Friday, 5 August 2016

Let's make some money

 When its the school holidays my children are sometimes found in my workplace. Playing Ipad and drawing and watching TV.  Usually its auto default is to Sky News.

My boy, who is 7, asked,

 "Did that man just say he was going to print some money?"
"Yes..I think he did."
"Wow ..that is an awesome idea.."

And he set himself to work, following the best advice of the financial experts of the BOE.

He copied a tenner, and added a dose of inflation.

"This is Queen Elisabeth the 2. She owns all the money in the country"
"Great ..Who's that on the back?"
"That's Charles Darwin. He invented the turtle. And he's Santa's dad. Because he went to Christmas island. And you can tell because they have the same beard."

"I see .. And can we use this Killien pounds in the shops? To buy lots of things?"

"No..that would be a crazy idea. "

I hope you're taking note, Mr Carney.

Also ... I don't think I ever got my £10 back.


Thud said...

On hols in America at the moment, I'll get mine working on printing dollars, starting at a killien its a race to the bottom.

Blue Eyes said...

Looks like PPE, president of the Oxford Union, and PM in due course!

Steven_L said...

"I see .. And can we use this Killien pounds in the shops? To buy lots of things?"

Yes, we can. Asset price inflation and 'the wealth effect' being one of the main stated aims of such monetary action, we can (and are being encouraged) to remortgage or raid the ISA and go shopping.

I note the Sony have just whacked up the UK price of their cameras by around 15%.

Anyone else spotted any price hikes?

Blue Eyes said...

You can still buy cameras?

Demetrius said...

Expect a call from The Treasury offering a consultancy contract for the lad.

Steven_L said...

You can still buy cameras?

Don't tell me you're one of these people that reckon those things on smartphone with tiny sensors that take small jpegs (as long as the subject isn't backlit) and can't distinguish the foreground from the background make cameras redundant?

Bill Quango MP said...

SL : My trade magazine today said food prices are 16.7% up.

Can't ever remember them moving like that. Its usually 2-4%. The wheat shortage and the chocolate bean shortage pushed those groups up 20% or so very rapidly, but not the overall price of food.

david morris said...

The appalling consequences of Brexit only just becoming clear, with the price of Hestons Smoked Salmon (infused with Lapsong Suchong) up over 20%.

Blue Eyes said...

BQ the overall price of food apparently rose by 40% when we entered the CAP zone....

SL I am one of those people who has a jazzy camera sitting gathering dust in a cupboard. Who can be bothere to lug those things around? Not I. The only time I have ever missed it was when I went on an impromtu safari in Sri Lanka and couldn't take pics of the eagles and bears on my phone.

I bought a massive zoom lens for Africa. Used it in Africa.

So, great pieces of kit for when you have a 4x4 to get chauffered around in.

Blue Eyes said...

If the price of food is shooting up, how come Morrison's are cutting prices? When are my German-made-with-Finnish-milk yoghurts that I buy going to stop being on 3 for £3?

Nick Drew said...

the food thing doesn't ring true, at least not for my regular trolley-load

& retail petrol has been pretty responsive (as much as it ever is) now that £/$ has stablised and oil has come off $50

Steven_L said...

Who can be bothere to lug those things around?

That's why I bought a compact. It was between getting an iPhone and getting a cheap phone plus a Sony RX100iv. I went for the latter and don't regret it at all. It doesn't zoom much, but does everything else and fits in my pocket. Weighs under 300g. I took a photo at 1/32000 directly into the mid afternoon Gran Canaria sun. I could still bring the green in the palm trees in front of it out. You can't do that with a phone.

As for zooming, I have a cheap Sony handycam. Easy to carry around on holiday and capture things, great ergonomics. Weighs about 200g and attaches to the palm of your hand. Most consumer camcorders have 50x plus zooms.

James Higham said...

Never a dull moment at your place.

Steven_L said...

Here you go, try and do this with your iPhone...

Blue Eyes said...

That is quite cool, but not the sort of photography I am into really. The iPhone does do decent slo-mo, for those who like it. And I am still not convinced that lugging a compact, camcorder and phone about solves my fundamental challenge which is to avoid too much effort carrying stuff.

Steven_L said...

I never take a phone on holiday.

Electro-Kevin said...

Printing money is an awesome idea - but if you or I did it we'd get nicked.

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