Monday 23 November 2015

The CBI View- women don't to eat or enjoy sports

This story, typical of the BBC, really is identity politics run wild.

The new head of the CBI, Carolyn Fairburn, a lady who has known few boundaries in her own life, has decided the world is not enough to her liking.

"Business Dinners" are apparently now not suitable events to organise for woman. I can see her point, clearly women don't eat and so would not want a free dinner and a chance to network with like-minded people....oh wait.

Of course, the baby issue is raised, poor Caroyln had 3 children and a busy husband so it was very hard for her to manage being at the BBC or McKinsey's and have a perfect time with the kids too. So of course, what needs to change is everyone else. There need to be events that are appropriate for women and at family friendly times too so as it works for her.

Then she extends the whinge to sports events too, clearly these cannot be appropriate for women either, as women don't like sport etc etc. The fabulos irony of labelling women like this when taking such a position is clearly lost of dead Caroyln.

Jesus wept, where do they find these people? I can only imagine how total her euro-enthusiasm must be to add rules and regulations to everything as it is needed to make her life easier.

Heavens forbid that people hold networking events early in the morning or into the evening because, you know, there is work to do all day and this is extra's - stuff which you don't actually have to do either.

Personal identity politics is one of the most annoying scourges of our age. Everything has to be about me and what I want, if it isn't then it must be discriminatory because I am a woman/man/mum/single/gay..blah blah blah.

If you are wondering why I have taken such offence to it, another little gem from last week. At the two minutes silence for Paris last Monday across the city there were plenty of people refusing to join in and making a scene because other people had died, in Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq etc, who had not had a minutes silence for them. It is really sad that people so readily use and abuse such atrocities as excuses to virtue signal.


Electro-Kevin said...

Incase you hadn't noticed, the vast majority of men don't make the board either.

I've done my share of shitty shifts covering another's maternity leave and child friendly hours once they return.

So of course I'm more experienced and knowledgeable at my job. We may have the same amount of years in seniority but I've put in far more hours and seen all the odd moves that take place at night.

Bill Quango MP said...

I can't stand it any longer. Some of these wa#kerati need to get real.
I'm incensed .. on a very similar issue,..just this morning.

Either do the job or Go Foreign Office yourself.

Bill Quango MP said...

...And ..Corbyn, at PMQs last week, responded to Dave's "can we all join in sending our prayers to the victims in Paris"..with his own ...

"i do agree with the PM and wish to send our sympathy to the victims in Paris, Damascus, Aleppo, Baghdad, Mali..."

The clear subtext ..The middle east is in flames and bad things happen and we should feel sorry for,'s probably all our fault.."

Even if what he says has some truth, he's still a saladtosser of the highest order.

andrew said...

Look on the bright side.

The tide is slowly turning against these people.

These people being people who think other people have to have their values and live in the same way as them.

There is a continuum.

It started with 100% sensible things like driving on the left (or right).

It has progressed to people like Carolyn Fairburn, who probably honestly thinks she knows better, but looking in from the outside, clearly does not.

and 'Safe Spaces'

After a few hundred years of living fairly densely, the general population are starting to wake up to this - indeed starting to become allergic to this pattern of speech.

Mr Corbyn might have been able to use his language in the 80s, but in 2015 times have changed.

The only thing is JC is doomed, what do you do about CF?

Y Ddraig Goch said...

She obviously needs to check her privilege.

dearieme said...

Maybe she couldn't afford two nannies when her children were small.

Nick Drew said...

@ Y Ddraig Goch / She obviously needs to check her privilege

yes, it's an excellent new thought-crime I only learned about recently: privilege-denial!

bloody brilliant!

Ravenscar. said...

WE changed the rules for them, women and the cult of death - we laid down for them both, PC, equality laws, diversity and quotas, discrimination all are poisons dug out of the same pit.

And given an inch, the wedge in the door.... the mile will eventually be demanded and so it goes for the whole of society.....Change the rules, we certainly did, we got multiculturalism and lots of lies about GDP.

Every week before a game there is a minutes silence at our local footie club, emoting and minutes silences, clapping hands in church [who allowed that?] and laying flowers for someone you didn't know and probably who didn't give a fig about your existence...............why, why do they bloody bother?

Sad as it was, Paris was something to be marked as a warning, we sanction 'our' politicians, who invited 'it' - them in, we should never be surprised when the wolf attacks the sheep.

Pray for Syria? Syria is coming here, to a street near you, power dressed girlies who think they're playing in the big boys club....... won't be fretting about organizing fucking dinner parties when the wolves are feasting on them.

MyFlabbergastedName said...

I think I'd be hard pressed to find a tighter cluster of posters who could reasonably be labelled 'Mentally Ill'.

The attitudes on here are astonishing. Its like an Alf Garnett appreciation society.

Thing is, I bet none of you would have the balls to say any of this to your wives or mothers, let alone in public.

Mark of a coward, that.

Clearly our society thrives by having mothers spend time with their children. If business - or 'capitalism' - has to be bent to attain same, then so be it!
The aim of the enemy is to destroy the family; to do this they must break the bond between mother and child. The most efficient way to do this is to make it necessary by our laws. Thus to save ourselves we must save our children.

To save our children we must treat their mothers as providers and care-givers; to the child, not mammon.

Have you all lost yourselves entirely?

Electro-Kevin said...


No problem with mothers being mothers. It's when they come back from a career break and effectively leap frog people who have more dedication, experience and time on the job. Or worse. Expect others to do their unsocial hours for them.

It isn't a sexual discrimination issue.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

If you think I'm a member of the Alf Garnett appreciation society, you should try my old mum. In no particular order, some choice examples:
"Women shouldn't be allowed to be newsreaders, they haven't got gravitas"
"Women bosses are always hard faced bitches, always conniving and putting other women down. I always preferred working for men"
"what is all the rubbish about sexual harassment at work? If some bloke ever touched me up I just gave him a bloody good slap"
"Any profession with more women than men declines in standards because there's too much co-operation and not enough competition"
"These feminists are all in it for themselves, not women in general"
"Why do all these young men with their trousers round their thighs act so feminine? Where are the masculine young men?"
Best of all she walks up to hijab/burka/jilbab women in the street and says "why are you covered up dear?" She's 82.

My point being, Flabbergasted, don't assume all the women of this country share your spineless mangina opinions.

Nick Drew said...

SW, I was about to say something v.similar, citing that fine text, The Thoughts of Mrs D

CityUnslicker said...

MFN - The fear of saying it in public is the dark power of political correctness.

The woman in question above wants the world to be made to suit herself; rational disagreement and criticism of this is now verboten in corporate culture.

That is not an advance

MyWhateverName said...

@Cu -

No. "The fear of saying it in public is the dark power of" ....cowardice.
About 5% of the population is black so contending or agreeing to their views has a basis in merit.
About 5% are Muslim, so contending/agreeing their view has merit.
About 0.5% of the UK population is Jewish - interesting to know but - not necessary to hold a coherent position.

"The woman in question above wants the world to be made to suit herself" - 'herself' is 50% of the population.

@Nick - You're very underhand, arent you Nick? 'Snide' I think I called you. Thanks for the heads-up. Although you need to fine-tune your algorithm; Do the others know you?

Youre agreeing with Seb Weet... a poster so hackneyed he quotes his 'old mum'.
If Misogyny is your impetus then you are the enemy, Sir.

Show yourself.