Wednesday 23 November 2016

Jobs in industry: Why so few female coalminers ?

Before the Chancellor knocks all news off the airwaves with his tweaks and non-promise promises, this vitally important bit of news needs consideration.

The lack of men in female dominated industries has been a huge cause for concern. The Huffington Post were aghast at the lack of burly, bearded convention planners at a senior level.
The NHS, despite all their PR that they employ equally have only a paltry 8.9% of  male among their hundred's of thousands of registered nurses.

Jack Grimes, a member of the Guild of Beauty Therapists lamented the fact that he was in a tiny minority of hairy legged males working in the nation's nail bars.

"The artificial barriers to work in the pink sector are a real impediment to ex-Rugby players and bricklayers from taking up the beauty profession. Its very hard for a man to get anywhere in some of the more heavily dominated female industries. Men are just seen as 'window dressing' in some traditionally women's roles."

A spokeswoman for the Guild of Human Resources Professionals told us,

 "Great strides have been made in HR in the last twenty years. In this area, which has always been more of a female industry due to the particular demands of being able to have empathy., Have an analytical mind, read Heat magazine and gossip and make different colour pencil marks on personnel files that have a secret meaning. And to be able to shift blame quickly, This has not traditionally been fertile ground for alpha male, yelling and screaming and threatening all sorts of chaos types. But we have found in the last few years some have been quite well suited. Especially at the blame shifting. "

Some research has suggested that men are not particularly interested in moving into more female dominated areas.Mohamed Abzul told us "I'm 6ft 4 and 22 stone.  Chorus line high kicks isn't something that appeals..And I doubt I would be any good at it anyway..I mean...Just look at Ed Balls.."
women work stats
Also,  Stella Creasy, a Labour MP, has been asking why there are ' few Boys in Girl bands and has it something to do with private education?'


Demetrius said...

What was the old Kenneth Williams line? "I'm looking for a job in ladies underwear."

Nick Drew said...

as I recall KW said he was a solicitor ...

"I have a criminal practice that keeps me busy"

these days, not only is it not criminal, he could use the ladies loo if he said the right things

Jan said...

If I had my time again I think I would be one of those people who go down sewers to clear the "fatbergs". It would have been for more satisfying and socially useful than the various c*** jobs I did for a living. I'm not sure if there are any women doing that yet.

Blue Eyes said...

I always shocked how under-represented Europeans are in the workforce in the Asian restaurant industry.

Bill Quango MP said...

BBc were really lamenting that there was only a single plasterer they could find in Liverpool who was a woman.

They didn't say why this was a problem. Didn't explain why their special interest group that thought 'something must be done' was deserving of cash.
And didn't explain why this sort of article appears twice a year, every year , and is a staple of the laziest journalism in the land.

{Coming up - Are female or male journs the laziest ?}

Nick Drew said...

Are female or male journs the laziest ?

oh come on BQ, Polly Toynbee long since broke the glass ceiling on that one: no contest

you can always tell when she's been having lunch with someone (you can often guess who it was)

andrew said...

No-one mentions that just about all the Roman Catholic priests are men.

As are all the refuse collectors I have ever seen.

otoh when I went into Victora's Secret, the secret seemed to be that all the assistants were women.

James Higham said...

Why so few female drain clearers?

Electro-Kevin said...

Why so few male coal miners ?

Jim said...

"I always shocked how under-represented Europeans are in the workforce in the Asian restaurant industry."

Strangely enough I think that is beginning to change. Whether its because bringing in illegals to do the skiv work has been cracked down on, or because younger UK born Asians consider such roles beneath them, I've noticed more and more whites working in curry houses than used to be the case, certainly in the front of house roles if not the cooking staff.

Electro-Kevin said...
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dearieme said...

Our local Chinese restaurant has hired a couple of whites to answer the phone and run the desk. I imagine it's because their English is comprehensible to the customers.

Steven_L said...

Where I grew up the local Chinese restaurant would hire local 16 year olds to scrub the pots, but only Chinese folk were allowed to serve the customers.

A few years back I was speaking to a 19 year old who got a cushy job in Dubai through some connections. Describing his job, he pointed at a manhole cover and said "In the UK, a couple of blokes would come out and fix that. In Dubai I stand there with a union jack on my uniform watching two guys with Indian flags on theirs fix it. And get paid five or ten times what they do."

Suff said...

As always a beautifully written piece Bill and although itching for a rant I'll try and keep with the jovial theme.
After the routing out the evil known as man from work place, our sisters will start the arduous task of segregating the Jenny come lately,, hubby nut cracker feminists., from the true social injustice warrior feminists. It will be demotion to the coffee morning class for any woman with an unrealistic body type, not having full facial and body hair, under 12 stone, passing the pencil test or having symmetrical breasts. 0bviously it will be instant dismissal for anybody caught in the possession of shoes with straps.
Failed miserably on all accounts
Andrew- Victoria's Secret is,, after spending a fortune on this poorly made garment, you partner may not look exactly the same as the girl on the catwalk
Keeping to my stereotype, I'm happy that all the women are above the glass ceiling. I'm underneath looking up.

Bill Quango MP said...

Love it Suff.
great piece.

Dick the Prick said...

Apropos not much really but I saw a young Scally legging it through town the other day, presumably having had a failed barter with the local shopkeep as to which indices of inflation was in use, with 2 chubby coppers running after him. I didn't laugh - must be getting old; merely a wave of resignation with perhaps some derision thrown in too.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Ha ha very good.

There's a serious side, though - the almost complete domination of Primary School teaching jobs by women isn't doing us any favours.

Steven_L said...

It will be demotion to the coffee morning class for any woman with an unrealistic body type, not having full facial and body hair, under 12 stone, passing the pencil test or having symmetrical breasts.

Welcome to local government!

Anonymous said...

Accountants surprised me a little,the finance teams I've worked with have been evenly balanced.
Only the junior purchase ledger/invoice clerk functions tend to be female heavy (deliberate pun).

Marketing tends to majority female as well, the batsh*t crazy types as well. The concept of cost control is totally foreign to them.

Dick the Prick said...

@Steven - I loved local government. Granted, it was a few years ago now but it seemed like the last bastion where meetings could and often were held in the boozer. How very civilized!

Lisboeta said...

the almost complete domination of Primary School teaching jobs by women isn't doing us any favours
What is so awful about that? In my youth, primary school teachers were invariably women. My mother had been a primary school teacher before she married (back in the days when women who married had to resign their posts). That supposed imbalance in the gender of primary teachers didn't seem to have harmed earlier generations of kids, so why is it so problematic now?

Today, teachers at all levels are expected to do so much more than teach their subject. They are supposed to be the gatekeepers of the current social mores, as dictated by the government. It's no wonder that many of them, after a few stressful years in post, decide to choose another career.