Wednesday 20 September 2017

Monbiot Tells Truth Again Shock

I have always regarded the Moonbat with benevolent tolerance.  He's as mad as a cut snake and his knee-jerk reactions are all wrong but - and it's a Big But - he is an honest empiricist at heart, and when he stubs his toe on the Truth, with much wailing, gnashing of teeth, sack-cloth and ashes, he acknowledges it.  

Nice to see him catch up on yet another Fact of Life, which is that Germany is no sort of paragon when it comes to 'green' policies / sustainability etc etc.  The Energiewende is a nonsense, of course (how did it take you so long, George?) and Germany's CO2 emissions have been gently rising - in marked contrast to those wicked neoliberal despotisms, the US and the UK.  But, yes, Germany has faithfully been following the usual policy of GDP trumps GHG - albeit at the same time as pandering expensively to the greens.

And so George has summoned up his courage and written about it (in the Graun - check out some of the BTL comments).  He's personalised it, of course, holding Merkel to blame for the whole thing.  

The truly personal aspect is George's own private odyssey, bouncing from pillar to post as he wishes the world were other than it truly is.  This latest piece of breast-beating is just one in a long series: (a treasured memory is the one he wrote when, trying to live a self-sufficient eco-life in Wales, his vegetable crop failed and he suddenly realised we do actually need to do things on an industrial scale).  Poor, disillusioned George.

But, hey, he's an honest man; and there is more rejoicing in Heaven ...



KW said...

My favourite Monbiot disillusionment is the one he wrote after having a bunch of gypsies living in the field at the bottom of his garden for a few weeks.

Electro-Kevin said...

The diesel cover up.

Merkel did it on her own, did she ?

It's not the first time this mighty engineering nation has followed a leader slavishly.

Raedwald said...

I too read George on the stopped clock principal - once a year or so he's right. Actually, he already scored back in March with a piece on the misuse of Big Data by the central State, temporarily forgetting that, er, he likes the central State.

As you say, his guileless honesty keeps me reading, however contorted his opinions.

Ravenscar. said...

Ah dear George, who sometimes used to comment on the DT threads back in the day under something like 'dozy wales' or some such, we had our run ins and bless him, you know, he did concede on certain points [most of it actually]. As sure as shit he knew MM warming was a crock, he just couldn't bring himself to admit it publicly, for him personally it was too much of a climb down. his two mates at 'idealclimate' Schmidt and Romm have also gone very quiet in recent years, I think the lovers fell out over summat - about pure unadulterated contrarian science, consensus being the redoubt of charlatans and telling the truth probably.

I even saluted him once, for all his faults Mr Monbiot is guided still by rationale, just for that he is one of the most readable contributors at the gruan but in saying that, it ain't saying much.

Nick Drew said...

it's sad, isn't it - here's us fairminded folk giving Mad George a break, but the raving leftie-greens BTL at the Graun just view him as a traitor

Anonymous said...

We must be fair - if you sort the Graun comments by recommendations at least the top 8 are critical ones. In fact I've noticed that these days, unless the subject is Trump or Boris, the top BTL comments are often critical of the piece.

I rarely read Guardian opinion pieces these days, the strapline is enough - I go straight BTL to take the Guardianista temperature - they seem to be getting more critical/woke/based these days.