Thursday 22 October 2015

Nuclear: The Liars Have Fessed Up At Last

"Nuclear power will bring energy and financial benefits to the UK. The Government confirms that it is not continuing the ‘no public subsidy policy’ of the previous administration"

Department of Energy & Climate Change     First published: 21 October 2015

Well glory be - that second sentence, eh?   Either someone's conscience is pricking - yeah, OK, silly - or the submission to the EC competition authorities requires openness on this point.  All those years of sophistry ... 

But then they go and spoil it all with the first sentence!



Jan said...

DC really is the heir to Blair....the hypocrisy is astounding.

Cui Bono said...

The Government confirms that it is continuing the ‘public subsidy policy’ of the previous administration

Removed the double negative.

So subsidy for UK plc via Tax Credits. Subsidy for banks. Subsidy for power companies and subsidy for the EU to continue meddling.

...while promising to bring down the deficit.

And since the opposition(are they really the opposition?) are in such disarray, they get away with it.

Electro-Kevin said...

Cui Bono - Blu Labour.

Theresa May sounded like it too yesterday. Racist police recruitment and stop and search.

rwendland said...

A very good spot ND.

Another tea leaf is that China is only putting up 33.5% of the Hinkley investment under the Head of Terms outline agreed a few days ago. My recollection is that EDF were looking for 49%, and had said they could not finance the project without more external investment. The rating agencies were very negative on EDF financing more. Could the French and/or UK govts be putting up more of the investment in a quiet way somehow (beyond the UK £2 billion guarantee)?

Also note that EDF have agreed to put up 33.5% of the money for Chinese reactors at Bradwell as part of the deal!