalemate but at some stage after bravery has been demonstrated, thunb screws must become unbearable. Otherwise someone will put him and his country out of their misery.

Bill Quango MP said...

Alerts go bully some Estonions.

Quite funny.

Jer said...

The Finns fought hard and well in the Winter and continuation wars.

But, they did ultimately lose.

BTW - the successor to Putin will be a raving nationalist nutter. Thise who think that of Putin now are in for a shock.