Wednesday 1 June 2016

UK Population Growth 1970 to present


One of the key themes of the referendum is the level of UK immigration. For Remain it is their Kryptonite Weakness and for Leave their sole source of potential victory.

Equally, both sides are happy to spin their way through any discussion. But these charts tell us what we need to know. In the 1970's, the UK's sick man of Europe schtick kept people away and the population even shrank as people fled the Socialist Republic. By the time Thatcher had finished her reforms in the late 1908's a baby boom and more immigration meant the population started growing again.

Then in the early 2000's Blair made his fatal mistake of allowing unlimited East European immigration and population growth really took hold. Looking at the chart below it soon overtook its historic trend line and posted above average growth rates. In absolute numbers it is much the same. Between 1970 and 1990 less than 2 million people were added to the population numbers. Between 1990 and 2010 another 3 million were added then in the last 3 years alone another million have arrived.

Clearly, the growth rate is heading towards exponential levels. Whatever Remain say, people are dead right to be concerned at the growth rate at a time when Government spending on services is at best staying the same in real terms.

Something has to give, if Remain are right a recession post-Brexit will make things temporarily worse, but perhaps a bout of 1970's attractiveness as an immigration bolt hole is just what the patient requires.



Anonymous said...

Immigration going through the roof; unemployment down; economic growth up.

What is the actual point you are trying to make. Immigration = economic growth or economic growth = immigration or what?

Electro-Kevin said...

1970s attractiveness to stop it ?

No. Things have to get a lot worse than that before it stops. Have you seen the awful places the boat people come from ?

For all its faults 1970s Britain was nice.

Professor Pizzle said...

As with most issues the Left will always attempt to portray analog issues in binary terms.

I genuinely don't know anyone (even amongst the few bigots I know) who is opposed to all immigration. The vast majority believe in some form of restriction based on one system or another. All arguments are about the details.

However, there are many on the Left who proudly proclaim, campaign, and riot, for totally open borders and completely unrestricted immigration.

Since they control the media narrative all attempts to be analog on the issue are rejected as being opposed to ALL immigration.

This trick is played over and over again, across issue after issue. And the right does not have a come-back to it.

Electro-Kevin said...
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Electro-Kevin said...

"Immigration going through the roof; unemployment down; economic growth up."

Waiting times up, house prices up, class sizes up, rents up and (most crucially) national debt up with welfare the largest component.

(Wages down so much that a bottom has been put below it in the form of minimum wage.)


Professor Pizzle - Yes. The Right does have an answer to it "We are only anti uncontrolled immigration."

But you can't answer a ruling elite that WILL - NOT - LISTEN.

Demetrius said...

The continuing droughts in Africa may well add significantly to the potential numbers.

Anonymous said...

The vast majority believe in some form of restriction based on one system or another. All arguments are about the details.

Prof, I see the Dutch PM agrees with you. Apply it fairly to all non-EU citizens after Brexit.

So you can add a drop in employment from the EU together with a drop in trade.

Let bring back the British plumber and get rid of those cheap - but highly skilled foreigners.

DJK said...

David Cameron's comment today that a points based immigration system would crash the economy shows what he really thinks about immigration. The pledge (was it one of the cast-iron ones?) to reduce net migration to the 10's of 1000's was just a figure plucked from the air to fit that days news cycle. The fact that half of immigration is from outside the EU --- something the government could presumably do something about --- tells you everything to know about their priorities. (Heir to Blair, indeed!)

Also, may I present for your delectation the official Sheffield University view of immigration, which you may find at (Can't find transcript).

CityUnslicker said...

Anon - where did I mention growth. I find economists who link growth and birth rates to be highly defective. A classic mix up of cause and correlation.

EK has it - immigration up, house prices up, schools and hospital quality dropping, government deficit up, tax base massively lagging growth as new employment entrants are paid below threshold.

what is not to like....some BS about demographics gets pulled up too. All fictionalised nonsense.

dearieme said...

It's all too late. The pass is sold. Flee!

Thud said...

People conflate the European immigrants with those of a more troublesome nature.Those of a third world origin that are uneducated and often members of the religion of peace (so they say) are the ones that trouble me, most people are too polite or cowed to mention it.

James Higham said...

Blair didn't "allow", he consciously planned it.

Electro-Kevin said...

Anon 5.29

We wouldn't get rid of Polish plumbers under a pointed system.

Are you seriously saying the only way to get foreign plumbers is to accept millions of unskilled people ?

Fan Dhabi Doha said...

Why would any nation sign up to unlimited, unskilled immigration just to be part of a trading block?

It's insane.

Anonymous said...

possibly other things:
break the nation to facilitate political policies
create 'minority' politics for better control -divide and conquer
copy US Democrats policies(started LBJ) to create/replace socialist(Labour) voters
as far as EU concerned logical if destination is single entity/federal state
economic reasons = facilitate growth
drive down average wage
provide cheap labour to wipe bottoms in care homes
globalist vision
return on capital
mixing the races
etc, etc
and don't believe TPTB aren't cynical and nasty enough to do what they think they need to do

one can go on

Anonymous said...

Anyone who believes that, the UK population is currently in the region of HMG estimates needs to see a head doctor.

I estimate conservatively that, there are more than 70 million already here and some think it is higher than that - in the ballpark of 75-80 millions. WE just don't know but be assured the figure of 62-64 million is a joke.
Aerial photography shows the shanty towns growing in back gardens, sheds and garages in places all along the M4 (eg Slough) stretching all the way along the corridor to Reading and Swindon even Newbury has a bloody Mosque, and of course, also across east London.
Pakis live twenty to a house up in the north, as do Latvian and Bulgarian, Romanian casual, jobbing site workers and this is no happy mix. Roma councils encourage them to go to Sheffield and Rotherham (the ones I know about but there will be others), though where London is their real Roma (temporary) home now, every few months and taking back wads of cash to Timosoara- WTF?

ONS, the census - a joke and they lie through their teeth - told to do so by a government and home office which is paranoid that the real figures might just somehow get out - unfortunately this is where COMMON PURPOSE OMERTA - is airtight - demonstrating that whistle blowing and info release is only done in the name of protecting Socialism and the EU and the nanny state.

I would advise all young right thinking blokes and gals to - get out and now, already: it is too late for the UK.

Anonymous said...

I know this is tinfoil hat territory but how many of you are familiar the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan?

How many people know that Merkel and Van Rmpouy were awarded the Coudenhove-Kalergi prize by the EU?

Anonymous said...

The Brexit model we need - closed borders, control of population flows - is alive and well in North Korea. Notice you never see Kim Jong-il and Michael Gove in the same room.

dearieme said...

Here's another argument for Brexit. If we remain, we'll never get to hang Blair.

hovis said...

Steven I think you'll find the Freeman on the Land types are closer to the US Sovereign movement, the complete opposite of the people who would supporting a UK version of the NSDAP. I think you'll find the supporters are Labour / Authoritariam Tories. Of course the current government are Authoritarian SJWs back by State power.

Back to the post: Growth will continue until Balkanisation becomes even more apparent, and there are cempeting legal systems. It's got to get whole lot shittier and people mnore robust before things change.

Anonymous said...

Two "points of inflexion" (as I remember it from A level) on that graph.

1) circa 1973 - the effect of the Pill and abortion on demand kicks in and the baby boom stops

2) circa 2005 - Blair opens the gates, but even without that the demographic damage was starting to show as some immigrant groups had far more children than others. R4's "Born in Bradford" recently explained that while Muslims were 20% of the city's population, they had 50% of the babies.

Demography is destiny. The UK would be a nicer place to live with (say) a 40 million population, but it all depends on "who" those people are.