Wednesday 20 July 2016

The silly long last

After a hard month (it is not even 1 month since the EU Referendum) of politics and tragedy, the silly season is finally here in the news.

The main headline is a Welsh clown, going by the name of Owen Smith.

No for him the hard slog of working his way up the political firmament. No, Mr Smith instead seems to seek the Andrea Leadsom path to supernova status and then trudge quickly back to the darkness of anonymity.

Mr Smith has bravely pushed aside a well-known and liked Labour politician in Angela Eagle, useless of course, but then they all are. Now he is out there, promoting his own brand of meaningless phraseology:

"Jeremy has slogans when we need solutions"

This is fantastic, do you see what he has done, created a meaningless slogan to deride his rival by doing the same thing. Genius, of a sort.

Anyhow, the grown ups in charge of the Country have little to fear from the Taffia-leading Mr Smith. And neither does Jeremy Corbyn. Labour already have in a place a well-meaning out of touch loser, why replace him with another?


dearieme said...

Why would you assume that either is well-meaning?

I'm sure that if Jeremy had a chance he'd mount artillery on trains and zoom around the country shelling people. Of course he'd miss, but still.

andrew said...


JC would do something much worse

He would lock a group of you in a room and talk at you for a few hours

- that seems to work for most of the mass meetings he speaks at.

Jer said...

At least with Jeremy Corbyn you have a clear idea of what he believes in, and some confidence that he does actually believe it himself.

The last thing the Labour party needs now is another Tony Blair, now that everyone has seen through the original. Blair got away with it only for the same reasons Robert Maxwell did.

Electro-Kevin said...

Leadsom is a mum.

Well it worked for every other woman stating an opinion on EU membership.

Electro-Kevin said...

Electro-Kevin said...

I'd have hoped there would have been lawyers prepared to work pro bono for that. I have given my monthly allowance regardless.

Anonymous said...

Thank you EK - been there. Sending it to everyone I know.

Blue Eyes said...

Good post BQ. Smith's clich├ęs are hilarious. He can't be very bright. It seems that the talent pool in Parliament is not very deep - Leadsom nearly became PM! LOL!/EEK!

Luckily the behind-the-scenes Tory operation seems to be back in its stride, and running the country fairly adequately. Talking about slogans, it is nice to see CCHQ unashamedly stealing New Labour lines and applying them to Tory policies. I think it is a signal to centrist Labour MPs that they could keep their seats under a bluer banner :)

If May can bolster her majority by implementing centrist policies she should be able to get through to 2020 ignoring the headbangers.

Speaking of headbangers...

andrew said...


"I think it is a signal to centrist Labour MPs that they could keep their seats under a bluer banner"

Au contraire

I think it is a signal to centrist Labour MPs that they are toast no matter what - they accompany JC on a lurch leftwards and lose their seats to the tories - or sit tight and get deselected/brick through window etc.

In any event I have thought for some time the political brand often is not that closely linked to the actuality of the policies
- left / right is a bit unuseful.

For me it is more about placing the levers of power in the right place (which did include Europe)

Someone else has explained this a lot better.

hovis said...

Ok question: Owen Smith: he was named Owen, but born in Morecambe but spent some of his childhood in Wales - does that make him Welsh? .. Discuss,

dearieme said...

Lloyd George was born in England; nobody doubted his Welshness.

Gladstone was born in England and, on being accused of being English, explained that he'd not a drop of English blood (or words to that effect).

Electro-Kevin said...

How does one get a 'bluer banner' ?

By choking to death a red one !

Blue Eyes said...

Andrew, I was hinting at defection ;)

Electro-Kevin said...