Saturday 30 September 2017

Labour's 1970's conference.

Flying Pickets
Illegal Strikes
Show of Hands Strikes

Jeremy Corbyn {first name  - ooooohhh } and John McDonnell {first name - Semtex} came a step closer to their long held dream of getting all men of working age to stand around, warming their hands over planks of burning wood in an old oil drum. 

The conference with religious fervour, gushed their admiration as Mr McDonnell promised;

"Flares, beards, space-hoppers and Raleigh bikes.
Cresta fizzy drinks, Atari arcade machines and milk floats.
Rusty cars, lucazade reserved for illness. 
Two screen multiplexes, ice-rinks and crispy pancakes.

Car bombs, candles in wine bottles. Pink bathrooms, toffos, platform shoes and never been trimmed pubic hair.
Smoking carriages.White Finger.Lung Cancer and donkey jackets.

High Crime. Drink driving. Broken glass. Dog pooh. Half day closing, pornographic magazines and shutting the pubs at eleven!"

The old socialists in the hall applauded and wheezed through calcified lungs their support. As did the millennials, who had never even heard of 'Pubs. Banks. High Streets. Letters or Coal.'

They were cheering for the future of the past. Cheering for a brighter, dimmer, future.And cheering in the hope that their living God, might offer, along with the bad language and graphic violent imagery, some brief nudity.

The Capitalist@Work documentary team, have made this brief film, showing the highlights from the quasi-religious, economically illiterate rally. Where we learned from the shadow chancellor Labour has plans for emergency measures if their economic policies cause the economy to disintegrate.
They will "Blame the Jews."

Remember that tune? Excellent.

What could be more entertaining than  this recently released inmates from the asylum gathering?

The Tory Party conference is coming right up.


HarryD said...

Forwards comrades! To the past!

Demetrius said...

JC and friends on the Left of that time were trying to persuade us of the wonders, marvels and better life for all that could be had in the Soviet Union and East Germany. Well, not quite all as I recall, some would have to be converted by a long stay in an education camp.

Nick Drew said...

Crispy pancakes ... Mmmmm

Actually, I wish all this were funny, but

Electro-Kevin said...

I'm dreading it.

I will support my union with a lawful mandate only by secret ballot counted independently. Industrial dispute, not political activism.

Anonymous said...

We must be fair. Crime was lower in the 1970s than in the 1980s, and a man on average wages could afford a house and a stay at home wife looking after the kids. Even someone on low wages could afford a small house, and all with no tax credits, just mortgage tax relief.

Worst thing was inflation crippling those on fixed incomes, like most pensioners. Pensioners were the poorest in society, not the wealthiest.

On the negative side, the balance of power twixt workers and employers was tilted towards workers, and Trots/Communists in trades unions took the piss in no uncertain terms. Car industry stands out, but there were others.

James Higham said...

Corbyn, Tories' secret weapon.

Steven_L said...

Even someone on low wages could afford a small house ... Pensioners were the poorest in society, not the wealthiest.

A book I've been reading reckons inflation / deflation is a misdiagnosed phenomenon - including by Friedman - and is actually the result of demographic cycles. The theory goes that in the 1970's, when a large generation of unproductive young people had to be assumed into the workforce, this was inflationary. Now that same generation are getting old, are net repairs of debt, and buy less consumer goods and services, this is deflationary.

andrew said...

SL, What book?

Moving on.
There is always limited resource and competition for the resource.

We all play some form of the ultimatum game all the time.

I think that the 1%'s relative increase in income, the bottom 20%'s relative decline and the rise in house prices / education for the young has got a large section of the population close to the point where they will not 'play the game' and if that makes everyone worse off,
so be it.

That the chancellor of Bath uni can pay herself 497k pa and also get another 60 for being a trustee of the USS and feel she deserves it, goes to show (if you were a lecturer) just how nuts things have got and it is not just students and bombmakers.

Sackerson said...

Sir James Goldsmith said it all in 1994:

Electro-Kevin said...

White dog poo. Where's that gone ? (Not that I miss it.)

Sackerson said...

E-K: We have a friend who feeds her dog exclusively on best meat on the bone. Healthy, no waste, and a roll of cigar ash at the end of it.

Bill Quango MP said...

Velvet bellbottoms. They were, oddly, sexy.

Anonymous said...

Some say white dog poo was due to more bone/bone meal in dog food, some say chalk was used to bulk out dog food. Google these days is getting worse and worse as a search engine, a search for "chalk filler dog food" returns a top result of "Fillers and Sealants | Adhesives, Fillers & Sealants |"

There are still Ford Capri festivals in the UK.

Cheesecloth shirts!

"Mammaries, light the corners of my mind, misty watercolour mammaries, of the way we were"

Electro-Kevin said...

BQ - It wasn't the bellbottoms at the bottom but he snug fit at the top. And bellbottoms had the effect of making a broad beamed lady look slimmer in the middle.

I don't hanker for their return. Tailored jeans (faded) with a decent pair of FMBs for me, any day.

Sackerson said...

Remember hot pants?

Nick Drew said...

remember them? I can still hear them on this thread

Steven_L said...

SL, What book?

The Sale of a Lifetime ... by Harry S. Dent Jr.

They guy is into cycles. Some of it just seems nonsensical and some of it is really far out. But he has a different way of thinking about everything and it's a good read with lots of good charts.

To me his most interesting idea is that there is a correlation between solar cycles and business cycles. He says his friends begged him not to publish this theory, but I kind of like it.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Harry is like a stopped clock. He throws out so many predictions that thanks to the law of averages one or two of them have come true over the last 30 years. He’s been predicting the Great Depression for about 9 years now.

Correlations without plausible causation are his metier. A colossal pile of crud imho.

Steven_L said...

I did find the idea that brining lots of unproductive long folk into a highly unionised and regulated jobs market in the 1970's was a major cause of inflation though. A stark contract with todays millennial, who are outnumbered by their parents / grandparents and entering a very flexible labour market where regulation is often simply ignored (e.g. Uber and the 'gig economy').

Anonymous said...

There must be some sort of nostalgia and wanting to go back to the 70's given our Brexit position.

Electro-Kevin said...

We're not going back to the '70s.

There were no microfibre fleeces and no double glazing, nor LED lightbulbs. Cars were far less reliable and personal entertainment was non existent.

No matter what happens we are not going back to freezing cold houses with icicles on the insides of the window frames and itchy sweaters in bed. We are not going back to spending weekends under an oily car.

Sackerson said...

Though a return to a lower Gini Index would be welcome: