Thursday 3 November 2016


I haven't suddenly developed a paranoia about the denizens of Great Queen Street.

Nor a fixation with Paul of that ilk.  But I do find him a very interesting character with a lot of fascinating stuff to offer, re-hashed marxism and all.  He's clearly wrestling mightily and imaginatively with the 21st century in all its turbulent novelty: and he's also (like George Monbiot / unlike Polly Toynbee) the sort of leftie who cannot dodge the need to admit when some thesis he's adopted has clashed with the Facts and is plain wrong.

And now he's joined Momentum! (another phenomenon that interests me a lot).  This may be a mixed blessing for them, because he's already telling them exactly what to do, at some length.

Well, that's their problem, I am sure they will enjoy the dialectic process.  However, for anyone disagreeing with the above assessment of the man, have a read of Postcapitalism and the city.  Or Find each other and act! 12 principles for a neo-Bevanite left.**  When you get a minute.  Or two.

**he does rather enjoy telling people what to do ...

UPDATE:  someone else is interested in Mason, too 


L fairfax said...

I wonder what he thinks about the disaster in Venezuela.

CityUnslicker said...

what a mess.

Dick the Prick said...

Hang on, don't all lefties like telling people what to do? It's almost the very essence of their stance whereas righties and liberals advise but accept that folks are gonna do their own thing.

Electro-Kevin said...

Open defiance of the population by Parliament will be interesting. I wonder what position the Queen will take.

Phil said...

The Queen will stay well out of it. You think she’s going to put the monarchy at risk over this? No way.

andrew said...

Perhaps he should become a judge.

Past time someone reminded the govt that parliament is sovereign, not the govt.

hovis said...

Mason is nothing but a standard establishment leftie, all 'new Jerusalem' until I got to the foreign policy stuff:

"there are serious threats facing the UK, both from Islamist terrorism and from an autocratic regime in Russia that is playing a destabilisation game in Ukraine, Syria and East Europe."

Talk about a piss poor simplified analysis, negating the idiot role our own political class (including the US and EU) have taken in fomenting and supporting the shitstorms he is talking about.

As to the Brexit thing - funny - this is far from the end - expect lots of crowing from Bremoaners, this is only the beginning of the war. The shock to the system has been enough to shake the broken edifice - it can never be the same - still all to play for. And now the Remain camp are shown to be Corporatists wishing to destablise the economy - they don' understand what they hace done - Game on.

Blue Eyes said...

On Paul Mason I have a filter on so all I hear is wah wah wah.

As for the High Court decision I would have been shocked if it had gone the other way. You don't need to be a professor in an esoteric dusty department in Oxbridge to know why.

Perhaps a post later for the rest of you ;)

dearieme said...

The Queen may act only on the advice of her ministers.

James Higham said...

Act to curtail free enterprise and that's the end of the ballgame. It must never be allowed to happen.

Anonymous said...

Technically, "the Queen in Parliament" is sovereign.

Not Common Purpose.