Thursday 26 March 2015

BBC Question Time - Durr bates edition

David Dimbleby presents topical debate from Bolton. On the panel are Conservative education secretary Nicky Morgan MP, Labour's leader in Scotland Jim Murphy MP, Plaid Cymru's leader Leanne Wood AM, Ukip immigration spokesman Steven Woolfe MEP, and broadcaster and Independent on Sunday columnist Janet Street-Porter.

Only 2 to go. I shall be away next week. So this might be the final..or not.

Q1. With a number of planes crashing, through suicidal pilots,should a 3 crew cockpit be a requirement?

Q2. Mili vs Camo  Worth the fuss ? 

Q3. Charlie's letters. Constitutional crisis .. Monarchy influences parliament ! Or just an old man sounding off ?

Q4. Dave rules out 3 rd term .. so what ?

Q5. Squeezed in Clarkson had to go .. A 30 second question for the panel to discuss to tick the impartiality box.

League Table 2015

Measured - 4
Kilgore Trout - 2
Hopper -2
 Nick Drew - 2
Dick the Prick - 2
Malcolm Tucker - 2
  Taff -2

 Budgie - 1
Blue Eyes - 1

Cityunslicker -1

 Adi -1

Charity Shield winner - Malcolm Tucker.


Bill Quango MP said...

Dimbytie - Silver with spaceships

BE said...


I concur with whatever Measured says.

Malcolm Tucker said...

Too awful to contemplate.

1, Aircrash and 3 on the flight deck rule.

2. Something NHS ey - just because there always is.

3. The debate - who won and who cares?

4, Bercow rebellion. Not on many people's radar but might sneak in.

5. Lib Dems are crooks donation

A white tie

Nick Drew said...

(o) one of those luminous 'highlight' colours
(1) secret trials, isn't it all rather un-British?
(2) Richard III, has it all gone right over top? (or is it in fact extremely British?)
(3) Charlie's letters (if he ever gets his hands on the throne, what's to become of the British?)
(4) Russell Brand voted world's 4th most important thinker??? - now that's really British! piss-taking at it's best
(5) is Downton Abbey really the Best of British? Really?

Budgie said...

1. Bolton has exemplary race relations, and not a Muslim paedophile in sight, unless you look past Bury to Rochdale. Should the wascists at UKIP be allowed to damage wace welations in their weally wascist way, so being wesponsible, as Fawage is, of cweating more jihadists? Or is Fawage Fatcher in drag? Not that I have anything against the cwoss-dwessing community.

2. Is this the no-tax and no-spend election? Balls and Osborne vow to give up vowing and to not tax us any more; except surreptitiously.

3. Was the Grauniad newspaper right to secure the publishing of the Prince of Wales' letters to government departments? And were they signed "Disgusted of Balmoral"? (Of course the Garindiad newspaper was right, it is the print arm of the BBC - Ed.)

4. Should the plot against Bercow have failed? Who supported the evil little chipmunk?

5. Is the Germanwings plane crash down to the evil Tories cutting the NHS, so that nice Andreas Lubitz couldn't get to see a doctor in time? I mean we're all together in the EU, aren't we? Fairs fair, it woz Fatcher wot done it, it woz the witch to blame, you can't deny that can you? Can you? Unbelievable!

measured said...

Evenin’ all

UKIP No one has mentioned UKIP ……well, this lot aren’t willingly.

1. Should Charles letters be published? That’s if we can read them. He does like an exclamation mark. I won’t lower the tone.

2. Hague had nothing to lose, bar his good name. ::[cough]:: Sally has gone to lie down and Ed went for the VAT hook just like a kipper. Right to private life. Dirty tricks getting dirtier.

3. Health and safety: Ban German pilots.

4. Jeremy ‘got my boot size too small’ Clarkson. Rule of Law.

5. What are we teaching our children?? Shame there is no Green Party member as they are going to get class sizes down to twenty, yes, twenty… Halleluia.

Dimbletie: Tumescent turquoise

BE and I are doubling up apparently. Double or quits.

Adi said...

Dimbletye: mourning grey

1. How should a modern society guard against the suicidal? (Pilots, bombers, train passengers)
2. Is it right for the devo-denied Scots to control the fate of the UK?
3. Colleges selling places for immigration rights, working as intended?
4. Is Clarksongate the beginning of the end for the Beeb?
5. Allow kids to holiday in term time or not?

Suffragent said...

Looked to the Guardian for tonight’s theme but there was picture of Polly tony be and the pox ridden harridan knocked me off my swagger. Soldiering on in the British fashion
1 As Bill will be away next week, will the viewing figures for QT, be as low as those of the debate.
On that note, after the debate, should we scrape the carpets of the guardian offices, so we can impregnate the leaders of the new world.
2 Steven You’re a wasist. No chance to answer, screams from audience, next qwuestion
3 As a fat footed, humped back, lysthping idiot, would Richard the 3rd be a contender for leader of the labour party.
4 With all the modern technology, shouldn’t we take the one man and his dog approach to protect British flightpaths? The pilot’s ONLY job is to feed the dog and the dog’s only job is to bite the pilot if he touches anything. Comebye
Due to arguments with the union, Ryan air are going for the two dog method. Whereby two starving dogs will be released from the cockpit unless passengers buy their delicious on-board treats and slide them under the cockpit door,
5: shouldn’t we introduce a Clarkson tax (*circa 110%) as his earnings are about to hit the roof, as Sky take over Britain’s last profitable export.
*As the lads give this every satudy, shunt we applie this to footballers

Questions that should be asked (topic for next season)
Janet, should dental care be part of the NHS?
Nicky, in high winds should wigs be fitted with chin straps
Jim “Murphy” When talking of your Scottish heritage, were the Scots not an Irish tribe who killed all the locals?
Steven Woolfe. As most Britains live in BRICK houses, just how difficult do you see your job?
Leanne, were the welsh the founders of the “pay by the letter” telegraph system and shouldn’t we reintroduce it to the modern texting system?

Suff said...

@ Measured
they tried that during the war.

Bill Quango MP said...

Q1. Do the leader's debates have any merit ?

Q2 will Jim Murphy spend the mansion tax on Scottish nurses. - not all of it, he says.

Q3, Spending plans by all will mean cuts is this so? Welsh windbag moans on and on..And Janet Street porter lays into her.

Q4 . British jobs for British workers.

Q5 . 30 second clarkson question - told you.

Bill Quango MP said...

When Janet street porter is the best person on the show, you know it was a stinker.

Blue red yellow tie.

BQ - 5
BE - 2
MT - 2
ND - 1/2 tie - 2 + 1 =3
Budgie - 2 +1 coz fatcher defo dunnit innit.- 3
measured - 2 + 1/2 tie = 4
Adi - 6 {blimey! Well done}
Suffragent - 4 + 2 for all those quips - 6

Winner is Suffragent and Adi.

Well played.