Monday 10 April 2017

... But Channel 4 News is Generally Crap

Item:  Channel 4 News at 7 o'clock on Monday.  That's Channel 4, the station, "owned and operated by Channel Four Television Corporation, a public corporation of the Department for Culture, Media & Sport".  (How we love Jon Snow.)  Tonight, an item on Syria - and this is 'news' reporting - ends thus:

"Back in Khan Sheikhoun, they've been burying the dead from last week's chemical weapon strike.  To them, a peace process, a political solution, probably seems as far off in the future as Syria's past in the Roman Empire, when the Emperor Trajan held the fate of the country in his hands."

Yeah, right.  In amongst all the stuff raining down on them.  Analogies with the Emperor Trajan.  In Khan Sheikhoun, that's exactly how they are thinking.  Probably.



Anonymous said...

Trajan would be a good card in Emperor Top Trumps.
All round warlord-ruler. One of the best leaders of the Roman Empire of all time.

Anonymous said...

Crick is OK for a laugh.

Anonymous said...

"they've been burying the dead from last week's chemical weapon strike."

Even that's probably bollocks. In the Mid East, and especially in an area where there is little electricity or fuel for generators and thus refrigeration, you deep six your dead as quickly as possible.

dearieme said...

And why assume that there was a "chemical weapon strike"? Until the affair has been investigated, that's just propaganda from the US Securitate.