Thursday 19 March 2015

BBC Question Time : Budgety special

David Dimbleby presents topical debate from Croydon, London. Panellists include Conservative culture secretary Sajid Javid, Labour's shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna, Liberal Democrat peer Shirley Williams, Dia Chakravarty of the TaxPayers' Alliance and novelist Will Self.

Not bad. Shirley Williams will bring any fireworks to a halt. Will Self .. I do like him. He sneers as he surveys lesser mortals. Which is almost everyone else on the planet.

not the last QT - another after this one.

Choose your guesses wisely on this difficult newsweek.

BQ suspects

A greyish and silver Dimbletie.
1. Have the Tories rejuvenated 'oop North' and are now best friends with all those miner's kids and about to sweep the red heartland to a blue hue ? {no}

2. Online tax returns - sensible? or a gimmick? {bit of both- }

3. is the minimum wage up 20p an attack on the low paid?

4. Paedo something or other. . Cyril Smith ?

5. Maybe the one about the judges and ..there..erm...worktime ,recreational activities?

well...its after the watershed..

League Table 2015

Measured - 4
Kilgore Trout - 2
Hopper -2
 Nick Drew - 2
Dick the Prick - 2
Malcolm Tucker - 2

  Taff -2
 Budgie - 1

Blue Eyes - 1

Cityunslicker -1

Charity Shield winner - Malcolm Tucker.


measured said...

Evenin' all,

1. Did George balls up? ISAs an' all

2. Who needs the SNP? Do we trust him?

3. How many kitchens does a man need?

4. Welfare cuts or NHS strife. Do not mention it.

5. Something taxing.

Dimbletie: vivid violet

Malcolm Tucker said...


Blue with yellow suns. And he will be wearing solar eclipse specs.

1. Budget and the end of ISa
2. Same sex schools. Boys do better without girls.
3. Labour rule out SNP coalition. As if that made the slightest difference. They will be in bed, just not married.
4. Nigel to resign if loses.
5. Palestine to be recognised as an independent state following the wibberal wefts utter disbelief that Israel voted for 'a Putin'. Again !

Nick Drew said...

(0) funereal + silver
(1) was the budget just a smokescreen for evil Tory cuts to come? maybe a segue into Defence Cuts for a change, the NHS gets too much airtime (incidentally, Croydon was name-checked at pork-barrel time in the budget for a splurge of growth-grant money: no cuts there, eh?)
(2) shouldn't Mili just get on with it & admit he's a wealthy middle-class academic with lots of rooms in his big house?
(3) Police cover-ups and other constabulary failings
(4) should the scottie fishwoman really get paid that much?
(5) what should Harry do next?

Hopper said...

Dimpletie: dark crimson with black stripes

1. Was the FTB gift a last desperate attempt to prop up the housing market at taxpayer expense?
2. Was DC right to back up Netanyahu in the election?
3. How would Croydon feel about being governed by and paying taxes to the SNP by proxy?
4. Should browsing smut be legit grounds for firing a public servant?
5. Time to boycott D+G, or did they have a point? (I refuse to buy anything from them on principle, i.e. not spending a month's salary on a bloody bag)

Suffragent said...

Tie= bride (scuse spelling), after finding out western women will take you to the cleaners even after 30years
1 would global warming have run away, if it wasn’t for mother nature intervening with the 2 minute eclipse (which allowed the world to cool down a bit).
2 How evil are the Tories slashing seconds off our Daylight hours (Ed pledges it wouldn’t happen under labour). How much will the eclipse knock off George’s GDP growth projections?
3 After the Tories slashing the NHS budget, how will the A&E cope with the huge influx of casualties during the 90 seconds of almost darkness? (Actually there will probably loads of Labour ejucatud yuffs with blistered eyes, having starred at the sun since Wednesday, incase it cum urli.)
4 Have we built enough houses for the huge influx of immigrants during the 90 seconds the border guards are looking skywards.
Not a question but following tonight theme. Courtesy of the Guardian LMAO
“The UK is preparing for the impact of Friday’s eclipse on electricity supply and demand on Friday, which will knock out the country’s solar power production”.
UK …Solar Power…March……I’ll unplug my alarm clock “there, fixed it for ye”
It would be a bigger shock to the grid if a farted walking past a windmill.
Did they really need to use Friday twice in the same sentence? (its stories like this that makes the dead tree press worthwhile. Made my day. I’m still giggling)

Kilgore Trout said...

Tie: Racing green

1) There was a budget, apparently.
2) The scary Scots. Sturgeon says England be not afraid.
3) The debates, again.
4) Putin is back... has there really been a coup?
5) Something earnest and sciency about the total solar eclipse. Isn't that Dara O'Brien grand?

Bill Quango MP said...

Dimbletie - black pink

Q1. Go says we are better off. Why don't we feel it?

Q2. why does Uk allow its jihad females back into the uk? {Tunisia question}

Q3 when will the government address the issue of rent prices?

Q4 why can;t MPs tell the truth ??
[bizzare question}

Bill Quango MP said...


BQ - 2

Measured 1st 1+3+nearest on tie+2 =6

Malcolm - 2

Nd - 2

Hopper - 2

suffragent - 4 + 1 for cleverness - 5

Kilgore trout - 2

disappointing from Croydon. Very poor edition about bugger all.

Measured takes the point.