Wednesday 27 September 2017

Run on the Pound? Yeah, Right

As McDonnell solemnly gears up for a flight of capital, let it not be forgotten he positively welcomes the 'forthcoming crisis of capitalism'.  He's stirring it now so that he'd be 'justified' in taking extraordinary measures on Day 1.   And what measures they'd be!

Run on the Pound?  Nothing would suit him better.



Anonymous said...

Slightly OT, but Bombardier is yet another "event, dear boy" for our unlucky general to cope with. Never rains but it pours.

Also OT, fascinating piece on Chinese intelligence penetration in New Zealand to follow the Four Corners affair in Oz. I see the world's fastest computer has been Chinese for the last 6 years, and it's all Chinese-made, admittedly with the aid of vast amounts of industrial espionage. Still, nothing to fret about, eh?

CityUnslicker said...

China has large working quantum computers and a vast array of other equipment. Don't think we would do very well in a cyber war!

Anonymous said...

CU - resistance is useless?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he intends to bring the [bitcoin] miners out on strike to achieve this.

Timbo614 said...

@Anon 6:47.

Ho ho ho. I'll just get more GBP!

andrew said...

why is the Chinese military so much more competent than the Russians?

Anonymous said...

Responding to J.K. Rowling anti-Corbyn tweet with "Corbyn is gonna nationalise Harry Potter and there's nothing you can do to stop him".

Thud said...

Paper tiger....their junk stealth jet is anything but, much like most of their tech (jet engines etc).

Nick Drew said...

Chinese stuff all very awesome etc

but it makes their failure to rein back Fat Boy all the more odd, since everyone looks to them for that

(the Cunning Plan scenario isn't too hard to elaborate, though ...)

andrew said...

... or it isn't that awesome irl

Anonymous said...

Thud - in the late fifties Japan was known for cheap plastic toys with terribly translated instructions.

By the mid-sixties the first decent Honda bikes and electronic kit arrived.

Early seventies the first decent Datsuns and Toyotas

Mid 70s, total domination of motorbikes and electronics.

Mid eighties, massive in cars, starting to go after diggers and earthmovers. And of course "producer goods" - machine tools, the things you need to make chips, ultra-pure silicon etc etc

It's amazing what a nation can do when it sets its mind to it - look at how technology changed in six years between 1939 and 45 - jet engines, rockets, nuclear fission, microwaves.

Nick Drew said...

@ Don't think we would do very well in a cyber war!

Russia's destructive capabilities are pretty dreadful, too

in fact, a cyber war would leave the entire modern world in the digital equivalent of smoking, radioactive ruins!

only the cockroaches and P.Mandelson would survive

dustybloke said...

It's difficult to underestimate quite how vile McD and Corbyn are.

These people don't seem to realise that they would reduce this country to such a hell hole that they could personally be in danger.

With the EU on the outside ensuring it is impossible for us to export to the EU and JC on the inside making us a most dangerous place to invest and do business in, we could very easily become a third world country.

Leaders of third world countries are extremely rich, but have to spend a fair amount on their armies.

Elby the Beserk said...

I may have stated this before here, but it bears reposting. Way back in the 1960s (when my old man told me he didn't mind long hair, as long as it wasn't over the collar - bless him), he also stated that the two great dangers to the West were the "Yellow peril" (for so China was called way back when), and one Anthony Wedgewood-Benn.

Smart man, the old feller.

Timbo614 said...

@Elby: 20 years ago just before he died in April 1997 my old said to me "Hmph! labour will get in - they will make a big mess and the tories have will get back in to clean it all up".

It semms tho' that tories have lost the knack of cleaning up the mess!

Anonymous said...

Off topic, clearing out the garage and found an old 2003 copy of the Guardian's Wednesday "Society" section, where councils advertised for Senior Deputy Assistant Anti-Racist 5-a-day Co-ordinator (must have fluent Urdu), £31K-£36K and the like.

128 pages! It was like the Sunday Times!

Nick Drew said...

yup, and it spawned its own cartoon-strip (Claire in the Community)

which (I discovered 10 seconds ago) is still running!


they have just a little fewer pages these days, though ...