Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Overdue Assault on 'Safe Spaces'

I don't ordinarily have much time for Germaine Greer, but she certainly told Kirsty Wark where to get off, didn't she? (5:00 onwards - gets delightfully ripe).

As we watch with a mixture of horror and hilarity at the infantilising of educational establishments and the inanities of generation wuss, here's a welcome bit of barbed humour.

Yes, the sterling satirists of South Park have put the boot in to those oh-so-soft nether regions.  "There's a very select crowd in your Safe Space ...  bullet-proof windows, rainbows all around ..."  

What a vibrant place it must be indeed. 


UPDATE: a excellent piece on l'affaire Greer and its moral ramifications here


John in Cheshire said...

I too have a low opinion of Ms Greer but on this subject she's spot on. Transgender is yet another made up word, created by people who seem to think that because they want something to be real is all that is needed for it to be real.

MyDespairingName said...

The forced enshrinement of psycho-sexual mental disorders in law continues apace.
Cant be long until hetrosexuality is a 'perversion' or minority practice or somesuch.

Wonder how the Muslim immigrants will handle all this when they eventually get settled and into power?

Anonymous said...

With a sharp knife. Or a sharp drop off the top of a building.

dearieme said...

Blow-up jobs.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

I like Germaine Greer. She's an original thinker and she has got guts. Don't often agree with her but people like her should be treasured, since there aren't enough honest people in public life.

As for this "Caitlyn" Jenner, he/she is a bloke in a dress still in possession of an actual honest to goodness to penis, never mind xy chromosones. How can these leftist magical thinking fuckwits consider him a woman, in defiance of the actual biological facts? The mind boggles.

Monty Python put it best. "Where's the foetus going to gestate? In a box?"

Nick Drew said...

I really like the tangles lefties get into over allowing the primacy of 'self-identifying'

just one hilarious paradox after another

Greer has it right, don't be so f*****g stupid

Raedwald said...

As a negro, albeit born caucasian, I must object to the tone of these comments. I have sympathy with my Trans sisters. Negritude is an attitude of mind, not a skin colour. Blud. I am carrying the burden of a thousand years of white man's oppression.

Now I think I'll toddle off to my Safe Space where Maurice will have a large pink gin ready on the bar.

Elby the Beserk said...

Don't have time for the self-promoting Dawkins - but he is spot on on this


"A university is not a "safe space". If you need a safe space, leave, go home, hug your teddy & suck your thumb until ready for university"

Ws it Genet who said the universities should be closed down, or turned into prisons? I think maybe he was right.

Old BE said...

Can I self-define as a billionaire?

Taxman said...

Yes you may. Step into my office.

Nick Drew said...

"Perhaps the best argument for the claim that someone born genetically and anatomically a male is really female is that their brains were so wired from birth that they identified as female. At minimum, this is by far the most effective argument politically, and is very commonly employed. And to a point, it is a reasonable one: whatever it may be about the structure of the brain that inclines a typical woman to act, think, and feel like a woman may, in a quirk of development, come about in the body of an individual genetically and anatomically male. But of course what's not so good about that possibility is that it too can be characterized as embodying "biological essentialism". It is indeed perhaps the most damaging kind of biological essentialism for feminism as a movement, because it entails a very basic biological difference between men and women in terms of mental traits.

And, from the standpoint of feminism, the impact of transwomen is little improved if one insists instead that there are no such basic biological differences in mental dispositions between men and women, and attributes any such differences that arise to culture. In that case, how can an individual who has been regarded and treated as a man throughout his/her life, and enjoyed the advantages thereof, possibly understand or represent the concerns of the typical woman, who has not? How can Caitlyn Jenner represent them, rather than undermine them?

Oh I love this stuff! Enlivens many a dull hour.


Suffragent said...

Ah my nemesis What a hypocrite, beboaning the tactics of the trannies, those very same abusive, spoilt child, shut down debate tactics developed by her and her sisters. BTW it's a hard life for all "persons" not just old ladies, ye sexist bitch.

With regards to panic rooms, as a design engineer I see one colossal flaw. Some idiot decided to put the locks on the inside.

Anonymous said...

As I pointed out on CiF "The Revolution Devours Its Grannies" (yes I know she's childless).

From sex-positive young woman who shocks the old with her views to transex-negative cat lady who shocks the young with her views.

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