Friday 20 May 2016

Help !

David Cameron is having a 'luvvies luv EU' day, today. And is joining in with that impossible to resist crossing of the Abbey Road zebra crossing.

So, Weekend compo. An also impossible to resist list of Beatles albums and song-titles, on a European Theme.
Entries in the comments.
Prize is to have the casting vote on any 50-50 split.

BQ Suggests:

The Ballard of Dave and Osbo.
A Day in the Lie
Get Back {in line}
Norwegian's Good
Treaty Directives Writer
Please, Please Merkel
P.S. I love EU
Strawberry Regulations Forever
We Can't Work it Out
You never give me EU money


Anonymous said...

Hey British Bulldog !

david morris said...

I'm Happy Just To Dance With EU

You Never Give Me (all) Your Money (but just wait till June 24)

A Shot Of Rhythm And BlEUs

Timbo614 said...

Back in the EUSSR
Being for the benefit of Mrs Merkel,
It won't be long
before these
become a
and you have to give
This Boy

(Preferably before I'm 64)

CityUnslicker said...

Englishman in New Europe (Sting)

Anonymous said...

Come Together
All Together Now

Anonymous said...

When I'm 64 (nation states)

hovis said...

So many Beatles songs ..

Love me EU,
Twist and Out
EU-low Submarine

Or from Stones...
Sympathy for the Devil
Dave's Little Helper[s] ...

Electro-Kevin said...

Grubber Soul

Demetrius said...

Sie liebt dich

dearieme said...


Love, Love Me EU.

Being for the Benefit of Mr Kraut!

I'm Only Weeping.

Dr Merkel.

For No One.

I Want to Jail EU.

Got To Get EU Out Of My Life.

Getting Worse.

Fixing a Hole?

Within EU, Without EU.

Anonymous said...

Ticket to Ryde
While My Greece Gently Weeps
With a Little Help From My Fraulein
Too Much Turkey Business
Watching Refugees
Helter Schengen
Norwegians Would (This Brexit has Flown)

andrew said...

second place in the silly walk competition

Steven_L said...

Luvvies in St Johns Wood with Dave?

Lackies in Strasbourg with Donald (Tusk)?

Lardarse in Salmon with Dickforbrains?

andrew said...

we are determined to find out why the chicken crossed the road

Nick Drew said...

Mean Mr Giscard
Everybody Got Something To Hide, 'Cept For Me And My Merkel
I Wanna Hold Your Cash
Voters Shoulda Known Better
Fixing a Hole (in the Democratic Deficit)
Carry That (Intolerable) Weight
Why Don't We Do It In The Road?
(- because the cameras seem to be watching us, actually)

and from the Stones:

Hey! EU! Get Off of My Sovereignty

Ravenscar. said...

Eight days a week - I hate, hate you.

Tax stripper!

While the economy gently weeps.

You're gonna lose (that girl) your balls.

You've really got a hold on me.

Single currency club Med's panned.

Bill Quango MP said...

Superb entries.
We should do these more often.

Top 5
I'm Happy Just To Dance With EU
Back in the EUSSR
While the economy gently weep
Mean Mr Giscard
Sie liebt dich

Within EU, Without EU

AndrewZ said...

Whatever the intention of the photographer, he or she managed to capture something essential about Cameron and May. Dave the spiv is slyly looking to one side, calculating what effect he has created. May is awkwardly posing in her carefully chosen outfit, literally toeing the party line. This is who they are. Hollow men and women who stand for nothing but spin and manipulation, means without ends. Move along, there is literally nothing to see here. The song that most springs to mind is Dio’s “All The Fools Sailed Away”.