Thursday 23 April 2015

IFS say Vote Lib Dem for fiscal rectitude

In a rather strange turn of the events the Institute for Fiscal studies has tried today in vain to tell the public that all politicians in this election are lying and all their Manifesto's are lies.

Luckily, the public are well ahead of them on this.

However, the particularly nice trick they have turned up was to say that the Liberal Democrats were the most transparent of all the main parties! (except UKIP, handily airbrushed out of the picture altogether).

Here is what Liberal Democrat, David Laws ( how exciting if this smug idiot loses his seat in 2 weeks!) said by way of return:

"We get the tick for being more transparent clearly than the other political parties. We've set out in more detail than any other party I think in British political history what we'd do on tax, what we'd do on welfare, what we'd do on spending, which areas would be protected. I think that gives us the credibility where we are saying we would invest more on things like education and the NHS for people to know we can deliver those pledges in government."

Liberal Democrats and credibility - I seem to remember vaguely last time some sort of pledge to students or something.

If the IFS says the Lib Dems are the most trustworthy on economic plans then we should all very rushing out to Tesco to buy as much cheap alcohol as we can to keep us going for the next five years...


Blue Eyes said...

Clearly transparent? I suppose it is better than being opaquely transparent, or just mildy translucent.

The LDs have been very clear: they will knock whoever they are in coaltion with off-course.

The IFS said that Ed M is talking out of his arse (may not be an exact quote), but I wonder if he hasn't got a trick up his sleeve. He said that he is going to close the deficit by boosting wages, while holding down spending. He can easily do this, of course, by giving the Bank of England a fresh mandate.

CityUnslicker said...

He can indeed BE . I just thinkg our politicians are very used to lying now.

It is one of the many reasons they hate Farage so much...he tries to discuss real things from time to time - deeply unpleasant.

James Higham said...

Imagine the LibDems actually running the show. How much national debt after one year?

Anonymous said...

We can see your fridge is nicely stocked, Mr CU.

Anonymous said...

Fiscal rectitude? I thought with the LibDems it was rectal fistitude.