Friday 18 December 2015

In memoriam

In the style of one of those Hollywood Award ceremonies where they pay tribute to those that have passed away this year....

The high profile 2015 politicians,who have faded away. 


Anonymous said...

Bill who?

dustybloke said...

Oh, well done sir!

I was chuckling until cretin, but that was a genuine cornflake scattering moment!

Nick Drew said...

Didn't you forget Jose Mourinho??

Bill Quango MP said...

ND : I had already penned a piece about long should you give a failing star..who do you get to replace someone when they already are the top man for the job..golden lock-ins on contracts ...etc ..

and the bugger went..!!

Nick Drew said...

you must indeed post on the Chosen One, Mr Q

PS I see Shirley Williams is retiring, what with COP-21 Paris etc it's looking like a great Xmas already

andrew said...

I find that most successful people have defined what success means in their context and then met that definition.

Most people do not utterly fail.

More people fail to get on with their colleagues

For me, the unchosen one fell in this category.
He should have sold more of his team last year.

Electro-Kevin said...

Very good, BQ.

It brought a tear to one's pants.

Suff said...

Brilliant Bill
May they rest in piss