Friday 17 February 2017

Not content with ruining the Middle East, Mr Blair comes home....

This time, its revolution on the UK on the menu.

Lovely man, oh how we missed him!


gmorris82 said...

I actually think he's an elaborate prankster just like Borat wasn't actually a foreigner here to learn about our culture or Dom Jolly wasn't really answering his humongous phone, when his show airs on channel 4 it will all make sense

Electro-Kevin said...

As I have often said, I do not think Brexit will happen. The Lords will block it and all talk of reform/abolition of the second chambre is bull.

It's not that Blair is saying these things - it's that he is ABLE to say these things and is getting top BBC billing and approval.

I can see President Blair.

Electro-Kevin said...
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Electro-Kevin said...

It is a mistake for Remainers to assume that nearly 50% of the population are opposed to Brexit.

Most Remainers support the referendum result even if they disagree with it. It the recent Parliamentary vote on Art 50 is anything to go by (the proportion of Remain MPs who upheld the Leave decision) only 8% would choose to obstruct Brexit.

It is entirely wrong for Blair to foment an uprising, especially after a court case and THREE MP votes on the issue (Referendum Act/Referendum/Art 50).

Anyway. Why isn't this man in prison for war crime ?

gmorris82 said...


Not sure how as a brexiteer you are qualified to tell remainers how they feel, as a remainer i accept the result of the referendum but i'm still unconvinced that brexit will bring benefits that make the upheaval worth while. Initially my thought was that the vote was nigh on 5050 with leave edging it so we'd find someway to meet in the middle i.e. a norway type deal. As events in the UK and europe have unfolded its obvious that that is never going to happen with brexiteers getting in a tiss everytime they may not get full blown brexit straight away and europe have done a pretty good job so far of standing their ground. I suspect much like australia leaving their energy policy to beyond the last moment this will go the same way, and suddenly Nissan can't bring parts in from the continent or send cars back to europe without suffering huge delays and costs at that point it'll be a race between a company with profits to maintain versus 2 negotiating governments and i know who my money's on

gmorris82 said...

All the same, not a clue how TB could be so deluded to think that anyone on earth wants to listen to him anymore, i'm sure as an adivser to companies he's got good insight and probably has some strings to pull in dark places but as a brand to rally the public Jimmy Saville would have more luck

dustybloke said...

Let's not judge him solely on his speech.

We haven't seen the dossier yet.

Steven_L said...

He's completely wrecked everything he's touched, the Labour party, the middle east the UK economy. So really we should want him to be EU President.

I can't help myself kind of liking him for screwing Rupert Murdoch's wife, that was quite a left hook.

Anonymous said...

Blair isn't really aiming to "rally the public" as such. He knows that their only power was in the EU referendum, which is now bogged down in legalism and endless Parliamentary debate.

His pitch is aimed at his former cronies, placemen and appointees -- whether in Whitehall, the House of Lords, or the judiciary.

Blair is inciting them to further obstruct, delay, obfuscate, and ultimately defeat the expressed will of the majority of people in the United Kingdom.

Needless to say, the BBC are wetting their pants in his support.

Blue Eyes said...

I agree with Anon, the idea of a popular backlash against a popular backlash is quite absurd. But a backlash within the elite bubble is more plausible. Except of course that the Commons has accepted that we are leaving, at least for the time being.

There is an interesting question being asked of the ECJ which is whether the Article 50 notification can be withdrawn once submitted. If it can then that may give a boost to those who would push to stay in unless we get a good "deal".

I think this is all too late. Blair has piped up a few times since the ref and said pretty much the same thing. It didn't really work then.

And the irony of Blair telling us we were duped is wonderful.

SL is spot on as well. Blair's legacy will be what he wrecked. His further intervention may hasten the demise/fracturing of the Labour party - Corbyn has kept it together amazingly well but if Blair's call to arms has any effect it may embolden pro-EU Labour MPs to do something. Let's hope so.

Alternatively, Blair might actually be doing us a sly favour. If the hardline EU states (hello France) think we might be open to rejoining/not leaving if the terms are decent maybe they will make a proper counteroffer before we are out. That was always the aim of some of the soft-Outers.

Electro-Kevin said...

Late getting back to Gmorris. (soz)

Pure mathematical calculation.

Only 8% of MPs opposed to Brexit blocked Art 50. One assumes that only 8% of the population would do the same.

andrew said...

I think the caption should read "Revulsion in the UK"

I am sure he knows what many / most of the UK thinks of him.