Thursday 29 June 2017

Apparently now even the Tories say austerity policy is dead


..very unpopular this austerity lark, so it is to be binned for a small splurge of spending instead.

 Look at the numbers though - Austerity was begun in 2010 just after the election May.

'tis a funny old world.


Dick the Prick said...

This austerity mantra is all that remains of Osborne's legacy. The fact that it never happened is a testament to his uselessness. Rather artistic in its irony.

James Higham said...

Get JRM in quickly. Please.

Anonymous said...

Corbyn seems to be turning into a leader, sacking within the day the front-benchers who voted for the Brexit-blocking amendment.

Bristol has a bunch of anti-Corbyn Labour MPs, yet it's Corbynista Central thanks to a huge student population. They all hugely increased their majorities, but seem to think that was down to their brilliant policies rather than to the Jezza Effect.

Thangam Debbonaire is a great name though - should be a male, black, Bond-style secret agent with a name like that.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.04
I posted on Bristol a couple of weeks ago.
Interesting political dynamics and worth watching. Internationalist World city and all that.
Marvin Rees the Labour mayor, has clearly been selected for future glory.
The Labour MP's as you say are anti-Corbyn but Rees's spin doctor is Corbyn's ex spin-doctor.The MP's all seem to be total fkwits.
They had Bernie Sanders(US dem/socialist who could have been facing Trump for Prez but for Clinton/DNC shenanigans -see WikiLeaks)in town for a rally/conference in the week leading up to the election. Sanders being a proponent of the free further education line and all sorts of other stuff favoured by student types.
Bristol also full of momentum crusty vegan hippy types and of course largely centrally many of non UK East African and West Indian origin.
Local paper is full on supporter of Marvin and local common purpose mafia and FFS had in 'speakers corner' today a promotion for the next anger day in London. Bus times/contacts etc.
According to Guido, Thangam is under threat from Momentum. Wonder how the local rag will cover that.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Bristol politics seems to have a 1970s air, probably because the population's still mostly white, though with enough diversity to make it vibrant i.e. the odd student being beaten or robbed, some nice ethnic cafes and slender Somali ladies in brightly coloured wraps. Clifton's rapidly becoming Notting Hill 2.0 and Stokes Croft is 1970s anarchist Ladbroke Grove.

Anonymous said...

As we know, there has been no "austerity" at all since 2010. The only fiscal achievement in that direction has been a reduction in the annual deficit, while the national debt continues to escalate.

Now it seems that we are "weary" of something that never happened. The public sector in particular moans endlessly about its 1% annual pay-cap, while omitting to mention its 4-5% annual increments, its internal fake promotions, and its overall self-rewarding enhancement.

The BBC, as the voice of the Guardian-reading public sector, has been particularly obsessive on the topic.

Back to the 1970's, everyone... but this time with no Mrs Thatcher or North Sea oil on the horizon to rescue us.