Friday 14 October 2016

Hard Brexit Baked in or off?

This subject always reminds of the old joke about how hard it is to give up innuendo.

However, the EU is in no mood to compromise. Hard brexit it is or else stay in the EU.

The current government policy must be to wait and see what happpens next;

- in the Italian referendum which may change the Government there.
- in the French election if Le Pen does well and is in a run-off with Sarkozy
- in Germany if Merkel quits at Xmas and says she won't run next year.
- in Holland if Geert Wilders gets in

All or any of the above could change the views of the EU next year....but I doubt it unless It is a full house. More likely the article 50 will be triggered and events set in train that will be too hard to stop.

So hard it is.


Demetrius said...


Bill Quango MP said...

The Remoaners on Question Time yesterday failed to explain how their preferred idea would work. They suggested negotiating to stay in the single market with full UK sovereignty and no automatic free movement of people.

When the EU says no to that,as they obviously will, they had nothing else to suggest.

Did not go down well at all.

Blue Eyes said...

Tusk's comments are a statement of the bleeding obvious. And at the same time a red, white and blue rag to many, many Brits.

The Italians are due quite shortly, aren't they?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Well they were never going to make it easy, were they?

Hell mend them then.

Electro-Kevin said...

I think it's too bloody late to go back on Brexit now.

Can you imagine the repeated shaftings we'll be getting if we stay. I think President Clinton is going to make things difficult for us though.

Falklands ? Ireland ? EU ???

She hates us.

andrew said...

I think Hillary will have bigger problems than the EU/UK once she has won.

She will spend half her time not being prosecuted.
The other half will be bogged down in trench warfare with the republicans.

So, ineffectual yes, but not really by her hand.

Thud said...

As long as the proceeds roll in for Clinton inc she will leave well alone, a one term disaster.

James Higham said...

No such thing as hard or soft Brexit, just Brexit. Meanwhile, these arrogant sods have shown themselves:

# EU Council Prez: Populists Carry a ‘Virus’ That Threatens Europe

# Don’t tell me how to do my job: Bank of England boss issues extraordinary warning to Theresa May after she said his policies had damaged the interests of savers, pensioners and the young

And as for QE:

dearieme said...

Very well, hard.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Brexit will be hard - hard to pull off without collateral damage to the economy, political careers (hi, Boris) and the Union.

It's all plain sailing from now on down the plughole of history.

Can't see Brexit not happening but the (metaphorical) blood that going to be spilt and whose will be fascinating. Who needs those embarrassing X-factor contenders when you have Brexit politicians.

See from the news that Hammond's role has been downgraded leaving May in charge. May who is in no way a control freak.

It's a funny old world