Friday 11 March 2016

Brexit; cutting through

It seems the Leave campaign is having a hard time fighting Project Fear and the Remain campaign which well organised and well directed.

Every day there is a nice procession of articles in the media about how dangerous leaving the EU maybe; many of them with grains of truth which make them extra effective.

The Leave campaign need a simple metaphor to help them close the deal. Here is my effort.

"Voting to Remain is voting to stay in the burning car as it jumps over the cliff. The fire is the immigration crisis and the cliff is the inevitable collapse of the Euro in due course. Nothing can put the fire out and nothing can change direction to avoid the eventual Euro collapse.

Voting leave is voting to jump from the car. Injury maybe possible and it will certainly be bumpy. However, certain death by fire and impact is avoided. We can brush ourselves down and look over the edge of the cliff later and think "Phew, just in time"


Nick Drew said...

All the more vivid that you have posted a pic of yourself acting out the metaphor!

hope the trousers were able to be saved

hovis said...

This would suit a Bugs Bunny / Wile-E-Coyote* type cartoon, where Bugs gets out just in time ...


Anonymous said...

Ahem, Mr CityUnslicker would don a F1 standard fireproof protective overall, and helmet.

On a more serious note, I think the allegory is a very apt if rather shocking image and in no way do I disagree with any of it.

Questions and disasters, the question is, do the British people get it - enough?

At some point, somewhere in EUzone/lalaland, a small bank will go bust. Spain, in Portugal, maybe a big bank in Italy. It will be like August wildfires engulfing the Garrigue and Maquis, the contagion will spread rapidly across the EU banking system and people will find that all the time the banks were bust and the ECB's tests were a sham and that, Draghi "we'll do anything it takes to save the €" - was making a very, very hollow proclamation. ECB are a joke, because the ECB won't do anything and can't do everything, when the Bundesbank in immediate self preservation mode, reacts to re-issue Neu DM's.

The Schengen area is dead!

Across the EUrozone it has finally been admitted (as if we didn't already know) that, it is in deflation territory. With interest rates at 0% and banks and nations laden with debt piled on more bad debt!
The French economy is moribund as has been Italy's for 20 years past! While, Germany limps, Spain has 50% youth unemployment, Greece and Portugal are basket cases - the Club Med are still strapped despite what al beeb 'economists' tell you. Bleedin' hell - the whole EU joke economy and shebang is stuffed. And while, the whole rotten edifice creaks under the weight of bad debt, how it has survived this long is astonishing but for the German economy and unseen heavy lifting, aid from PRC and the Fed.

If you now throw in, the EU gimmegrant crisis.

Greece, Italy, where refugees are granted entitled immediate aid up the tune of 40,000€s! As millions pour in and you can understand why can't you - Merkel said wilkommen alles and come they certainly did.
But something has to give, even the Germans can't assimilate and afford that sort of mass influx. Turkey is about to get the green light to send over its millions, you can bet there are only two countries of destination for these......think on.

Isis, a constant thorn, existential threat even, how long before a big attack here, or, are they holding off before Jun 23th - as well? Pour encourager les idiots - to vote remainian? Who can tell, we have enough born and inbreds here in the UK to keep watch on and then there's the mad boyos over the water, they never went away, now they profess endless devotion to Brussels....... if we leave the EU will they cross over the border and FO for good?

We need to get out of the hurtling burning car, the cliff edge is close, too bloody close.

Say stuff to Brussels, say stuff to Turkey and mass immigration - or else.

Jackart said...

Why would a Euro collapse affect the UK any more if we remain in rather than leave now. Given we aren't obliged to take any of the millions of Syrians currently in the EU, how is that like being in a burning building?

Sounds like a good metaphor, but ultimately it's bollocks.

Barnacle Bill said...

@ Jackart

I think you may find after the dust has settled from the referendum and the EU shackles are still on this once fair nation an EU dictat with the Cameroon's shaky signature agreeing to take as many migrants as the EU tell us.

Hence the Quisling Cameroon's haste in getting the referendum out of the way before the migrant issue blows up in his face.

Now if only a decent ad agency come be persuaded to do Mr Cityslicker's ad.

Võ Nguyên Giáp said...

Its all a bit moot. Remain are currently on 70% on political betting.

Project fear have already won. All their latest scaremongering is doing is to ensure that rather than surrender their arms after defeat, the losers take to the forests to fight on as an insurgency.

andrew said...

Project fear project fear project fear
booooring and transparently being run from both sides.

Chances are that we will vote remain because that is the way things are and no-one has come up with a really good reason for doing something different (yet).

Brexiters start from the pov that they are right and if you disagree you are mad | bad | sad | project fear

Britain is a naturally conservative country - the default of "why change things - they are bad enough already" is written in your bone marrow like a stick of brighton rock

Brexiters have to clearly show 2 things
"Carry on like this and it is all going to s*** real soon"
"There is a better way"

So you are slightly under half way there.
Good luck but I still dont give you much of a chance (well, 30%).

Anonymous said...

good metaphor. Can it be turned into a 30 second movie for the silent majority to take on board?

Electro-Kevin said...

If we vote Brexit some disasters will be contrived to make us vote In next time.(There WILL be a next time.)

I think the vote will be Out and that's because the question will be wrong. As I keep saying:

If this were an honest proposition then the referendum should include scrapping the British government.

The British Government has no power. It only exists to cover for the EU if we remain in the EU.

Electro-Kevin said...

"Do you want to abandon the EU Government and remain a sovereign nation ? Or do you want to abandon the British Government and become part of a superstate under QMV ?"

The whole referendum is a deceit.

Electro-Kevin said...

OK. My effort on the film theme.

The EU is a turd that can't be polished... but it CAN be buried.

If it bleeds it can die.

Mr J said...

Isn't that, err, Dominic Cummings' metaphor?

Steven_L said...

Vote to remain and

Vote to remain: in the EU common defence policy

Vote to remain: in the EU common fishery

Vote to remain: in the EU common agriculture policy

Vote to remain: in ever close union with the EU


Steven_L said...

Vote to leave

Vote to leave: the EU but not free trade with Europe

Vote to leave: EU immigration controls but not the modern world

Vote to leave: EU unelected government but not diplomacy with our neighbours


andrew said...

Is is just me or does everything seem like a coldplay song

Steven_L said...

Or how about photoshopped futuristic, nightmarish newspaper headlines with the common strapline:

"Voted Remain? Well done you!"

dearieme said...

How about the final scene in The Italian Job? We can either go over the cliff, or .... Michael Caine comes up with a brilliant wheeze that saves us and lets us keep our gold.

Electro-Kevin said...


How about the scene where there's a passenger plane with dual controls and two pilots in it.

One has been recently demoted to Co pilot because he'd gone through a self confidence crisis and the newly appointed Captain has come in with new ideas and a determination to rewrite the aviation rules - she's already exceeded the payload and the plane is heavy with passengers (having boosted her own bank account with extra fares.)

The co-pilot isn't happy about this and sees that the plane is about to be flown into a mountain.

They argue but the Captain just doesn't listen. The co-pilot can see that the plane is about to crash but the Captain is oblivious - driven by her belief that not even mountains can stop her.

He presses the Out button and the corpulantly overweight Captain is ejected through the roof of the plane.

The ability of the co-pilot to make simple decisions unhindered - not to say the loss of the excess weight - enables the plane to be flown true and the nose raised to avert disaster.

The plane can be landed and the excess passengers interviewed by the authorities to see if they can remain. But at least they are alive.

andrew said...

Any answers today

"like running out of a burning house"