Thursday 8 June 2017

The Sunderland result - 2017

Houghton & Sunderland South



General Election 2017 results
Party Votes %
Bridget Phillipson Votes 24,665

Paul Howell Votes 12,324

Michael Joyce Votes 2,379

Liberal Democrat
Paul Edgeworth Votes 908

Green Party
Richard Bradley Votes 725

Closest from our readers
Actually too hard to tell. No one had labour making these gains.
Fight between Nick Drew and Timbo.


But its only 11.15pm and its still a very panicky time as exit poll is predicting no government. No Theresa. No Brexit. Exit poll is suggesting a terrible result for the Tories.


Anonymous said...

If the exit poll is correct, then it's another rejection of Ed Milibands policies...

May is toast no matter what.

Thud said...

May and her blairlite manifesto and social inclusion was a flop as nobody believes Tories on such touchy feely bollox. We need to hammer the commies on security and the economy as nothing else matters.Still holding out for getting past 326.

MyElectionNightName said...

eh....'scuse me...... I predicted a hung parliament on April 21st on this very site.

Anonymous said...

Strong and Stable .... and gone.

K said...

As long as Brexit still happens and Sturgeon shuts up I can live with it.

Interesting point I saw elsewhere: a lot of Corbyn's plans would be blocked by the EU.

E-K said...

Diasterous and deliberate.

Thank goodness for those silly LibDems.

Matt said...

Disaster for the country and Brexit. That said, the Brexit part was in doubt anyway with PM May as she wobbles at the slightest criticism.

Tory campaign was crap, manifesto total rubbish. Fighting Labour for the centre left was always going to end up going badly.

If she'd have shown some backbone on Brexit, Immigration and cost cutting (Nasty Tory party) the result could have been much better.

Anonymous said...

I knew at five to seven the news was bad - the Today presenters all upbeat and cracking jokes before the weather forecast, total opposite to their Brexit gloom.

Damn, damn and damn - Brexit is all that matters, post-Brexit we can elect Corbyn for all I care - cos we can vote him out again - but we can't vote out the EU commission or courts.

So it'll be St Theresa, not Corbyn, falling on the sword. Interesting times.

Charles said...

I abstained for the first time ever. My first election was Maggie's victory, even students were voting for her. Overseas aid, social care, a dreadful record at the Home Office, I could go on but why bother. A dreadful politician with no idea what people want. Was there anything positive or cheerful in her campaign, any one point at which you could say "yes that makes sense, I like that".

When she came into power I gave her the benefit of the doubt as I had a low opinion of Cameron but she really was very inept. She has damaged Brexit, damaged the country and damaged her party. I suspect that she has very few friends or real backers in the party so I imagine she will be a sub editor at the Evening Standard before too long.

Anonymous said...

BBC are now interviewing Shirley Williams - "we'll now go for a soft Brexit".

SADLOVE said...

If the exit poll is correct, then it's another rejection of Ed Milibands policies...
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