Monday 30 November 2015

Commodities Rout

"BHP Billiton has lost 41% of its market capitalisation this year. Anglo American has shed over 66%"
Seeing this morning's comments on the shocking performance of big mining stocks prompts me to stick this up:

Reuters/Jefferies CRB Commodities Index     Source:

That's the lowest for a very long while.  Yes folks, it's not just oil, commodities are having a lean time of it.  To be fair, BHP has other problems as well, it never rains but it pours etc.

They will be hoping CU's mission to China this week can stir up demand a bit ...



John in Cheshire said...

My modest holdings in BHP, Rio, BP and Shell have been decimated. I had considered, for the first time in my investing life, to follow the aphorism and sell in May. I wish I had done so because if it was ever applicable, this was the year.

Anonymous said...

Are we now heading for a recession/adjustment or are we now in a post-manufacturing, post-consumerism age.

Black Friday - not very black. Shops at the weekend - quieter than normal.

Or will the internal Chinese consumer markets save the day in the way the US consumer used to.

James Higham said...

That's Brazil for you.

Lockers said...

Well anon, yes, perhaps as someone said elsewhere (Timmy's blog perhaps? Can't remember), in some parts of the world capitalism might finally have provided everything we need. So all that's left is frippery and nice-to-have's.

And back on topic, as the people I trade with are now going to start charging a quarterly fee rather then per trade, I've sadly had to sell what remains of my EMED / Atalaya stock. Total disaster that one.

Never mind boys, I've still continued to read your blog after that bum recommendation all those years ago - keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Just took a look at CU's old copper investment EMED - now Atalaya after a share issue at 4.5p and a 30 for one consolidation. 65p ! That's about 2p a share in EMED terms. I just missed piling in at 5.5p !

I also note BATS African bribery scandal hasn't exactly nailed the shares - still over 38 quid and about 10% up in 2015.

Steven_L said...

You should all know better than to listen to CU, ND and the other commodities bulls bull. He even admitted they were bubble stocks back in 2011 sometime, then as far as I know just held them while the inevitable happened. As for Mr 'oil never under $100 again' 'buy bars of silver' Drew, the man is quite literally as mad as a hatter :)

On the other hand, if you all took my TATA motors tip a few weeks ago you'd be 35% up now. I note the banks / press etc have cottoned on to the fact the VW shares will most probably recover too.

And the next big bubble stock is Facebook - all the way to $180+

Electro-Kevin said...

Steven - Didn't I say that about VW from the start ?

And haven't I been saying for years that Goverment policy is a deliberate mass immigration low-wage/high-house-price trick ? Now several leading papers are trumpeting this 'news' in their editorials.

What is the point in bombing Syria when the enemy is already within the city gate and has been let in because of UK economic (and politically correct) policy ?

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