Sunday 10 July 2016

The Entertaining Torment of the Leftist-Feminist

One of the gloriously predictable joys of the current political turmoil (and there are many) was that the leftist-feminists would be in an ecstasy of despair over the Tory Party cheerfully lining up a run-off between two women for the top spot on the greasy pole.   That's women, not wimmin.  But they're not proper wimmin!   Indeed they are not - hahaha!  Why can't the Labour Party have wimmin at the top?  Because, oh, the reasons are many.  Because they are useless.  Because the Labour Party is dominated by neanderthal northern union-members (have you ever met any of them? or any 'traditional' northern / scottish Labour MP?).  Because, in the immortal words of a CiF BTL comment, "the main problem with tokenism and quotas is that you just end up with Diane Abbbottt".  etc etc.   

And another from CiF:
"... the current Labour membership would rather elect the most clearly useless man than debase themselves by backing a competent woman. Knee-jerk sexism - fiercely denied - is one of the most predictable characteristics of the Left, much moreso even than the obvious but fiercely denied knee-jerk antisemitism, knee-jerk anti-Americanism etc. And very strongly tied to their fiercely denied alliance with Islamism."
And so the agonies commence, oh this is fun.  Here are my first two sightings for the collection:
- and if you see any more, please do drop the links in the comments.  It's not nice to mock the afflicted, but - well ...



dearieme said...

Orr: "This is certainly humiliating for Labour: the party that introduced almost all legislation that has improved women’s rights ..."

Such balls: the most important legislation on women's rights was passed in 1919 by the Conservative/Liberal coalition government. Christ, she must be an ignorant bint.

Phil said...

The Canary is already notorious on the left, trust me.

Demetrius said...

Hatti Jacques, where are you?

James Higham said...

Not so entertaining for me, Nick. I'd rather they just went away.

Anonymous said...

The point about Islamism is well taken.

Steven_L said...

The point about Islamism is well taken

They've made their bed, let them lay in it.

Raedwald said...

I've been banging on about 'Capitalism doesn't discriminate on taste grounds' for donkey's years - your widget manufacturer doesn't give a fig what colour, caste or creed her factory workers are - and that the huge raft of anti-taste discrimination laws we have are mainly aimed at the public sector. From London Transport's 1950s recruitment poster "We don't employ Blacks" (but then they had to) to nepotistic closed-shop 'jobs for the boys' in Councils and the NHS, discrimination was rampant in the public sector.

I once attended a conference with a pack of those northern Labour bosses, in one of those rather horrid 'international' conference hotels off the Euston Road. After a morning of 'Run and get us a pot of tea, Pet' and far worse ingrained prejudice directed at the conference managers and staff, the buffet lunch gave me huge satisfaction.

Rather than the usual rubber chicken, the chef had Asian Fusion ambitions - and the centrepiece of the buffet was a huge ice-trough glistening with oysters, mussesls, sea urchins, shellfish, smoked and salted fish, sashimi and samphire.

As I salivated in the queue and wondered how long the oysters would last, i needn't have worried. Behind me came the booming voice of a Northern Bastard; "It's all bloody raw fish. I can't eat bloody raw fish!" "Look, there's some crab sticks in the corner ..."

For the most part the northern Labour bastards went hungry. And I ordered a bottle of Pouilly Fume and settled down in a corner, to skip the afternoon session, with the prospect of a gentle wander to the Colony Room after a postprandial coffee.

So there's a tip for anyone hosting Labour neanderthals.

Voting for that man was the best £3 I've ever spent.

Nick Drew said...

@ Labour + Islamism

yes, they've been making a bed that could leave them being the English Muslim Party, which is not much of a recipe for forming a government solo

(but it could, I suppose, make them a contender to be an awkward coalition component)

the one to watch in this context is Sadiq K: willing to flash a bit of Muslim ankle when it suits him, but basically just an unprincipled power-seeker. His Tooting team was a gaggle of hard-nosed white activists, and his mayoral set-up seems entirely pragmatic

Steven_L said...

that could leave them being the English Muslim Party, which is not much of a recipe for forming a government solo

Not for another 3 or 4 decades anyway.

Anonymous said...

Brexit? Ha, ha, ha, ha.

Tamizh said...

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