Monday 8 February 2016

Cometh The Hour, Cometh Precisely Nobody

Presumably we are drifting towards some kind of Important Juncture in the EU referendum and yet - & pardon me if I've missed something - precisely nobody of Any Stature Whatsoever has declared for 'Leave'.

It comes to something when Michael Portillo's name is tentatively being floated.  The power of the Establishment's disapproval is a fearsome thing indeed.

Can anybody think of a precedent for a movement with no capital-L Leader?  I suppose there have been several incohate, more-or-less spontaneous uprisings that have subsequently spawned a real leadership, or (more often) been 'hijacked' by an opportuntistic leader-in-waiting.

If there is a derisory 'Leave' campaign and pitiful vote, the 'result' will be as meaningless as Gordon Brown's coronation.



CityUnslicker said...

They have not asked me yet, the bastards.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

No member of the professional politician class wants to be associated with the Judean People's Front/People's Front of Judea, as the various squabbling out campaigns seem to be.

DtP said...

It really is quite weird. Surely, some senior Tories must know they're never gonna reach the top and therefore have nothing to lose. I guess as SW intimates the campaigns have been a proper dog's breakfast and it may be wise to hang on for what the Electoral Commission has to say but when you don't even get nakedly ambitious Tories, well, we may as well give up and go home!

CityUnslicker said...

there is also the issue that to lead Leave gets you tagged

a) Loony
b) racist

Not many people seem to want that. Plus the expectation of defeat. if Leave remains, haha, 8 points ahead in the polls for a few weeks I expect someone to take the risk.

Counter-intuitively, maybe having no leader is helping them; after all Remain's offer gets worse by the day. If it were all vote leave, make Farage PM then it would be easier for remain.

Jer said...

On the other hand, the remain ticket doesn't have anyone of substance either.

Who of the current crop would pusuade anyone to follow them because they are them, as opposed to them being e.g. not Gordon Brown.

DtP said...

Yeah - and if someone popped their name down - like Gove - and the various campaigns couldn't unite then it'd be a total busted flush. Hmm.....

Charlie said...

It's all so depressing. On the one hand, as the referendum approaches, events on the continent and in the middle-east are favourable for the Leave camp, and the effects of open-door migration are being felt more heavily than ever before back at home. On the other hand, we have two squabbling Leave campaigns, both with stupid "down with the kids" internet-aware names, neither with a clue of how to run a campaign. If I believed in conspiracies... but I digress.

The depressing part is that anyone considers voting "Remain" at all. Even if you want to stay in the EU, voting to leave means better terms for the UK. Has our national pride and patriotism really been so watered down and washed away? We can't even blame leftie youths (of which I was once one) - I'm in my mid-thirties and many of my peers only care about saving Sirians who are already safe in Turkey, or think that letting millions of young, male, culturally-backwards economic migrants into the country is a grand idea, while simultaneously moaning that the Evil Tories aren't doing anything about the housing crisis. Most don't give a toss about true democracy, or sovereignty - after all, if the Tories can get in when, according to Twitter, everyone voted for that nice man Ed, we don't have democracy anyway, so there's nothing to lose.

The country is on the verge of throwing its future away and locking in our already-falling living standards for generations to come, but all anyone cares about is being called a racist. Give me strength. Time for someone with a profile and some cojones to step up. Your country needs you.

Suff said...

Cometh the Man

Actually I think the no camp are playing a blinder by not having representation. Let's face it the media is gagging for a fall guy/gal. They will be sat on reams of leading questions waiting for that one slip up. Who will be voting out? The old and the pissed off and they will be voting anyway. Why give it publicity and drag the younger voters out who are more likely to vote in.
The politicians in their bubble do not realize the contempt to which they are held by the public. Cameron was voted in because he wasn't the other guy. Putting all the people you despise on one side can only be good for the opposition. Which other groups advice should we listen to when making our decision?? Of course big business and thanks to the politicians and press they are held in even more contempt as profit is now a dirty word..

Charlie said...

That's a very interesting way of looking at it, Suff, and not something I'd really thought about. You've made my day.

andrew said...

From the last article where it was pointed out that there is a growing 'officer' class of underemployed grads:

Smart, educated people are better able and more likely to understand just how average many-most of our leaders are at best.

The media demand a leader as they need someone to talk to and about and against.

Not having a high profile leader means you can only attack the idea.

Having a visible high profile leader can only be a negative if there are enough smart, educated undeferential people around.

E-K said...

We are not electing a party nor are we electing a president.

There is no need for a leader. In fact it is part of the In's con that they are making everyone think they need one.

Why not many disparate and disagreeing parties coming to the same conclusion that we should leave ? We are trying to escape slick marketing, controlled thought and false consensus, surely ?