Thursday 5 March 2015

BBC Question Time : Poll of polls edition

David Dimbleby presents topical debate from Glasgow. The panel includes Liberal Democrat chief secretary to the treasury Danny Alexander MP, SNP minister for Europe Humza Yousaf MSP, leader of the Scottish Conservatives Ruth Davidson MSP, Labour's deputy leader in Scotland Kezia Dugdale MSP, journalist Toby Young and crime writer Val McDermid.

Its that QT from the land of the White Walkers.
But this time, its of significance to the wider UK. The Labour strongholds are in rebellion. The equivalent of areas such as Chelsea or Virginia Water going UKIP. Quite how labour have managed to let this happen..well..I'm still unsure what is occurring. But those Ashcroft polls, are dire for Labour. Making the whole boundary issue moot. 
{Except, of course, the SNP are still socialists..and will put Miliband into number 10}

Tough to know the questions on the regionals.

1. SNP about to have total governance and powerbroker status..discuss.
2. Why is Cameron so afraid of a little chat on the telly with weird Ed. 
3. Tories promise 200,000 starter homes in 5 years. Labour promise 1 million starter homes in 5 years. So I guess SNP can promise 5 million homes in 1 year...
4. Councils in Scotland facing 'unprecedented cuts.' {that won't happen.}
5. Could be Putin investigates the assassination.. but more likely this 5p a litre rebate for rural areas thing. proving the EU is a very, very good thing.

League Table 2015

Measured - 3
Kilgore Trout - 2
Hopper -2
 Nick Drew - 2

Budgie - 1
Dick the Prick - 1 Blue Eyes - 1 Taff -1
Cityunslicker -1
Malcolm Tucker - 1 
Charity Shield winner - Malcolm Tucker.


measured said...

Evenin' all,

1. TV debates and white feathers

2. Does red suit Nicola's complexion?

3. What is the future for Labour up there?

4. What happened to oil. How do we fund ourselves? Oh, we don't.

5. Sorry, can you repeat that.

I am sorry, what did you say?

For the benefit of the audience, would you mind saying that again? Boring, boring, boring.

Btw is anyone expecting a helicopter to drop in?

Dimbletie: Purple and red. The thistle and the blood of Braveheart, or Ian Brady, take your pick.

Nick Drew said...

(0) oddly orange
(1) TV debates (ya-awn)
(2) well alright then if we must; SNP rampant & scotties holding the balance of power, what will they do with it?
(3) midwives in charge - recipe for danger?
(4) jihadi juniors; what's to be done?
(5) a scottie-topic: decline of North sea oil industry? nah, too mature & responsible: how about Votes for 16-year olds?

Hopper said...

1. Will this May be the ScoNat's revenge for their independence being scorned last year?
2. Isn't it time to go after all those tax-avoiding sassenachs? (while ignoring the cash-in-hand economy in these parts)
3. Pok-pok-pok Cameron squaaaawwkk
4. With Toby on the panel I fancy a schools question: free schools FTW?
5. Would you rather be a woodpecker or a weasel?

Budgie said...

1. When all of Scotland votes SNP, how far behind will independence be?

2. Will coward Cameron debate on TV? Why leave out the DUP if Plaid is included? How much will the empty chair cost? Can the BBC fix it for Labour in time? (cont. for 94 parties).

3. Jihadis/ISIS/Tikrit/Iran/jailed teacher/jihadi brides - no, that's much too sensible a debate, this is the BBC squire.

4. Global flood toll to triple by 2030 (this is the BBC)?

5. What is Scotland doing to support International Women's Day? Are all Scots feminists?

Bill Quango MP said...

Blue tie - purple butterflies.

Q1 - Is cameron a coward re debates.

Q2 SNP question. Will they hold power?
Princess Sturgeon .. the power behind the Milithrone.


Q3. stronger laws on hate preachers at university campuses.

Q4. Scotland's A+E targets are being missed..why ?

Natalie Bennett on next week. Hope she doesn't have brain fade again.

Bill Quango MP said...


BQ - 4
measured - 4 = dimble tie = 6
Nick - 6
Hopper - 5 [cash in hand - that surely never happens]
budgie 6

Winners are Budgie, ND and Measured.

DtP said...

Ah, bugger.