Thursday 12 November 2015

Mohdi does it, could Boris?

Narendra Modi, who until three years ago was banned from the UK.
India's Prime Minister is at many things to many people. One part Hindu Nationalist and another economic reformer. His personal life is somewhat strange and yet accepted.
A difficult man overall. His visit to the UK though is very well thought out in political terms. Indian Prime Ministers get a lot of stick for spending money on overseas adventures. Imagine if in the UK we had the real poverty that exists in India, the left would be indignant of the Government spending even a penny on excess. Lest we not forget, the Indian communist party actually runds states in Eastern India too.

So to counter this, Mr Mohdi, who has a large entourage of acolytes, hit upon a good wheeze. He is addressing tomorrow night Wembley stadium where 60,000 tickets have been sold and this will pay for both his trip and also the coffers of his BJP party. So he combines fundraising and cutting Government expenditure all in one go.

Perhaps after all this quality would be something we could expect if Boris Johnson ever became Prime Minister; he could write columns in foreign newspapers, appear on their comedy programmes and charge of a few after dinner speeches. Certainly it would be an innovative way to reduce spending by the Foreign Office.


Anonymous said...

Sad loss. Hung by a disillusioned electorate so early in his career.

Anonymous said...

Pour encourager les autres

Demetrius said...

On the other hand he could be stuffed and put on display at Heathrow Airport. It might be much better value.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but if you're planning on revisiting Russia and oil in the near future, MSN has an interesting piece:

I wonder of China wants Russian oil? If there's a sudden influx of Iranian oil that can be used by those refineries currently tailored to the Russian vintage, a large chunk of Europe won't, and even if they do it'll drive the price down.