Wednesday 2 September 2015

EU Referendum in April 2016

An interesting insight from the Spectator who have the Prime Minister's ear.

So with a Jezbollah victory for Labour and weakness perceived, the Tory leader wants to get the referendum out of the way. More cynically,  I would suggest, with immigration from Syria et al only set to grow, the need to get a vote done before public anger gets too high is becoming more pressing.

In the real world, there should be enough time to organise and get this done. What there is not is enough time to get any real concessions our of the EU leaders when they lurch from currency, Greece and immigration crisis in ever decreasing circles.

The time is perfect to leave the EU for the UK, it is weak and failing and we are better off out of it. It will be hard to convince enough people of this, but all the fundamentals are on the side of the 'leavers' at the moment so the polls will get closer.


Bill Quango MP said...

Dave's EU negotiations reminds me of going out on the pull.
Eventually, when I'd been chatting to some out of my league lady for too long without much result, my friend would whisper

"This is going nowhere,Bill...Let's try someplace else."

That's my feelings about remaining in the EU. Its going nowhere..and if it does begin to move it won't be to any place we want to go.

andrew said...

The current zeitgeist points to the exit.

Germany may well stand on the moral high ground concerning syrian regugees, but it is a large country 357168km2, 80.1M people - 224.6 people per km2, and the population is spread across the country.

England (these people are not queuing up to get into Scotland/ Wales /NI)
130395km2, 53.5m people - 410.6 people per km2 and most of the population is in the south east.

we dont want to let 800000 people in every year - not too much less than Birmingham - and we definitely dont want to pay for that new birmingham.

(oh noes i am turning into EK)

CityUnslicker said...

Northern Ireland is the perfect place to set up a massive holding camp for the refugees. They know all about religous civil war and so will be understanding. They can acclimatize to the weather. They need the money and jobs...

Australia does off-shore processing, the UK should offer to host it in NI.

Bill Quango MP said...

As for strategy, Cameron is right to go ahead and go early.

Labour out of the picture.
UKIP and the 'Leavers' split
The EU situation .. immigration ..recession .. Greece.. Nationalism..Russia..Greencrap..All only going to get worse.

david morris said...

Andrew : 53.5m peeps in England ? Anecdotal evidence (& freely available info from food retailers) would have it already approaching 60m !

Kind regards

Electro-Kevin said...

"Cameron right to go ahead early: The EU situation .. immigration ..recession .. Greece.. Nationalism..Russia..Greencrap..All only going to get worse."

Well the man's got to be a total cnut to want to stay in then.

Electro-Kevin said...

And if we do vote to stay in then why do we need two governments to deliver a bag of shite ?

The question should be:

Do we abandon the EU parliament or do we abandon the British one ? You can only have one. Which is it to be ?

dearieme said...

Brussie, Brussie, Brussie,
Out, out out.

Jan said...

Germany wants to take in lots of refugees as it will help to cut their falling birth rate which is a bit of a worry to them. Also lots of healthy well-educated young people is good when you have an ageing population. Perhaps Japan might want some?

Ryan said...

The problem is most people want us to stay in the EU and reap the benefits but kick-ass and don't let any migrants in. They don't understand why they can't have both and to be frank neither do I - the EU has absolutely no leverage. Germany has itself changed a treaty rule to suit itself.