Thursday 30 June 2016

Boris Bottles it!


Was not expecting that.

Personally, never been that impressed with the Home Secretary who is now hot favourite to win.

Gove does not even want to be PM and is deeply disliked (unfairly) for his education reforms.

That leaves perhaps Leadsom, who is too untried, same as Crabb.

Liam Fox - too right wing at a time when the Country needs unity in the face of external events.

We live in interesting times....


dearieme said...

Gove best, by far.

Dick the Prick said...

He's done well, he's done very well but your spider senses always surmised it would be a bit of a piss take.

James Higham said...

Boris sulking over Gove shafting from behind. Now Boris people will go May for obvious reasons, sewn up, Brexit over.

Raedwald said...

I love him, but 'Shagger' BJ better suited for charismatic campaigning roles than hard slog as PM

Gove erudite, eloquent, formidable public speaker and impressed a lot during the EUref TV session. He's also deeply honourable & the candidate I trust most not to betray the Leave vote

May is a fair-weather friend to whatever star is in the ascendant at the moment. She should remain as Home Sec but now achieve something

Leadsom is my pick after Govey

Crabb and failed minister Fox not even in the running.

Phil said...

Gove did well @ Justice, but was pretty awful at Education - left things in a terrible mess: teacher recruitment is on the floor, academies are pretty much a bunch of disasters flying in close formation, etc etc. You can be completely correct in diagnosing the cause of a particular problem, but if your “solution” leaves things worse than where you started, what good is it?

IDS has the same problem.

BlokeInBrum said...

Obviously someone took him to one side and read him the facts if life. Curious to know who it was or what was said. At least my 2013 bet on Gove for next leader us looking a bit healthier!

Scan said...

May is a beacon of the SW1 media bubble: She somehow manages to be their "hot favourite" for the next trendy politics role (leader of Leave? give me a break) yet has never achieved anything other than not cause a catastrophe. However, I suppose in politics, never having caused a catastrophe is seen as a major achievement. apart from the media and Cameroons I don't know of many who either like her, support her, or even know WTF she stands for. Today she gave a typical Cameron speech: it all sounded very good on the surface but had enough of the very subtle get-out clauses which means it meant very little.

If she's the next leader the Conservatives will have managed to pick the Remainer out of a bag of Leavers (let's not give Crabb the benefit of a mentio...oh) at the very time they really shouldn't.

Gove unfortunately will split a lot of people with his (all too) short stint at Education. If you're ever going to achieve anything worthwhile there you need a full term - at least - to run a full war against the unions; but Dave being a dripping wet socialist bottled it. Interesting also that Gove's Proposer was Nicky Morgan...isn't she in Camp Osbourn?

I like Gove but too many outside the Conservatives will hate him, so Andrea Leadsom would be my favourite...although I wouldn't have thought she'll get past the party to start with.

andrew said...

As others have mentioned, someone has shown bj volume one of his attack file.
as such, pulling out was a smart move (insert joke here).

gove has no chance. no-one likes a slightly creepy backstabber - especially other con mps.

he is also a bit too clever.

I have money on May, but personally would prefer Fox as in '20 (or '17) he wont have to explain why he made such a mess of education/immigration.

andrew said...

actually an election in '17 just before triggering article 5x would be a good move
especially if one party stood on a no brexit platform (lib dems)

my geuss is that more lab voters are remainers then con.

Electro-Kevin said...

I thought Leadsom was brilliant in the referendum campaign.

I'm glad Boris is out. He's already started watering Brexit down.

Electro-Kevin said...

If it's May then... well....

Six years to extradite Abu Hamza ? How long to extricate a country from the EU then. She'll fuck it up.

I pray it's Gove. Pray pray pray.

Forget the election cycle - just get on with making Brexit de jure.

With Corbyn looking like a hobo clinging to the back of a runaway train it's the ideal time to do it.

As with so many here... David Cameron has left a BRILLIANT legacy !

In reality - crime and the economy is a swizz and Labour and the EU are bound to fail because they are both rooted in madness.

Anonymous said...

Thought for a while that May was going to come out of this well, with the population so split on Leave Remain anyone who was all in on one side was going to be damaged goods to the other side, May quietly said what she supported then kept out of it as much as possible, smart move.
Have to admire Gove for shamelessly being such a conniving little shit, be a miracle if he can make it work, with Murdoch on his side who knows.

I kind of admire May for repeatedly going to the police federation conference and being booed and generally hated and not batting an eye lid, we need someone tough going forward.

On a seperate topic, do we still think Corbyn is a resigner, kind of admire him for taking such a kicking, i mean he's an epic tw@t but still...

Demetrius said...

Why don't Cameron and Corbyn simply swap parties? It would make more sense.

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to work out Cameron's brilliant legacy

* Record balance of payments deficit
* Record national debt
* Split party
* Split nation
* Pissing off the neighbours

If that's success, go help us if there is failure.

Blue Eyes said...

But, Anon, that is because you are not very bright.

I called Boris as not standing as soon as I heard that Gove was. I thought it might be choreographed but I was wrong on that bit!!

Gove is someone anyone should want on their team but he doesn't strike me as a PM figure. My guess is that Leadsom and Gove put their names down to lever themselves into the cabinet under whoever wins.

My dream team would be May as PM, Leadsom as Chancellor and Gove as Secretary of State for Brexit.

May is not especially likeable but she is pretty strong and is battle-hardened from fighting the police unions. Leadsom knows the City. Gove is a genius.

Optimism rules UK.

Nick Drew said...

Said it before and I'll say it again

Good old Boris!

a great bit of self-knowledge there (and a bit unexpected too)

my vote goes to whomever promises to exclude Osborne from their cabinet

Blue Eyes said...

George is nowhere, surely?!

His absurd predictions/threats count him out as a credible person. He has had a stressful job as Chancellor during a very difficult period. We should give him some credit for some of the positive things he did on business taxes, and bid him farewell on his way to the political glue factory.

Electro-Kevin said...

Would you like Redwood on that team, Blue ?

Blue Eyes said...

He knows his stuff, and his advice should certainly be sought and valued, but I am not sure I would have him in the cabinet...

Bill Quango MP said...

For once I'm not displeased with any of them.

Crabb would be a poor choice, but nothing against him. Its just this is a Brave New World and he's still too upset The Wall has come down.

Gove is choice for me. With Boris in a starring {not too detailed} role. deputy leader sounds good to me, if he'd take it. But I'd take May. She was good today. Is often good. Even though I agree with Scan.She might be doing a Cameron/Blair. Did anyone manage to see if she had her fingers crossed as she was speaking?

Leadsom is too new. But still an asset. And Fox is a little bit dodgy and a little bit too much to the right.

But, as usual with Tory leaderships, there are plenty to choose from for everyone.
so many in fact, that some of the front runners aren't even able to stand. Its a happy place to be in.

especially considering labour who have such a shallow pool to net from that they can't even find someone to stand against a leader who they have already told to get stuffed.

So Corbyn will stand unopposed and lose.

Timbo614 said...

Gove's only problem is he doesn't have a"priministerial bearing" i.e. his face doesn't fit the role. Niether did Boris's.

Otherwise Gove for me, brilliant bit of back stabbing that has taken Boris out. I like Boris but would have been worried about him as PM.

Blue Eyes said...

Gove may claim to have felt the hand of history on his shoulders, but he will only have done this as a sacrificial Stop Boris move.

Why Hezza is so upset about it is beyond me. Can he not retire to Switzerland?

Scan said...

@Blue Eyes

Why is Hezza so upset? Good point. Perhaps Boris was the EU cuckoo in the nest?

Remember he was an in/out ditherer before plumping decidedly and patriotically for Brexit. Puts in scintillating performances in the referendum campaign; gets himself carried to power by the people; and once in power puts in another great performance explaining why, after all, we shouldn't be too hasty about all this Brexit flim-flam. Suddenly from behind the curtain, the usual puppeteers appear: Clarke, Hezza, Mandelson, Blair, Faulkner...with their puppets Bojo and Miliband D. And the game continues as before.

Perhaps that was the reason for the leaked Gove email? Perhaps they got wind of something? Perhaps Gove is telling the truth?

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...

Blue Eyes said...

Maybe! I think plenty of people were worried all along that Boris was only doing it for the post-referendum cabinet position.

I wondered whether Cameron was the Brexit cuckoo in the Remain nest... but that is far too conspiratorial.

Anonymous said...

not too conspiratorial at all old chap. Highly likely to be entirely true. All to do with positioning for post-Cameron. After all they are old buddies whom I have on very good authority were together in some sunny place when according to the press they were supposed to be having a major fall out. They just never thought that Project Fear and 40 years of conditioning would fail. Hence the shocked faces when the result and subsequent silence after the result.
One just can't be too cynical about the political establishment.

Steven_L said...

I wouldn't assume they had made their minds up on brexit. I hovered my pencil over both boxes before crossing 'leave'. Professional politicians take sides in debates and argue positions they don't believe in all the time. Perhaps Boris and Cameron, like a lot of other folk, actually had mixed feelings about brexit and weren't all that sure what they thought best?

Neither of them strike me as having a lot of strong feelings about anything, unlike Mr Gove.

James Higham said...

Andrea is best compromise. I'm with Freedom Association on that, we're campaigning for her. She may well surprise everyone. Gove off the list:

Can't have backstabbers, can we.

Anonymous said...

"Why Hezza is so upset about it is beyond me. Can he not retire to Switzerland?"

Hezza gave an interview a very long time ago to (I think) the Speccie, of which the gist was this.

Speccie : "You realise this vision (of a political union) means the disappearance of the historic nations of Europe - including Britain?"

Hezza : "Who now remembers or worries about the Heptarchy?"

The Heptarchy was the seven kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England before union under Edgar. It's amazing how you can be both a respected political figure and an off-the-scale extremist, if you're the right kind of extremist.

Btw my grandfather was a very busy chap 100 years ago today, as a stretcher bearer and medical orderly on the Somme.