Monday 29 June 2015

The Flight of the Two Icarus'


CityUnslicker said...

Shale rejected; Power to the not in this case,

Anonymous said...

Fine. the gov should just say that's ok...but you will be paying the green energy levy. 20% added to elec and gas for all bills in Lancashire.

andrew said...

Shurely you meant icarii

- so the fall could be due to a dodgy curry.

(puts on coat)

stick said...

Anon: why should they do that? Shale will not reduce gas prices and would be loss making industry? Unless of course you are suggesting that some retarded fit of Tory cronyist pique is in order.

As to Icarus, remember Daedalus also created the Minotaur's Labyrinth, - a better metaphor for the Euro surely? There is no Theseus ... yet.

Suffragent said...

Surely the caption should read
That's not the way to escape the shackles of captivity. If you'd joined the euro establishment, you would have received a get out of jail free card, like the rest of us.

Andrew I think you took my coat?

Ah! but Cameltoe will take his trusty ball of string to the negotiation, so he can back peddle on anything positive that may come of it. I know he's been using his bees wax to ignore the sirens of public opinion. Boom Boom . Is it time for bed Mr Derek