Wednesday 17 August 2016

Smith says time to negotiate with ISIS

I promise to do this piece without breaking Godwin's law.

In another ridiculous Labour leadership hustings today, not much light was generated.

However a true blow was struck, challenger Owen Smith revealed himself to be a worse candidate than Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn, as everyone outside his cult knows, is just an old fool. Full of old, disproven ideas and charmingly convinced by them. He is useless, in a sort of Tim-Nice-But-Dim way.

Owen Smith, new to the political scene, has found himself out quite quickly. A right wing Labour man who is spouting any old left-wing guff to get elected.

Including the corker today of saying it is the right thing to do to negotiate with ISIS. I mean really, you first Owen, I'll buy your ticket to Damascus and hire a cab to take you to Raqqa, let me know how that works out for you?

This the day after he revealed, that the Tories still have a secret plan to destroy the NHS, eat babies and Harry the North....

It is incredible, where do they find these people. The guy has not one clue about anything at all and has managed to make the worst leader ever look like he is only the second-worst option.

Truly, we are in the summer silly season.


Roderick said...

I suppose this is all in keeping with Labour's apparent decision to become a permanent party of opposition. To adapt the old Irish joke, if they were serious about winning an election they would not be starting from here.

Steven_L said...

It's perhaps a bit pedantic, but if you aren't breaking Godwin's law, aren't you supposed to mention Hitler or the Nazi's or something?

James Higham said...

The quality of his mind leaves one worrying for the future of Westminster.

Scrobs. said...

How old do you you have to be, to believe that Jeremy Corbyn is quite a nice, decent chap - in himself, and he has never strayed from whatever silly principles his electors believed in.

I really do believe I'm beginning to like him as a bloke, and I've never ever voted Labour, although when John Major was PM, my ideals were stretched, as he was such a weak loser. But I didn't even consider voting Labour, as that would be wrong, and I never will.

Looking at all the losers like Shirley Williams etc, you wonder why the squirmers even contemplate forming another party. They're gone. The twit Burnham is now going to to be paid squillions as Mayor of Manchesterford, and good bl**dy luck to that lot for letting him in!

I'll always be all for the gain of people who actually make brass for UK Inc, and long may the squabblers (including MPs) keep away from things they don't understand.

Anonymous said...

That "nice, decent chap" was meeting Gerry Adams for tea in the Commons just a few weeks after the IRA had tried to assassinate an elected leader (and succeeded in killing an MP among others). He's neither nice nor decent.

If he's consistent he should be round visiting that Jo Cox guy any day now.

dustybloke said...

Strange, isn't it?

A few thousand years ago, Cro-magnolia would have looked at Hillary, Donald, Jeremy and Owen and hit them over the head until the jelly showed.

But so disconnected are the people from the elite that you can get truly appalling, awful people as your only choice for leader.

Anonymous said...




opposition is a bit too high of a standard for labour at the moment

Anonymous said...

Those ISIS negotiations in full

"Are you prepared to renounce violence?"


"Under what conditions?"

"Accept the truth of Islam and introduce Sharia in all your countries"

"Er ... we may have some difficulties with that ... we have no objection in principle, but the implementation ..."

"Very well, the negotiations are over *draws sword* Allahu Akhbar!"

Raedwald said...

Poor Corbyn. I can never really take seriously any man who wears what my chum calls a Dutch Cap - Pinter also wore one, as do some of the dafter members of blue-ensign yacht clubs. But the fact, as you aver, that a silly chap with a Dutch Cap on his head is almost preferable to some dull, tedious little worm of a party apparatchik without one is novel indeed.

Anonymous said...

Lenin used to wear the same type of cap.

Don Cox

visc said...

I'd agree that Owen Smith is a complete dick, not for suggestions of talking to someone who is doing killing per se, but talking to the murder as media event cum spectator sport conglomoerate that are ISIS. They will not talk else they lose their Islamist USP ( or is that CIA funding :-)

Did make me rememeber Gen .Sir Paul Newton recalling in a talk the media flack he got when newspaper headlines were screaming "British General talks to killers" - his reply 'I hope so otherwise we are talking to the wrong people ...'

Electro-Kevin said...

What's to talk about ? Their right to kill infidels ?