Thursday 12 May 2016

Dave v Nigel

This is the big one, sod the Euro's, the big one is Dave versus Nigel going to head to head to be champion of Breamain or Brexit in ITV's big debate.

The thing is, Nigel is a great underdog. The media have written him off long ago, but I recall seeing him debate Nick Clegg a few years ago, poor old Clegg - smashed beyond all hope of recovery.

Mr Cameron has a bit more experience than Clegg and has the nasty side on which to lean. But I don't see him wiping the floor with Nigel - in fact, given expectations will be low, it could be just the tonic the Leave side need as the tedious campaign enters its home stretch.

No surprise this is not being spun as such in the media at the moment, but the Brits love an underdog.


Anonymous said...

Shame. I'm washing my hair that night. But I'll be able to catch up when I need to sleep.


Timbo614 said...

In my opinion Nigel will do just fine against Dave. I might even watch it.

As for the leave campaign it would be crazy to alienate Nigel who, after all, started the whole thing rolling.

James Higham said...

The issue is that it's going to be a Q&A only and he'll be stopped answering previous inaccuracies of Cameron. Think this is going to be nasty.

Elby the Beserk said...

Happily we have no TV on which to watch this farce. However, one hopes that Cameron's increasingly desperate attempts to convince the nation that the EU is just wonderful, and that his negotiations earlier hence need no mention (odd that, that his great "victory" has fallen by the wayside).

God help us if we stay in. The EU hates us enough as it is.