Saturday 10 October 2015

Weekend Reading: Some Serious Political Strategising

By way of a less tongue-in-cheek approach to Osborne's politics than Wednesday's, and knowing there are several C@W readers who enjoy serious political strategy-stuff (Gramsci long march etc):  have a read of this -
The Osborne Supremacy: Why progressives have to develop a hegemonic politics for the 21st century
 By someone who takes Boy-Genius George a lot more seriously than, errr, some of us do.



Sebastian Weetabix said...

Ye Gods. Can't they see he is just a shallow superficial furtive onanist?

The cosying up to the Chinese alone should disqualify him from being a grown up.

Demetrius said...

It is nice to see complete tosh with a bit of class for a change.

AndrewZ said...

It’s hard to see Osborne or Cameron as first-rate politicians. Anyone who was that good would have won a clear majority in 2010 when Gordon Brown was deeply unpopular and running his campaign with even less skill than Ed Miliband. They only look good in comparison to the poor quality of the opposition they have been facing, and with the LibDems almost gone and Labour refusing any compromise with the electorate they are hardly facing any meaningful opposition at all right now. This is only a temporary situation, but it makes them look far more capable than they really are.

Nick Drew said...

Andrew - I'd suggest something different. In both 2010 & 2015 they were electioneering, working to an election gameplan (poor in '10; Crosby / excellent in '15) but not really doing government-politics Jan-May of those years

and in 2010 both Cam and Osb were very inexperienced indeed at what it takes to govern

I'd say they have, in their different ways, learned quite a lot and are reckoning to use that purposefully now

let's just see, hm?

Electro-Kevin said...

Again - Red Team vs Blue Team shit.

Osborne wearing a blue shirt does not make him Tory. In fact Peter Hitchens is on it today. This government is Nu Labour and Osborne is even looking like Mandelson of late.

How have you been tricked into supporting these people ?

Electro-Kevin said...
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Electro-Kevin said...

Wait and see ?

Oh - we've been waiting, very patiently for sure.

There is no inner Tory about to be unleashed in Cameron.

Dick the Prick said...

Totally agree EK with these Tories being Nu Labour but politically i'm not overly sure that's a bad thing. Both Cammo & Oik are pretty thick, shallow, inexperienced and mainly busking it - all the talk of 'long term economic plan' which was held as a 3 line whip mantra going into 2015 was, much like 'austerity' total cobblers. Sure, they've both grown into their roles but they're still neither of them could be classified as good - just better than the other guys.

It wouldn't necessarily take a brave man to take Blair's legacy and burn it - he won 3 elections whilst the Tories were navel gazing. It was essential for them to win this election - vital for the Conservative Party and I would suggest the country also. Sure, they're social democrats but now Cammo's time limited it gives ground to grow and rebuild Conservative values out of the public glare. It's fine for them to talk progressive stuff at conference, get the headlines, set the scene but a lot of significant policy will never hit the headlines and that's where the right can prosper.

These 2 guys have been the luckiest fucks in my life in politics and that's all they need. I do have concerns that Osborne is over-reaching in his quest to be PM - it could very well be another Brown as to when he gets power the economy goes clusterfuck because he simply hasn't focussed on the detail or understands it.

Geez, contemplating Miliband and Sturgeon even in these 6 months since May would make any rational person weep.

MySundayNightName said...

Are we gonna get a post on China entering 'the conflict'?
(My Irish nature allows me to use such euphemisms; 'the emergency' for WW2, 'the troubles' for the 40 year civil war in NI)

We should probably just call it WW3 (as Pope Francis already has...), shouldnt we?

But, I digress.....

An attack by 'Islamic State' in Uighur Western China or the taking of hostages in syria/iraq/africa/pakistan (or some other an resource-rich-theatre with an Islamic population) would provide a (legitimate?) Casus Belli to the Yellow Peril....
The Americans might find themselves hoist upon their own 'war-on-terror' petard.

We already know that Chinese officers and Iranian Materiel were used to give Israel a bloody nose in 2006 in Lebanon.

This is a very, very dangerous situation and deserves far more attention than it is currently getting. Perhaps thats why its not getting much attention..... to sell to the SU crowd: this is bad for business....

Jan said...

Hitchens is right....both of the Tory posh boys at the top of the party are Bliar's true heirs and both are masters at PR. They learnt from "the Master" there. That's why Corbyn's election is such a breath of fresh air whether I agree with him or not.

MyLastNightName said...

As if by feckin magic a headline appears (okay, its a week old, but I just came across it...)

A Chinese aircraft carrier docks at Tartus to support Russian-Iranian military buildup