Thursday 11 August 2016

Australia shows the way

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It is hard to fathom really how the UK is still even thinking about going ahead with Hinkley Nuclear Power station. The facts have simply changed beyond all doubt since its inception, before we even get to the pathetic deal that was negotiated.

Meanwhile, the Chinese have made noises about how unhappy they will be if we pull out. This is really code for if you don't buy French, then buy Chinese direct. I think they are onto a loser with that line of thinking.

In a nice twist, the Aussies have today decided to stop China buying their power grid. Nice as the Chinese are they do have this rather well earned name for massive cyber attacks and economic cyber crime. I would agree that selling them the kit that runs a country is not such a good idea.

Sadly in the UK we have long since sold all key industrial backbone abroad, albeit we retain National Grid (it is a listed company though, so vulnerable). I am less worried by the French and Germans though as state entities.

So with the Aussies bravely clearing the way, perhaps Mrs May can do the decent thing and put Hinkley out of its misery and get on with fracking/gas alternative which won't be as cheap or as quick as we need, but is a lot better than the current impasse.


dearieme said...

"I am less worried by the French and Germans though as state entities."

Not while Brexiting, though.

Blue Eyes said...

Yes, we were much less vulnerable to being held hostage when Arthur Scargill controlled the electricity supply. Oh, those halcyon days.

Unknown said...

Strangely enough the rush to nuclear was by Wilson a Labour Prime Minister, who also stopped the mine's biggest customer British Rail using coal by changing to diesel and electric motive power.

Do you think he didn't trust his union comrades?

Electro-Kevin said...

Blue - Sure. But we didn't expect our electricity to become state owned once again.

Tebb1t - Many brand new steam engines were scrapped. (Why were they ever built ?) I'm a diesel fan btw. Unlike electrics they have soul.

Thud said...

Ermmm, what does scargill have to do with this,if unions became a factor in the supply it surely wouldn't matter who owned the company.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Bringing up Scargill in this context is simply obtuse.

Allowing the Chinese state to build/own/operate our state power and telecomms infrastructure in the UK was an act against our national interest od Quisling-level treachery.

Laban Tall said...

I get the impression that BE is a (relatively) young'un who's grown up on the Whigtory version of pre-Thatcher history - bodies unburied, rubbish-filled streets, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free market.

It may be that union power was too great in those years (read Huw Beynon's book Working For Ford and weep for those poor lower-management guys just trying to build a decent car and get it out the doors) but the 70s was pretty good for the average industrial worker, who could not only buy a house on his earnings, but support a stay at home wife raising a family. Admittedly he didn't get to Bali much.

Anonymous said...

Power grids, Chinese and data are an excellent combination. The idea of using the UK's power grid as a data highway has been mooted for years. Breaks the BT monopoly.

dearieme said...

Cancel Hinkley, and scrap HS2 at the same time.

Blue Eyes said...

You guys are funny. Mainly because you take yourselves far too seriously, and at the same time pompously over-estimate your knowledge and intelligence.

On that note, I am out. Have nice lives.

Electro-Kevin said...
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Electro-Kevin said...

Come back, Blue !

We're not pompous and not (too) serious.

For my part I'm really sorry I took you on about your police experience a while back. I'll admit it. I was pissed when I did it and I was wrong and you were right. Most coppers should NOT be armed and are pretty inept when it comes to things lethal - I was terrible and never volunteered for a firearms certificate knowing I'd loose off a round in the station or leave a gun in the loo. I was known as The Gonk at Snow Hill.

You've been doing excellent work here and if people rise to the bait and it generates lively discourse then that's good, 'tis it not ???

Laban Tall said...

One of the great things about this blog is that nothing seems to be taken too seriously - even our shambolic energy policy. After all, if we looked at the economy with too clear an eye we'd all be leaping off Beachy Head.

BE - I'm sure you'd disagree with that last sentence, but it's from the cut and thrust of debate that new ideas emerge. It would be a pity to lose your inputs.

(I was rather fond of "huddled masses yearning to breathe free market" - that's one to use again. Could have been a description of post-Soviet Russia before it was looted)

Thud said...

BE, like his namesake has retired uncountable times, so I will not be holding m breath.