Wednesday 16 September 2015

Anecdotes from Germany

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These made me laugh in a melancholy way, all told to me first hand this week:

"It is hard for us Germans, always in every Country in Europe there is the History channel or equivalent showing Second World War documentaries or celebrating VE Day or some such, reminding everyone how horrid we are. To counter this we have to do many mad things, like putting up with wind and solar and now hosting endless refugees; all to prove we are not our grandparents. I understand why Merkel does it even though it has bad side effects for us." Postcard from Berlin.

"The first week was OK, there were lots of destitute people who had clearly walked across Europe. Hungary was putting them on trains anyway, when we turned the trains back nobody would get off at the other end anyway.  A huge effort was made to welcome them. The second week after Merkel's announcement things have gotten worse. Thousands of people are getting off trains and buses everyday. Most have suitcases and Beats headphones plugged into their iphones. The first thing they do is take a selfie at the station and then go to a restaurant for a nice Italian meal; these are not desperate refugees, they just want somewhere nice and safe to live. Few are Syrian either, although their passports say differently, they are Pakistani, Afghani and Yemeni - but who knows, all their documentation is bought en route from the smugglers anyway. So now we have closed the border again whilst we tried to sift out the actual genuine ones. Even those who have children we are discovering they are often not their own children so this is hard work."
Postcard from Munich


dearieme said...

Gushes of sentimentality are a stupid way to run a country, but few can be quite as stupid as this. Get it wrong for long enough and you don't have a country any more.

MyBackPainName said...

Well lookee here! A link free series of anecdotes that back up CUs opinions on almost everything.

Perhaps I should start a blog about how I solved all the worlds problems down the pub last Saturday; It'd be just as relevant.

Seriously, reading this was a waste of a mouse click.

andrew said...

Slight amendment

I feel sorry for the germans
Desperate to shed their past
Bad publicity is known to no man
Except for the holocaust

I am sure someone else can improve.

Struggling with something to use with gastarbeiter.

CityUnslicker said...

Sorry about your back pain, I get that a lot too and is quite debilitating.

Maybe my German contacts on my trip there were just telling me what I wanted to hear? Despite having no idea of my politicial affiliations?

Anonymous said...

What's everyone's views on Hungary?

I keep seeing Zoltán Kovács, the Hungarian government spokesman, pop-up on TV and give interviews and he makes the Hungarians seem quite sensible and their actions appropriate - and then I then I begin to think what Cameron would do if he was the leader of Hungary.... Those thoughts makes me sad.

CityUnslicker said...

The Hungarians have a better idea of what is coming and what is to come. They are being pragmatic in a way the hand-wringing western EU countries are unable to be.

Anonymous said...

Moreover is, this Merkel's with her cohorts Germany's final, final solution?

They alus go for extremes, don't they - the Germans that is, anecdotally speaking of course; odd is it not to think on, do they wish to exterminate their nation and the pure strain, the German people?

Could one actually consider, that, the German societal engineers, the thought police of the cultural Marxists. The Frankfurt School doctrinaires with their incessant and manipulative head funk browbeating and its associated collective guilt complex; all of it combined, has so disheartened the German people. Hence, since the Sixties, the Zeitgeist of small family or no family, have the reichsvolk brought about their own self inflicted oblivion and a race implosion?

German mutually assured self destruction, was it deliberately fashioned thus? Whither the innate German arrogance, oh in some it is still undoubtedly exists [the German elite] but do we ever want it back [steel minded arrogance] across all the peoples of German stock?

Not really.

The Cowboy Online said...

I got back from a couple of days in Munich yesterday. I've not been there before so can't really comment on what impact the refugees have had on the place, but I did see beggars everywhere, and a few times we walked through areas where groups of young men made you feel very wary. One of our colleagues, a German, said the change was very obvious. The phrase they used was something akin to "Munich used to be clean, but not now, very dirty."